Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (2010)

The most hauntedest place on Earth.

  • Genre: Animation, Mystery, Family
  • Creator: Tony Cervone, Spike Brandt, Mitch Watson
  • First Air Date: 2010-07-12
  • Last Air Date: 2013-04-05
  • Total Seasons: 2
  • Total Episodes: 52
  • Status: Ended
  • Episode Runtime: 22 min.
  • Production Company: Warner Bros. Animation
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • Networks: Cartoon Network
star 8.2/10
From 972 Ratings


This incarnation of the popular cartoon series finds Scooby and the gang living in Crystal Cove, a small town with a long history of ghost sightings, monster tales and other mysteries ripe for the sleuths to solve once and for all. But the longstanding Crystal Cove residents, who bank on the town's reputation to attract tourists, are prepared to do what it takes to protect their turf.

  • Keywords: criminal investigation
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    Yes! The serie Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated is now on Netflix in the countries listed below.

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    Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Seasons

    Season 1

    First Air Date: 2010-07-12
    26 Episodes

    Season 2

    First Air Date: 2012-07-30
    26 Episodes

    Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Episodes

    Title Air Date Duration
    Season 1Episode 1Beware the Beast from Below30 min
    Season 1Episode 2The Creeping Creatures30 min
    Season 1Episode 3Secret of the Ghost Rig30 min
    Season 1Episode 4Revenge of the Man Crab30 min
    Season 1Episode 5The Song of Mystery30 min
    Season 1Episode 6The Legend of Alice May30 min
    Season 1Episode 7In Fear of the Phantom30 min
    Season 1Episode 8The Grasp of the Gnome30 min
    Season 1Episode 9Battle of the Humungonauts30 min
    Season 1Episode 10Howl of the Fright Hound30 min
    Season 1Episode 11The Secret Serum30 min
    Season 1Episode 12The Shrieking Madness30 min
    Season 1Episode 13When the Cicada Calls30 min
    Season 1Episode 14Mystery Solvers Club State Finals30 min
    Season 1Episode 15The Wild Brood30 min
    Season 1Episode 16Where Walks Aphrodite30 min
    Season 1Episode 17Escape from Mystery Manor30 min
    Season 1Episode 18The Dragon's Secret30 min
    Season 1Episode 19Nightfright30 min
    Season 1Episode 20The Siren's Song30 min
    Season 1Episode 21Menace of the Manticore30 min
    Season 1Episode 22Attack of the Headless Horror30 min
    Season 1Episode 23A Haunting in Crystal Cove30 min
    Season 1Episode 24Dead Justice30 min
    Season 1Episode 25Pawn of Shadows30 min
    Season 1Episode 26All Fear the Freak30 min
    Season 2Episode 1The Night the Clown Cried30 min
    Season 2Episode 2The House of the Nightmare Witch30 min
    Season 2Episode 3The Night the Clown Cried II - Tears of Doom!30 min
    Season 2Episode 4Web of the Dreamweaver!30 min
    Season 2Episode 5The Hodag of Horror30 min
    Season 2Episode 6Art of Darkness!30 min
    Season 2Episode 7The Gathering Gloom30 min
    Season 2Episode 8The Night on Haunted Mountain30 min
    Season 2Episode 9Grim Judgement30 min
    Season 2Episode 10Night Terrors30 min
    Season 2Episode 11The Midnight Zone30 min
    Season 2Episode 12Scarebear30 min
    Season 2Episode 13Wrath of the Krampus30 min
    Season 2Episode 14Heart of Evil30 min
    Season 2Episode 15Theater of the Doomed30 min
    Season 2Episode 16Aliens Among Us30 min
    Season 2Episode 17The Horrible Herd30 min
    Season 2Episode 18Dance of the Undead30 min
    Season 2Episode 19The Devouring30 min
    Season 2Episode 20Stand and Deliver30 min
    Season 2Episode 21The Man in the Mirror30 min
    Season 2Episode 22Nightmare in Red30 min
    Season 2Episode 23Dark Night of the Hunters30 min
    Season 2Episode 24Gates of Gloom30 min
    Season 2Episode 25Through the Curtain30 min
    Season 2Episode 26Come Undone30 min
    • Frank Welker

      as Scooby-Doo / Fred Jones (voice)
    • Grey DeLisle

      as Daphne Blake (voice)
    • Mindy Cohn

      as Velma Dinkley (voice)
    • Matthew Lillard

      as Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers (voice)
    Art Derrick J. Wyatt Art Direction
    Writing William Hanna Characters
    Writing Joseph Barbera Characters
    Production Sam Register Producer
    Crew Chul-ho Kim Other