New! With Netflix Party you can watch series remotely together

The gods have heard our prayers! Now that everyone is at home a lot because of all the corona measures, this new function is called: Netflix Party. This allows you to watch the same movie or series with your friends while NOT in the same room. Super convenient!

The solution!

The streaming services run overtime through all the home isolations, but most people have to watch movies and series alone. There is now the solution! With Netflix Party, you watch exactly the same in sync and you can talk about that one handsome actor in the group chat.

Switch it on via Google Chrome

Netflix Party is not a new feature of Netflix itself, but a number of clever minds developed the feature for people in home isolation. To enable it you have to use Google Chrome. All you have to do is click on this link and the rest speaks for itself. Then you can request a special link per film or series, which you can then share with your friends. For convenience, it is explained step by step in this video.

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