New series and seasons on Netflix July 2020

Summer has started and July is going to be a hot month on Netflix! In July, the first part of Suits season 8, Vis A Vis: El Oasis and season 2 of The Umbrella Academy will be released . In the film field, Netflix offers us classics such as Grease , and horror shows  Insidious 3 and The Nun!

Gotham – season 5

Gotham City existed long before Batman fluttered around, and in Gotham we see how this proud city became a cesspool of corruption and violence. Commissioner Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has to deal with villains such as The Riddler and The Penguin in the last season of this prequel series. You will see it from July 1 !

Cable Girls – season 6

Four young ladies work at the Madrid telephone company, where they earn good money and therefore have time to do fun things. That is against the sore leg of their conservative Spanish environment, and the women have to fight hard for their independence. You can see the sixth season of Cable Girls from July 3 .


King Arthur received his famous sword Excalibur from the mysterious Lady of the Lake, but how did she get it ? We see that in the new Netflix fantasy series Cursed . Nimue (Katherine Langford) and Arthur (Devon Terrell) search for the wizard Merlin together, to ask for help against the evil warriors of King Uther. You will see Cursed from July 17 .

Suits – season 8, part 1

The popular lawyer series Suits ended in the fall of 2019, in the ninth season. In the Netherlands we are still a bit behind: on July 18, the eighth season of the series will appear on Netflix. So we have to wait for the final, but we can at least enjoy the last series.

The Umbrella Academy – season 2

An eccentric millionaire gathers a group of children around them who can save the world with special powers. In the first season of The Umbrella Academy , this plan seemed to fail completely . Because a time portal was opened at the last minute, this dysfunctional superfamily will be retaken on July 31 !

Locked Up: El Oasis

The popular prison series Locked Up gets a sequel / spin-off , in which former prisoners Macarena and Zulema want to commit one more major theft before they say goodbye. They hire a team to rob a Mexican drug cartel boss. You see Locked Up: El Oasis from July 31 .

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