Polizeiruf 110

Polizeiruf 110 (1971)

  • Genre: Crime
  • First Air Date: 1971-06-27
  • Last Air Date: 2022-01-09
  • Total Seasons: 51
  • Total Episodes: 397
  • Status: Returning Series
  • Episode Runtime: 90 min.
  • Production Country: Germany, East Germany
  • Networks: ARD, DFF 1
star 6.8/10
From 13 Ratings


Polizeiruf 110 is a long-running German language detective television series. The first episode was broadcast 27 June 1971 in the German Democratic Republic, and after the dissolution of Fernsehen der DDR the series was picked up by ARD. It was originally created as a counterpart to the West German series Tatort, and quickly became a public favorite. In contrast with other television crime series, in which killings are practically the primary focus, while Tatort handled homicide cases, the cases handled in the GDR TV's Polizeiruf were more often the more frequent, and less serious, crimes such as domestic violence, extortion, fraud, theft and juvenile delinquency, as well as alcoholism, child abuse and rape. Contrary to Tatort, which concentrated on the primary characters and their private lives, police procedure was the center of attention of Polizeiruf, especially in the earlier episodes. The scriptwriters attached particular importance to representation of the criminal and his state of mind, as well as the context of the crime. Many episodes aimed to teach and enlighten the audience about what does and what doesn't constitute appropriate behaviour and appropriate thought, rather than just to entertain. Polizeiruf was one of the few broadcasts by GDR media in which the real problems and difficulties of the supposedly more advanced socialist society could be displayed and discussed to some extent, albeit in a fictionalized and pedagogicalized environment.

  • Keywords: police, police detective, crime investigation
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    Polizeiruf 110 Seasons

    Season 0

    First Air Date: 2021-05-30
    1 Episodes

    Season 1

    First Air Date: 1971-06-27
    2 Episodes

    Season 2

    First Air Date: 1972-01-30
    9 Episodes

    Season 3

    First Air Date: 1973-01-27
    9 Episodes

    Season 4

    First Air Date: 1974-01-27
    9 Episodes

    Season 5

    First Air Date: 1975-03-23
    7 Episodes

    Season 6

    First Air Date: 1976-02-22
    7 Episodes

    Season 7

    First Air Date: 1977-02-06
    7 Episodes

    Season 8

    First Air Date: 1978-01-29
    6 Episodes

    Season 9

    First Air Date: 1979-03-04
    6 Episodes

    Season 10

    First Air Date: 1980-03-09
    6 Episodes

    Season 11

    First Air Date: 1981-01-18
    8 Episodes

    Season 12

    First Air Date: 1982-01-24
    5 Episodes

    Season 13

    First Air Date: 1983-01-02
    6 Episodes

    Season 14

    First Air Date: 1984-02-05
    7 Episodes

    Season 15

    First Air Date: 1985-03-24
    7 Episodes

    Season 16

    First Air Date: 1986-02-02
    7 Episodes

    Season 17

    First Air Date: 1987-02-08
    8 Episodes

    Season 18

    First Air Date: 1988-01-24
    8 Episodes

    Season 19

    First Air Date: 1989-01-08
    9 Episodes

    Season 20

    First Air Date: 1990-01-01
    11 Episodes

    Season 21

    First Air Date: 1991-01-06
    9 Episodes

    Season 22

    First Air Date: 1993-06-13
    4 Episodes

    Season 23

    First Air Date: 1994-01-30
    9 Episodes

    Season 24

    First Air Date: 1995-01-29
    12 Episodes

    Season 25

    First Air Date: 1996-03-17
    7 Episodes

    Season 26

    First Air Date: 1997-03-09
    10 Episodes

    Season 27

    First Air Date: 1998-01-04
    11 Episodes

    Season 28

    First Air Date: 1999-02-21
    7 Episodes

    Season 29

    First Air Date: 2000-01-23
    10 Episodes

    Season 30

    First Air Date: 2001-01-14
    11 Episodes

    Season 31

    First Air Date: 2002-01-13
    10 Episodes

    Season 32

    First Air Date: 2003-01-19
    8 Episodes

    Season 33

    First Air Date: 2004-02-15
    10 Episodes

    Season 34

    First Air Date: 2005-02-20
    9 Episodes

    Season 35

    First Air Date: 2006-01-08
    10 Episodes

    Season 36

    First Air Date: 2007-01-14
    8 Episodes

    Season 37

    First Air Date: 2008-01-13
    9 Episodes

    Season 38

    First Air Date: 2009-01-11
    9 Episodes

    Season 39

    First Air Date: 2010-03-07
    8 Episodes

    Season 40

    First Air Date: 2011-02-06
    10 Episodes

    Season 41

    First Air Date: 2012-02-19
    8 Episodes

    Season 42

    First Air Date: 2013-01-20
    8 Episodes

    Season 43

    First Air Date: 2014-01-12
    8 Episodes

    Season 44

    First Air Date: 2015-03-01
    6 Episodes

    Season 45

    First Air Date: 2016-01-17
    6 Episodes

    Season 46

    First Air Date: 2017-01-01
    6 Episodes

    Season 47

    First Air Date: 2018-03-25
    8 Episodes

    Season 48

    First Air Date: 2019-02-10
    8 Episodes

    Season 49

    First Air Date: 2020-01-19
    6 Episodes

    Season 50

    First Air Date: 2021-01-31
    6 Episodes

    Season 51

    First Air Date: 2022-01-09
    2 Episodes

    Polizeiruf 110 Episodes

    Title Air Date Duration
    Season 1Episode 1Der Fall Lisa Murnau73 min
    Season 1Episode 2Die Schrottwaage63 min
    Season 2Episode 1Die Maske68 min
    Season 2Episode 2Verbrannte Spur59 min
    Season 2Episode 3Das Haus an der Bahn66 min
    Season 2Episode 4Der Tote im Fliess65 min
    Season 2Episode 5Blutgruppe AB45 min
    Season 2Episode 6Ein bisschen Alibi63 min
    Season 2Episode 7Minuten zu spät65 min
    Season 2Episode 8Blütenstaub65 min
    Season 2Episode 9Das Ende einer Mondscheinfahrt59 min
    Season 3Episode 1In der selben Nacht82 min
    Season 3Episode 2Siegquote 18062 min
    Season 3Episode 3Gesichter im Zwiellicht77 min
    Season 3Episode 4Freitag gegen Mitternacht70 min
    Season 3Episode 5Vorbestraft65 min
    Season 3Episode 6Der Ring mit dem blauen Saphir69 min
    Season 3Episode 7Nachttresor72 min
    Season 3Episode 8Eine Modonna zuviel66 min
    Season 4Episode 1Per Anhalter87 min
    Season 4Episode 2Konzert für Anhalter72 min
    Season 4Episode 3Lohnraub70 min
    Season 4Episode 4Die verschwundenen Lords62 min
    Season 4Episode 5Fehlrechnung60 min
    Season 4Episode 6Kein Paradies für Elstern65 min
    Season 4Episode 7Das Inserat64 min
    Season 4Episode 8Der Tod des Professors80 min
    Season 4Episode 9Nachttaxi60 min
    Season 5Episode 1Der Mann80 min
    Season 5Episode 2Heisse Münzen77 min
    Season 5Episode 3Ein Fall ohne Zeugen67 min
    Season 5Episode 4Der Spezialist90 min
    Season 5Episode 5Die Rechnung geht nicht aufq70 min
    Season 5Episode 6Zwischen den Gleisen61 min
    Season 5Episode 7Das letzte Wochenende65 min
    Season 6Episode 1Reklamierte Rosen64 min
    Season 6Episode 2Schwarze Ladung65 min
    Season 6Episode 3Der Fensterstecher60 min
    Season 6Episode 4Eine fast perfekte Sache75 min
    Season 6Episode 5Ein ungewöhnlicher Auftrag65 min
    Season 6Episode 6Vorurteil?70 min
    Season 6Episode 7Bitte zahlen71 min
    Season 7Episode 1Vermisst wird Peter Schnok60 min
    Season 7Episode 2Kollision70 min
    Season 7Episode 3Trickbetrügerin gesucht68 min
    Season 7Episode 4Des Alleinseins müde60 min
    Season 7Episode 5Alibi für eine Nacht65 min
    Season 7Episode 6Die Abrechnung74 min
    Season 7Episode 7Der unbequeme Zeuge76 min
    Season 8Episode 1Holzwege75 min
    Season 8Episode 2Bonnys Blues90 min
    Season 8Episode 3In Maske und Kostüm80 min
    Season 8Episode 4Doppeltes Spiel90 min
    Season 8Episode 5Schuldig90 min
    Season 8Episode 6Die letzte Chance90 min
    Season 9Episode 1Walzerbahn58 min
    Season 9Episode 2Tödliche Illusion75 min
    Season 9Episode 3Heidemarie Göbel75 min
    Season 9Episode 4Am Abgrund65 min
    Season 9Episode 5Barry schwieg75 min
    Season 9Episode 6Die letzte Fahrt75 min
    Season 10Episode 1Vergeltung?78 min
    Season 10Episode 2Der Einzelgänger50 min
    Season 10Episode 3In einer Sekunde79 min
    Season 10Episode 4Die Entdeckung74 min
    Season 10Episode 5Zeuge gesucht65 min
    Season 10Episode 6Der Hinterhalt90 min
    Season 11Episode 1Der Teufel hat den Schnaps gemacht81 min
    Season 11Episode 2Nerze64 min
    Season 11Episode 3Alptraum90 min
    Season 11Episode 4Auftrag per Post80 min
    Season 11Episode 5Harmloser Anfang69 min
    Season 11Episode 6Der Schweigsame83 min
    Season 11Episode 7Trüffeljagd87 min
    Season 11Episode 8Glassplitter75 min
    Season 12Episode 1Schranken75 min
    Season 12Episode 2Petra90 min
    Season 12Episode 3Der Rettungsschwimmer66 min
    Season 12Episode 4Der Unfall79 min
    Season 12Episode 5Im Tal76 min
    Season 13Episode 1Auskünfte in Blindenschrift90 min
    Season 13Episode 2Die Spur des 13. Apostels64 min
    Season 13Episode 3Es ist nicht immer Sonnenschein82 min
    Season 13Episode 4Der Selbstbetrug77 min
    Season 13Episode 5Eine nette Person77 min
    Season 13Episode 6Schnelles Geld75 min
    Season 14Episode 1Im Sog90 min
    Season 14Episode 2Das vergessene Labor75 min
    Season 14Episode 3Schwere Jahre - 1. Teil101 min
    Season 14Episode 4Schwere Jahre - 2. Teil84 min
    Season 14Episode 5Draussen am See79 min
    Season 14Episode 6Freunde74 min
    Season 14Episode 7Inklusive Risiko70 min
    Season 15Episode 1Traum des Vergessens77 min
    Season 15Episode 2Lass mich nicht im Stich77 min
    Season 15Episode 3Treibnetz76 min
    Season 15Episode 4Verführung82 min
    Season 15Episode 5Ein Schritt zu weit82 min
    Season 15Episode 6Verlockung78 min
    Season 15Episode 7Der zersprungene Spiegel83 min
    Season 16Episode 1Mit List und Tücke71 min
    Season 16Episode 2Ein grosses Talent71 min
    Season 16Episode 3Parkplatz der Liebe66 min
    Season 16Episode 4Bedenkzeit71 min
    Season 16Episode 5Gier87 min
    Season 16Episode 6Kein Tag ist wie der andere90 min
    Season 16Episode 7Das habe ich nicht gewollt80 min
    Season 17Episode 1Im Kreis86 min
    Season 17Episode 2Die alte Frau im Lehnstuhl82 min
    Season 17Episode 3Unheil aus der Flasche81 min
    Season 17Episode 4Explosion78 min
    Season 17Episode 5Der Tote zahlt77 min
    Season 17Episode 6Zwei Schwestern93 min
    Season 17Episode 7Die letzte Kundin81 min
    Season 17Episode 8Abschied für Linda91 min
    Season 18Episode 1Ihr fasst mich nie!90 min
    Season 18Episode 2Der Mann im Baum86 min
    Season 18Episode 3Still wie die Nacht85 min
    Season 18Episode 4Amoklauf57 min
    Season 18Episode 5Eifersucht85 min
    Season 18Episode 6Eine unruhige Nacht61 min
    Season 18Episode 7Der Kreuzworträtselfall85 min
    Season 18Episode 8Flüssige Waffe85 min
    Season 19Episode 1Mitternachtsfall74 min
    Season 19Episode 2Variante Tramper78 min
    Season 19Episode 3Der Fund83 min
    Season 19Episode 4Gestohlenes Glück70 min
    Season 19Episode 5Unsichtbare Fährten70 min
    Season 19Episode 6Trio zu viert82 min
    Season 19Episode 7Drei Flaschen Tokajer80 min
    Season 19Episode 8Der Wahrheit verpflichtet83 min
    Season 19Episode 9Katharina79 min
    Season 20Episode 1Der Tod des Pelikans97 min
    Season 20Episode 2Zahltag71 min
    Season 20Episode 3Tödliche Träume90 min
    Season 20Episode 4Falscher Jasmin90 min
    Season 20Episode 5Warum ich...75 min
    Season 20Episode 6Abgründe75 min
    Season 20Episode 7Ball der einsamen Herzen80 min
    Season 20Episode 8Tod durch elektrischen Strom80 min
    Season 20Episode 9Unter Brüdern95 min
    Season 20Episode 10Das Duell76 min
    Season 20Episode 11Allianz für Knete85 min
    Season 21Episode 1Zerstörte Hoffnung89 min
    Season 21Episode 2Der Fall Prebisch80 min
    Season 21Episode 3Big Band Time75 min
    Season 21Episode 4Der Riss91 min
    Season 21Episode 5Das Treibhaus78 min
    Season 21Episode 6Todesfall im Park72 min
    Season 21Episode 7Mit dem Anruf kommt der Tod90 min
    Season 21Episode 8Ein verhängnisvoller Verdacht90 min
    Season 21Episode 9Thanners neuer Job83 min
    Season 22Episode 1...und tot bist du85 min
    Season 22Episode 2Tod im Kraftwerk89 min
    Season 22Episode 3In Erinnerung an...75 min
    Season 22Episode 4Blue Dream - Tod im Regen90 min
    Season 23Episode 1Bullerjahn90 min
    Season 23Episode 2Arme Schweine84 min
    Season 23Episode 3Totes Gleis90 min
    Season 23Episode 4Kiwi und Ratte85 min
    Season 23Episode 5Gespenster88 min
    Season 23Episode 6Samstags, wenn Krieg ist95 min
    Season 23Episode 7Lauf, Anna, lauf!90 min
    Season 23Episode 8Keine Liebe, kein Leben85 min
    Season 23Episode 9Opfergang86 min
    Season 24Episode 1Über Bande90 min
    Season 24Episode 2Taxi zur Bank90 min
    Season 24Episode 31A Landeier85 min
    Season 24Episode 47 Tage Freiheit90 min
    Season 24Episode 5Schwelbrand89 min
    Season 24Episode 6Bruder Lustig89 min
    Season 24Episode 7Im Netz88 min
    Season 24Episode 8Abgründe90 min
    Season 24Episode 9Alte Freunde90 min
    Season 24Episode 10Grawes letzter Fall85 min
    Season 24Episode 11Roter Kaviar90 min
    Season 24Episode 12Jutta oder die Kinder von Damutz90 min
    Season 25Episode 1Der Pferdemörder90 min
    Season 25Episode 2Lauf oder stirb90 min
    Season 25Episode 3Gefährliche Küsse90 min
    Season 25Episode 4Kleiner Dealer, grosse Träume87 min
    Season 25Episode 5Der schlanke Tod89 min
    Season 25Episode 6Die Gazelle90 min
    Season 25Episode 7Kurzer Traum85 min
    Season 26Episode 1Der Tausch90 min
    Season 26Episode 2Gänseblümchen84 min
    Season 26Episode 3Der Fremde90 min
    Season 26Episode 4Über den Tod hinaus90 min
    Season 26Episode 5Die falsche Sonja85 min
    Season 26Episode 6Feuertod85 min
    Season 26Episode 7Heisskalte Liebe90 min
    Season 26Episode 8Der Sohn der Kommissarin88 min
    Season 26Episode 9Im Netz der Spinne88 min
    Season 26Episode 10Feuer!88 min
    Season 27Episode 1Das Wunder von Wustermark86 min
    Season 27Episode 2Hetzjagd90 min
    Season 27Episode 3Todsicher90 min
    Season 27Episode 4Live in den Tod90 min
    Season 27Episode 5Kleiner Engel88 min
    Season 27Episode 6Mordsmässig Mallorca90 min
    Season 27Episode 7Katz und Kater90 min
    Season 27Episode 8Rot ist eine schöne Farbe90 min
    Season 27Episode 9Discokiller90 min
    Season 27Episode 10Spurlos verschwunden90 min
    Season 27Episode 11Tod und Teufel90 min
    Season 28Episode 1Sumpf85 min
    Season 28Episode 2Schellekloppe90 min
    Season 28Episode 3Mörderkind90 min
    Season 28Episode 4Rasputin90 min
    Season 28Episode 5Mordsfreunde90 min
    Season 28Episode 6Über den Dächern von Schwerin90 min
    Season 28Episode 7Kopfgeldjäger90 min
    Season 29Episode 1Blutiges Eis90 min
    Season 29Episode 2Totenstille90 min
    Season 29Episode 3Ihr grösster Fall90 min
    Season 29Episode 4Böse Wetter90 min
    Season 29Episode 5La Paloma90 min
    Season 29Episode 6Bruderliebe85 min
    Season 29Episode 7Bis zur letzten Sekunde90 min
    Season 29Episode 8Verzeih mir90 min
    Season 29Episode 9Die Macht und ihr Preis90 min
    Season 29Episode 10Tote erben nicht90 min
    Season 30Episode 1Gelobtes Land90 min
    Season 30Episode 2Jugendwahn90 min
    Season 30Episode 3Bis unter die haut90 min
    Season 30Episode 4Bei Klingelzeichen Mord90 min
    Season 30Episode 5Zerstörte Träume90 min
    Season 30Episode 6Seestück mit Mädchen90 min
    Season 30Episode 7Die Frau des Fleischers90 min
    Season 30Episode 8Kurschatten90 min
    Season 30Episode 9Der Fluch der guten Tat90 min
    Season 30Episode 10Angst85 min
    Season 30Episode 11Fliegender Holländer85 min
    Season 31Episode 1Um Kampf und Kragen90 min
    Season 31Episode 2Grauzone89 min
    Season 31Episode 3Henkersmahlzeit90 min
    Season 31Episode 4Der Spieler90 min
    Season 31Episode 5Silikon Walli88 min
    Season 31Episode 6Memory90 min
    Season 31Episode 7Wanda letzter Gang90 min
    Season 31Episode 8Braut in Schwarz90 min
    Season 31Episode 9Vom Himmel gefallen90 min
    Season 31Episode 10Angst um Tessa Bülow90 min
    Season 32Episode 1Tiefe Wunden90 min
    Season 32Episode 2Die Schlacht90 min
    Season 32Episode 3Abseitsfalle90 min
    Season 32Episode 4Kopf in der Schlinge90 min
    Season 32Episode 5Pech und Schwefel90 min
    Season 32Episode 6Doktorspiele90 min
    Season 32Episode 7Mama kommt bald wieder88 min
    Season 32Episode 8Verloren90 min
    Season 33Episode 1Das Zeichen90 min
    Season 33Episode 2Barbarossas Rache90 min
    Season 33Episode 3Rosentod90 min
    Season 33Episode 4Dumm wie Brot90 min
    Season 33Episode 5Mein letzter Wille90 min
    Season 33Episode 6Vater unser90 min
    Season 33Episode 7Winterende90 min
    Season 33Episode 8Der Prinz von Homburg89 min
    Season 33Episode 9Die Mass ist voll90 min
    Season 33Episode 10Ein Bild von einem Mörder90 min
    Season 34Episode 1Der schrlachrote Engel90 min
    Season 34Episode 2Dettmanns weite Welt90 min
    Season 34Episode 3Heimkehr in den Tod90 min
    Season 34Episode 4Resturlaub90 min
    Season 34Episode 5Die Prüfung90 min
    Season 34Episode 6Vergewaltigt90 min
    Season 34Episode 7Vollgas90 min
    Season 34Episode 8Die Tote aus der Saale90 min
    Season 34Episode 9Vorwärts wie rückwärts90 min
    Season 35Episode 1Kleine Frau90 min
    Season 35Episode 2Die Mutter von Monte Carlo90 min
    Season 35Episode 3Schneewittschen90 min
    Season 35Episode 4Tod im Ballhaus90 min
    Season 35Episode 5Matrosenbraut90 min
    Season 35Episode 6Er sollte tot...90 min
    Season 35Episode 7Bis dass der Tod Euch scheidet90 min
    Season 35Episode 8Traumtod90 min
    Season 35Episode 9Die Lettin und ihr Lover90 min
    Season 35Episode 10Mit anderen Augen89 min
    Season 36Episode 1Dunkler Sommer90 min
    Season 36Episode 2Taubers Angst90 min
    Season 36Episode 3Tod in der Bank90 min
    Season 36Episode 4Gefährliches Vertrauen90 min
    Season 36Episode 5Verstossen90 min
    Season 36Episode 6Tod eines Fahnders87 min
    Season 36Episode 7Farbwechsel90 min
    Season 36Episode 8Jenseits90 min
    Season 37Episode 1Kellers Kind90 min
    Season 37Episode 2Gelibeter Mörder90 min
    Season 37Episode 3Wie ist die Welt so stille90 min
    Season 37Episode 4Keiner schreit!90 min
    Season 37Episode 5Rosis Baby90 min
    Season 37Episode 6Verdammte Sehnsucht90 min
    Season 37Episode 7Taximord90 min
    Season 37Episode 8Eine Maria aus Stettin90 min
    Season 37Episode 9Wolfsmilch90 min
    Season 38Episode 1Schwweineleben90 min
    Season 38Episode 2Fehlschuss90 min
    Season 38Episode 3Der Tod und das Mädchen90 min
    Season 38Episode 4Die armen Kinder von Schwerin90 min
    Season 38Episode 5Tod im Atelier90 min
    Season 38Episode 6Alles Lüge90 min
    Season 38Episode 7Endspiel90 min
    Season 38Episode 8Klick gemacht90 min
    Season 38Episode 9Falscher Vater90 min
    Season 39Episode 1Schatten90 min
    Season 39Episode 2Blutiges Geld90 min
    Season 39Episode 3Die Lücke, die der Teufel lässt90 min
    Season 39Episode 4Einer von uns (One of Us)90 min
    Season 39Episode 5Aquarius90 min
    Season 39Episode 6Zapfenstreich90 min
    Season 39Episode 7Risiko90 min
    Season 39Episode 8Fremde im Spiegel90 min
    Season 40Episode 1Feindbild (Concept of the Enemy)90 min
    Season 40Episode 2Leiser Zorn90 min
    Season 40Episode 3Ein todsicherer Plan90 min
    Season 40Episode 4…und raus bist du! (Game Over)90 min
    Season 40Episode 5Die verlorene Tochter90 min
    Season 40Episode 6Cassaas Warnung90 min
    Season 40Episode 7Denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun90 min
    Season 40Episode 8Blutige Straße90 min
    Season 40Episode 9Zwei Brüder90 min
    Season 40Episode 10Zwei Brüder89 min
    Season 41Episode 1Einer trage des anderen Last (Bear One Another's Burdens)90 min
    Season 41Episode 2Raubvögel90 min
    Season 41Episode 3Die Gurkenkönigin90 min
    Season 41Episode 4Schuld90 min
    Season 41Episode 5Bullenklatschen90 min
    Season 41Episode 6Stillschweigen (Silence)90 min
    Season 41Episode 7Fieber90 min
    Season 41Episode 8Eine andere Welt90 min
    Season 42Episode 1Fischerkrieg (Fishermen's War)90 min
    Season 42Episode 2Laufsteg in den Tod90 min
    Season 42Episode 3Vor aller Augen90 min
    Season 42Episode 4Der Tod macht Engel aus uns allen90 min
    Season 42Episode 5Zwischen den Welten (Between Worlds)90 min
    Season 42Episode 6Kinderparadies90 min
    Season 42Episode 7Der verlorene Sohn90 min
    Season 42Episode 8Wolfsland90 min
    Season 43Episode 1Liebeswahn (Crazy in Love)90 min
    Season 43Episode 2Käfer und Prinzessin90 min
    Season 43Episode 3Abwärts90 min
    Season 43Episode 4Morgengrauen90 min
    Season 43Episode 5Smoke on the Water90 min
    Season 43Episode 6Familiensache (A Family Matter)90 min
    Season 43Episode 7Eine mörderische Idee90 min
    Season 43Episode 8Hexenjagd90 min
    Season 44Episode 1Sturm im Kopf90 min
    Season 44Episode 2Ikarus90 min
    Season 44Episode 3Kreise90 min
    Season 44Episode 4Wendemanöver (1)90 min
    Season 44Episode 5Wendemanöver (2)90 min
    Season 44Episode 6Grenzgänger90 min
    Season 45Episode 1Und vergib uns unsere Schuld90 min
    Season 45Episode 2Der Preis der Freiheit90 min
    Season 45Episode 3Endstation90 min
    Season 45Episode 4Wölfe90 min
    Season 45Episode 5Im Schatten90 min
    Season 45Episode 6Sumpfgebiete90 min
    Season 46Episode 1Angst heiligt die Mittel90 min
    Season 46Episode 2Dünnes Eis90 min
    Season 46Episode 3Nachtdienst90 min
    Season 46Episode 4Muttertag90 min
    Season 46Episode 5Einer für alle, alle für Rostock90 min
    Season 46Episode 6Das Beste für mein Kind90 min
    Season 47Episode 1Starke Schultern90 min
    Season 47Episode 2Demokratie stirbt in Finsternis90 min
    Season 47Episode 3In Flammen90 min
    Season 47Episode 4Das Gespenst der Freiheit90 min
    Season 47Episode 5Crash90 min
    Season 47Episode 6Für Janina90 min
    Season 47Episode 7Der Fall Sikorska90 min
    Season 47Episode 8Tatorte90 min
    Season 48Episode 1Zehn Rosen90 min
    Season 48Episode 2Kindeswohl90 min
    Season 48Episode 3Mörderische Dorfgemeinschaft90 min
    Season 48Episode 4Heimatliebe90 min
    Season 48Episode 5Der Ort, von dem die Wolken kommen90 min
    Season 48Episode 6Dunkler Zwilling90 min
    Season 48Episode 7Die Lüge, die wir Zukunft nennen90 min
    Season 48Episode 8Tod einer Journalistin90 min
    Season 49Episode 1Söhne Rostocks90 min
    Season 49Episode 2Totes Rennen90 min
    Season 49Episode 3Heilig sollt ihr sein!90 min
    Season 49Episode 4Der Tag wird kommen90 min
    Season 49Episode 5Tod einer Toten90 min
    Season 49Episode 6Der Verurteilte90 min
    Season 50Episode 1Monstermutter90 min
    Season 50Episode 2Sabine90 min
    Season 50Episode 3An der Saale hellem Strande90 min
    Season 50Episode 4Frau Schrödingers Katze90 min
    Season 50Episode 5Bis Mitternacht90 min
    Season 50Episode 6Hermann90 min
    Season 51Episode 1Keiner von uns90 min
    Season 51Episode 2Hildes Erbe90 min