Shin Ikki Tousen

Shin Ikki Tousen (2022)

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The reincarnation of Himiko, the former queen of Yamatai, has decided to wage war against all magatama wielders of Kanto. In order to recover her lost kingdom, she must gather the true Three Sacred Treasures of Japan. When Himiko's ally, Asaemon Yamada, ruthlessly attacks Nanyou Academy—which possesses the sacred sword Himiko is after—Chuubou Sonken, Hakufu Sonsaku's newfound sister, awakens her dragon but loses consciousness. Determined to save her sibling, Hakufu must recover her magatama at the Jofuku Temple—a legendary place where she will receive training that may cost her her life. As the frontier between the living and the dead starts to vanish in Jofuku, the warriors of the Kanto region will have to unite in order to foil Himiko's mysterious plans.

  • Keywords: martial arts, supernatural, high school, based on manga, fighting, combat, seinen, ecchi, anime, nudity
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    Is Shin Ikki Tousen on Netflix?

    Is Shin Ikki Tousen on Netflix? Unfortunately this serie is not yet available on Netflix.

    Shin Ikki Tousen Seasons

    Season 1

    First Air Date: 2022-05-17
    3 Episodes

    Shin Ikki Tousen Episodes

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    • Ayaka Ohashi

      as Chuubou Sonken (voice)
    • Atsumi Tanezaki

      as Asaemon Yamada (voice)
    • Masumi Asano

      as Hakufu Sonsaku (voice)
    • Yuhko Kaida

      as Shimei Ryomou (voice)
    • Hitomi Nabatame

      as Unchou Kan'u (voice)
    • Yuu Asakawa

      as Shiryuu Chou'un (voice)
    • Manami Numakura

      as Indara (voice)
    • Sayuri Yahagi

      as Ganryuu Sasaki
    • Mariya Ise

      as Tamonmaru Kusunoki (voice)
    • Sanae Kobayashi

      as Shikei Roshuku (voice)
    Sound Konomi Suzuki Theme Song Performance
    Visual Effects Rin Sin Character Designer
    Visual Effects Tsutomu Miyazawa Character Designer
    Sound Yasuharu Takanashi Original Music Composer
    Writing Yuji Shiozaki Original Series Creator
    Art Yuji Shiozaki Original Series Design
    Directing Rion Kujo Series Director
    Writing Masaya Honda Series Composition