The Division

The Division (2001)

  • Genre: Drama
  • Creator: Deborah Joy LeVine
  • First Air Date: 2001-01-07
  • Last Air Date: 2004-06-28
  • Total Seasons: 4
  • Total Episodes: 88
  • Status: Ended
  • Episode Runtime: 60 min.
  • Networks: Lifetime
star 7.5/10
From 11 Ratings


The Division is an American crime drama television series created by Deborah Joy LeVine and starring Bonnie Bedelia. The series focused on a team of women police officers in the San Francisco Police Department. The series premiered on Lifetime on January 7, 2001 and ended on June 28, 2004 after 88 episodes.

  • Keywords: police, san francisco, california, female cop, police officer, male cop
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    The Division Seasons

    Season 1

    First Air Date: 2001-01-07
    22 Episodes

    Season 2

    First Air Date: 2002-01-06
    22 Episodes

    Season 3

    First Air Date: 2003-01-05
    22 Episodes

    Season 4

    First Air Date: 2004-01-11
    22 Episodes

    The Division Episodes

    Title Air Date Duration
    Season 1Episode 1Pilot60 min
    Season 1Episode 2There but for Fortune60 min
    Season 1Episode 3Seduced and Abandoned60 min
    Season 1Episode 4Forces of Deviance60 min
    Season 1Episode 5Mother's Day60 min
    Season 1Episode 6Secrets and Lies60 min
    Season 1Episode 7The Fear Factor60 min
    Season 1Episode 8Don't Ask60 min
    Season 1Episode 9What Sharp Teeth You Have60 min
    Season 1Episode 10Hero60 min
    Season 1Episode 11Absolution60 min
    Season 1Episode 12Faces in the Crowd60 min
    Season 1Episode 13Partners in Crime60 min
    Season 1Episode 14The Parent Trap60 min
    Season 1Episode 15Deal with the Devil60 min
    Season 1Episode 16Obsessions60 min
    Season 1Episode 17The First Hit's Free, Baby60 min
    Season 1Episode 18Mothers & Daughters60 min
    Season 1Episode 19Redemption60 min
    Season 1Episode 20High on the Hog60 min
    Season 1Episode 21Virgin Territory60 min
    Season 1Episode 22Intervention60 min
    Season 2Episode 1Spin Dry60 min
    Season 2Episode 2Shelby60 min
    Season 2Episode 3This Thing Called Love60 min
    Season 2Episode 4Insult to the Body60 min
    Season 2Episode 5Forgive Me, Father60 min
    Season 2Episode 6Journey60 min
    Season 2Episode 7A Priori60 min
    Season 2Episode 8Hide and Seek60 min
    Season 2Episode 9Beyond the Grave60 min
    Season 2Episode 10Angel Work60 min
    Season 2Episode 11Keep Hope Alive60 min
    Season 2Episode 12Illusions60 min
    Season 2Episode 13Remembrance60 min
    Season 2Episode 14Unfamiliar Territory60 min
    Season 2Episode 15Welcome Home60 min
    Season 2Episode 16Brave New World60 min
    Season 2Episode 17Secrets, Lies, and Weddings60 min
    Season 2Episode 18Farewell, My Lovelies60 min
    Season 2Episode 19Full Moon60 min
    Season 2Episode 20Long Day's Journey60 min
    Season 2Episode 21Before the Deluge (1)60 min
    Season 2Episode 22Sweet Sorrow (2)60 min
    Season 3Episode 1Til Death Do Us Part60 min
    Season 3Episode 2Oh Mother Who Art Thou60 min
    Season 3Episode 3Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered60 min
    Season 3Episode 4Murder.Com60 min
    Season 3Episode 5Testimonial60 min
    Season 3Episode 6Cold Comfort60 min
    Season 3Episode 7Strangers60 min
    Season 3Episode 8Cost of Freedom60 min
    Season 3Episode 9Cradle Will Rock60 min
    Season 3Episode 10Radioactive Spiders60 min
    Season 3Episode 11Rush to Judgment60 min
    Season 3Episode 12Misdirection60 min
    Season 3Episode 13Rich Girl Poor Girl60 min
    Season 3Episode 14Wish You Were Here60 min
    Season 3Episode 15Baby It's Cold Outside60 min
    Season 3Episode 16Extreme Action Figures60 min
    Season 3Episode 17Castaways60 min
    Season 3Episode 18Body Double60 min
    Season 3Episode 19Diagnosis60 min
    Season 3Episode 20Thus With a Kiss I Die60 min
    Season 3Episode 21Hearts & Minds (1)60 min
    Season 3Episode 22Acts of Betrayal (2)60 min
    Season 4Episode 1Bite Me60 min
    Season 4Episode 2Skips & Stones60 min
    Season 4Episode 3What's Love Got to Do with It?60 min
    Season 4Episode 4Play Ball60 min
    Season 4Episode 5A Death in the Family60 min
    Season 4Episode 6That's Them60 min
    Season 4Episode 7Rush for the Door60 min
    Season 4Episode 8Book of Memories60 min
    Season 4Episode 9It's the Real Thing60 min
    Season 4Episode 10The Fall of the House of Hayes60 min
    Season 4Episode 11As I Was Going to St. Ives60 min
    Season 4Episode 12Lost and Found60 min
    Season 4Episode 13The Kids Are Alright60 min
    Season 4Episode 14Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep60 min
    Season 4Episode 15Acts of Desperation60 min
    Season 4Episode 16The Box (1)60 min
    Season 4Episode 17Crawl Space (2)60 min
    Season 4Episode 18Baby, the Rain Must Fall60 min
    Season 4Episode 19Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here60 min
    Season 4Episode 20Be Careful What You Wish For60 min
    Season 4Episode 21Zero Tolerance (1)60 min
    Season 4Episode 22Somewhere In America (2) (a.k.a. Zero Tolerance (2))60 min
    • Bonnie Bedelia

      as Captain Kaitlyn "Kate" McCafferty
    • Nancy McKeon

      as Inspector Jinny Exstead
    • Lisa Vidal

      as Inspector Magdalena "Magda" Ramirez
    • Jon Hamm

      as Inspector Nate Basso
    • Taraji P. Henson

      as Inspector Raina Washington
    • Amy Jo Johnson

      as Stacy Reynolds