New series on Netflix Week 19

Dynasty Season 3

Fans have had to wait a long time, but since this week the third season of Dynasty with no fewer than 20 (!) New episodes is finally online. In this third series Fallon again has to deal with a lot of drama and that has mainly to do with her own blood brother (who also seems to have become her arch-enemy). How will this family fight end? Hopefully not as bizarre as in the previous seasons.

Sweet Magnolias

Some people can’t help but call this “sweet”, while others can’t wait to swoon away for the love affairs of the three main characters from Sweet Magnolias . Good friends Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue try to find a balance in relationships, family and career in the southern town of Serenity. The only question is whether they manage to succeed in this or whether they are going to fail.

Control Z

The Mexican series Control Z is about a hacker, who for some reason starts to leak secrets from students. Sofia wants to prevent more secrets from leaking out at all costs and starts the ultimate search for the perpetrator. The expectations for this series are high and therefore a comparison with the recently removed Netflix series Pretty Little Liars can not be missed.

Blood & Water

The Blood & Water series has not even been on Netflix for a week and yet the comparison with popular series such as the Spanish-language Élite and Gossip Girl  has already been made several times. This second African Original tells the story of 16-year-old student Puleng Khumalo. During her first days at a South African private school she comes into contact with influencer Fikile Bhele. Despite being like water and fire, they experience the most exciting and wildest adventures together.

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