Netflix Warrior Nun promises to be a dark fantasy series

Warrior Nun will premiere on Netflix in a few weeks . This dark series is based on Warrior Nun Areala , a violent comic series that quickly gained cult status at the end of the last century. There were advanced plans to get a comic strip off the ground, but they were put on hold when Netflix acquired the rights. And maybe that’s okay at all! The first trailer of Warrior Nun promises a dizzying combination of horror, action and fantasy. Oh yes, and an important supporting role for none other than our own Thekla Reuten ( Adultery )!

Devils and demons

In Warrior Nun , we meet nineteen-year-old Ava (Alba Baptista). After her death she wakes up in a morgue. As if that isn’t bizarre enough, she also has mysterious superpowers after her resurrection. In search of answers, Ava comes across The Order of the Cruciform Sword: an order of nuns trained to fight against devils, demons and supernatural threats. And you never guess who will become the next member of this secret society…

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