Tonight (1999)

  • Genre: News
  • First Air Date: 1999-04-08
  • Last Air Date: 2021-06-10
  • Total Seasons: 23
  • Total Episodes: 543
  • Status: Returning Series
  • Episode Runtime: 30 min.
  • Networks: ITV


Compelling current affairs stories that get to the heart of what matters most to viewers.

  • Keywords: current affairs
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    Tonight Seasons

    Season 0

    First Air Date: 2003-02-03
    1 Episodes

    Season 1

    First Air Date: 1999-04-08
    1 Episodes

    Season 2

    First Air Date:
    0 Episodes

    Season 3

    First Air Date: 2001-03-15
    1 Episodes

    Season 4

    First Air Date:
    0 Episodes

    Season 5

    First Air Date:
    0 Episodes

    Season 6

    First Air Date:
    0 Episodes

    Season 7

    First Air Date:
    0 Episodes

    Season 8

    First Air Date:
    0 Episodes

    Season 9

    First Air Date:
    0 Episodes

    Season 10

    First Air Date:
    0 Episodes

    Season 11

    First Air Date: 2009-01-05
    70 Episodes

    Season 12

    First Air Date: 2010-01-07
    51 Episodes

    Season 13

    First Air Date: 2011-01-04
    21 Episodes

    Season 14

    First Air Date: 2012-01-05
    45 Episodes

    Season 15

    First Air Date: 2013-01-03
    35 Episodes

    Season 16

    First Air Date: 2009-01-09
    49 Episodes

    Season 17

    First Air Date: 2015-03-26
    30 Episodes

    Season 18

    First Air Date: 2016-01-07
    42 Episodes

    Season 19

    First Air Date: 2017-01-12
    46 Episodes

    Season 20

    First Air Date: 2018-01-03
    43 Episodes

    Season 21

    First Air Date: 2019-01-03
    46 Episodes

    Season 22

    First Air Date: 2020-01-02
    41 Episodes

    Season 23

    First Air Date: 2021-01-07
    22 Episodes

    Tonight Episodes

    Title Air Date Duration
    Season 1999Episode 1Episode 130 min
    Season 2001Episode 1Eva's Song30 min
    Season 2009Episode 6Is TV Too Rude?30 min
    Season 2009Episode 8Past Its Sell-By Date30 min
    Season 2009Episode 10Fix My Finances30 min
    Season 2010Episode 1The Election Uncovered30 min
    Season 2010Episode 4Who's Going to Vote?30 min
    Season 2011Episode 13Endgame Afghanistan30 min
    Season 2011Episode 35University or Bust30 min
    Season 2011Episode 40Bosnia - Unfinished Business30 min
    Season 2011Episode 46Not in My Backyard30 min
    Season 2011Episode 48Life After the Riots30 min
    Season 2011Episode 51Counting on Christmas30 min
    Season 2011Episode 52Man vs. Mother Nature30 min
    Season 2012Episode 1Dying to be Thin30 min
    Season 2012Episode 2The Silicone Scandal30 min
    Season 2012Episode 3Did Gaddafi Kill My Daughter30 min
    Season 2012Episode 4Payback Time30 min
    Season 2012Episode 5Hot Metal30 min
    Season 2012Episode 6The Cost of Going Green30 min
    Season 2012Episode 7The Obesity Time Bomb30 min
    Season 2012Episode 8Public v Private Sector: Who Wins?30 min
    Season 2012Episode 92012 Pride and Punishment30 min
    Season 2012Episode 10Our Kids Rotten Teeth30 min
    Season 2012Episode 11How Much is Your Council Charging You?30 min
    Season 2012Episode 12Bamber - The New Evidence30 min
    Season 2012Episode 13Because We Are Worth It30 min
    Season 2012Episode 14Are Your Kids Contagious30 min
    Season 2012Episode 15Why Isn't Britain Working?30 min
    Season 2012Episode 16Is Britain Running Dry?30 min
    Season 2012Episode 17The Trouble with Men30 min
    Season 2012Episode 18The Great British Weather30 min
    Season 2012Episode 19People Power30 min
    Season 2012Episode 20The Parent Trap30 min
    Season 2012Episode 21Work Until You Drop30 min
    Season 2012Episode 22Barking Mad?30 min
    Season 2012Episode 23Who Wants To Live Forever?30 min
    Season 2012Episode 24Olympic Winners and Losers30 min
    Season 2012Episode 25What Are Your Kids Up To?30 min
    Season 2012Episode 26Divided Britain30 min
    Season 2012Episode 27Proud to be British30 min
    Season 2012Episode 28Only the Lonely30 min
    Season 2012Episode 29Don't Hate Us30 min
    Season 2012Episode 30The Kindness of Strangers30 min
    Season 2012Episode 31Whatever Happened to Summer?30 min
    Season 2012Episode 32Police - Caught on Camera30 min
    Season 2012Episode 33Who Does Your Daughter Look Up To?30 min
    Season 2012Episode 34In Self Defence30 min
    Season 2012Episode 35Are We Giving Kids a Sporting Chance?30 min
    Season 2012Episode 36The Propery Trap30 min
    Season 2012Episode 37Is Technology Taking Over Our Lives?30 min
    Season 2012Episode 38Off the Rails30 min
    Season 2012Episode 39Too scared to speed?30 min
    Season 2012Episode 40The Best Start in Life30 min
    Season 2012Episode 41Waiting for a Heart30 min
    Season 2012Episode 42Britain's Deadly Gun Trade30 min
    Season 2012Episode 43The Repeat Offenders30 min
    Season 2012Episode 44Putting Young Drivers to the Test30 min
    Season 2012Episode 45So What Was Great About 2012?30 min
    Season 2013Episode 1Is Britain Overcrowded?30 min
    Season 2013Episode 2Generation Rent30 min
    Season 2013Episode 3What a Waste30 min
    Season 2013Episode 4How Much Could You Save?30 min
    Season 2013Episode 5How to Save a Life30 min
    Season 2013Episode 6From the Heart: A Tonight Special30 min
    Season 2013Episode 7Part-Time Britain30 min
    Season 2013Episode 8Has the NHS Stopped Caring?30 min
    Season 2013Episode 9Breadline Britain30 min
    Season 2013Episode 10New Model Army30 min
    Season 2013Episode 11Living With A Killer30 min
    Season 2013Episode 12Tornadoes: Deadly Force30 min
    Season 2013Episode 13Who'd be a Teacher?30 min
    Season 2013Episode 14America and Its Guns30 min
    Season 2013Episode 15Britain likes a Bet30 min
    Season 2013Episode 16The Real Cost of Beauty30 min
    Season 2013Episode 17How safe is your kitchen?30 min
    Season 2013Episode 18Crisis in A&E30 min
    Season 2013Episode 19Plan Bee30 min
    Season 2013Episode 22Coming to the UK30 min
    Season 2013Episode 23Throwaway Britain30 min
    Season 2013Episode 24The Great Housing Crisis30 min
    Season 2013Episode 29Putting GCSEs To The Test30 min
    Season 2013Episode 30Kids Without Dads30 min
    Season 2013Episode 32Fear and Loathing Online30 min
    Season 2013Episode 33The Truth About Fracking30 min
    Season 2013Episode 34Accents Speak Louder Than Words30 min
    Season 2013Episode 35Bargains in the Sun30 min
    Season 2013Episode 36Courage in the Crossfire30 min
    Season 2013Episode 37Dying to Get High30 min
    Season 2013Episode 38When the Drugs Don't Work30 min
    Season 2013Episode 39Looking for Love30 min
    Season 2013Episode 40Christmas Shopping Wars30 min
    Season 2013Episode 42Drug Driving30 min
    Season 2013Episode 43Britain's Secret Drinkers30 min
    Season 2013Episode 44Too Young for Technology30 min
    Season 2014Episode 1Caught in the Storms30 min
    Season 2014Episode 2Is Britain Back in Business30 min
    Season 2014Episode 3The Rise of the E-Cigarette30 min
    Season 2014Episode 4To Diet or Not to Diet?30 min
    Season 2014Episode 5Who Wants to Work Forever30 min
    Season 2014Episode 6Can We Trust the Police30 min
    Season 2014Episode 7Rise of the Working Poor30 min
    Season 2014Episode 8After the Floods30 min
    Season 2014Episode 9Truth About Immigration30 min
    Season 2014Episode 10Looking After Mum and Dad30 min
    Season 2014Episode 11School's Out30 min
    Season 2014Episode 12Britain's Young Drinkers30 min
    Season 2014Episode 23Is Britain Christian?30 min
    Season 2014Episode 24The Truth Behind the Bargain Dog Trade30 min
    Season 2014Episode 25Do You Let Your Kids Play Out?30 min
    Season 2014Episode 28The Food We Eat - Superfoods - Fact or Fiction?30 min
    Season 2014Episode 29The Food We Eat - Fresh vs Frozen Food30 min
    Season 2014Episode 30The Food We Eat - Future Foods30 min
    Season 2014Episode 31The Shape of Things to Come30 min
    Season 2014Episode 32Bargain Britain30 min
    Season 2014Episode 33Against the Odds30 min
    Season 2014Episode 34Backdoor Britain30 min
    Season 2014Episode 35When Interest Rates Rise30 min
    Season 2014Episode 42Future Transport30 min
    Season 2014Episode 43Who Owns Britain?30 min
    Season 2014Episode 45Teenager Lives Online30 min
    Season 2014Episode 46Europe - The People's Poll30 min
    Season 2014Episode 47Losing Your Local?30 min
    Season 2014Episode 49Britain's Housing Crisis30 min
    Season 2014Episode 50Superfoods: Fact or Fiction?30 min
    Season 2014Episode 51The Pension Revolution30 min
    Season 2015Episode 1Spotlight - David Cameron30 min
    Season 2015Episode 2Spotlight - Nick Clegg30 min
    Season 2015Episode 3Spotlight - Ed Miliband30 min
    Season 2015Episode 4Spotlight - Nigel Farage30 min
    Season 2015Episode 5New Players, New Politics?30 min
    Season 2015Episode 6Eat Fat Stay Fit?30 min
    Season 2015Episode 7How to Get into a Good School30 min
    Season 2015Episode 8The Air We Breathe30 min
    Season 2015Episode 9Britain's Noise Nuisance30 min
    Season 2015Episode 10Growing Old - Care In Crisis30 min
    Season 2015Episode 11Our Kids - Whats the cost?30 min
    Season 2015Episode 12How Safe is Your Cabin Air?30 min
    Season 2015Episode 13Cheap Food - Whats the cost?30 min
    Season 2015Episode 14Over the Counter Addiction30 min
    Season 2015Episode 15The Migrant Crisis: Hope and Heartbreak30 min
    Season 2015Episode 16Breaking Into Britain30 min
    Season 2015Episode 17XXL Britain30 min
    Season 2015Episode 18Diet Fact, Diet Fiction?30 min
    Season 2015Episode 19After Paris, Can We Be Safe?30 min
    Season 2015Episode 20How Safe is Meat?30 min
    Season 2015Episode 21Taxi Wars30 min
    Season 2015Episode 22Lonely This Christmas30 min
    Season 2016Episode 1The Nightmare of Bad Sleep30 min
    Season 2016Episode 2Floods: Are We Ready for the Future?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 3Supermarkets - The Tricks of the Trade30 min
    Season 2016Episode 4Britain: Shirkers or Workers?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 5Addicted to Your Smart Phone?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 6Kids v Career - Having it All?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 7Behind Closed Doors: Fear and Control30 min
    Season 2016Episode 8Young and Obese - Confronting the Crisis?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 9Meeting My Enemy30 min
    Season 2016Episode 10Old and Wealthy - End of the Golden Years?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 11Alcohol - How Much is Too Much?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 12Europe Under Attack30 min
    Season 2016Episode 13Migration - Is Britain Really Full?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 14Generation Homeless30 min
    Season 2016Episode 15Fraud: How Safe is Your Money?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 16Europe - In or Out? Part 130 min
    Season 2016Episode 17Europe - In or Out? Part 230 min
    Season 2016Episode 18Should I Intervene?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 19Children of the Migrant Crisis30 min
    Season 2016Episode 20Pauline's Story Living With Ebola30 min
    Season 2016Episode 21Fraud: How They Steal Your ID30 min
    Season 2016Episode 22Rubbish: Battle of the Bins30 min
    Season 2016Episode 23Food Fraud: How Safe Are We?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 24Brexit: What Does it Mean for You30 min
    Season 2016Episode 25Brexit - What's Your House Worth?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 26Summer Diets - Fact or Fiction?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 27Secrets of Your Car Insurance30 min
    Season 2016Episode 28Saving Britain's Savers30 min
    Season 2016Episode 29Careless Killings?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 30Suspended: Britain's Pay Scandal?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 31Fraud: Elderly and at Risk30 min
    Season 2016Episode 32Trump's America - Will it Happen?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 33A&E in Meltdown?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 34The Truth About Term Time Holiday's30 min
    Season 2016Episode 35Can Your Diet Defeat Diabetes?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 36Funerals: A Costly Undertaking?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 37High-Speed Rail: Is It Worth It?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 38Why Can't Britain Sleep?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 39The Truth About the Menopause30 min
    Season 2016Episode 40Christmas Buyers Beware30 min
    Season 2016Episode 41The Great British Pub Revolution?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 42The Secrets of Your Christmas Dinner30 min
    Season 2016Episode 432016 - The Year That Changed the World30 min
    Season 2017Episode 1Your Pound: What's It Worth?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 2President Trump America's Greatest Gamble?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 3Keep, Chuck or Clean?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 4Energy Bills: Can We Be Smarter?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 5The Truth About Exercise30 min
    Season 2017Episode 6Bank of Mum & Dad30 min
    Season 2017Episode 7The Truth About Sexual Harassment30 min
    Season 2017Episode 8NHS: Medical Blunders Reunited30 min
    Season 2017Episode 9Buy Today, Pay Tomorrow?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 10Famine - Millions on the Brink30 min
    Season 2017Episode 11Terror in London - A Tonight Special30 min
    Season 2017Episode 12Help Stop Me Ageing!30 min
    Season 2017Episode 13Deal or No Deal? Brexit Britain30 min
    Season 2017Episode 14Help Stop Me Ageing!30 min
    Season 2017Episode 15Trump: The First 100 Days30 min
    Season 2017Episode 16Brits Abroad: Is the Dream Over?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 17How Safe is Your Pension?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 18The Leader Interviews: Tim Farron30 min
    Season 2017Episode 19The Leader Interviews: Paul Nuttall30 min
    Season 2017Episode 20The Leader Interviews: Jeremy Corbyn30 min
    Season 2017Episode 21The ITV Leaders' Debate120 min
    Season 2017Episode 22The Manchester Attack30 min
    Season 2017Episode 23The Leader Interviews30 min
    Season 2017Episode 24New Build Nightmares30 min
    Season 2017Episode 25The Tower Block Disaster30 min
    Season 2017Episode 26Sun, Sea and Scams30 min
    Season 2017Episode 27The True Cost of Parking30 min
    Season 2017Episode 28How Safe is a Sun Tan?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 29Can Crooks Hack Your Home?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 30Fight or Flight? The Drunken Truth30 min
    Season 2017Episode 32Undercover: Breaking into Britain30 min
    Season 2017Episode 33Fat: The Healthy Option?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 34The Jewel Raiders30 min
    Season 2017Episode 35Work 'till You Drop?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 36Britain's Claim Culture - Revealed30 min
    Season 2017Episode 37Work 'Til You Drop?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 38Car Crime: Are You a Target?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 39The Big Fat Truth30 min
    Season 2017Episode 40Harassment: Uncovering the Truth?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 41Acid Attacks: How Scared Should We Be?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 42Harry and Meghan - A Royal Revolution?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 43Elderly Theft: Robbing the Relatives30 min
    Season 2017Episode 44Christmas Cons Revealed30 min
    Season 2017Episode 45Butcher Surgeon: A Scandal Uncovered30 min
    Season 2017Episode 46Hungry, Homeless and on Benefits30 min
    Season 2018Episode 1Overweight Brits - Part 130 min
    Season 2018Episode 2Overweight Brits - Part 230 min
    Season 2018Episode 3Divorce Wars30 min
    Season 2018Episode 4'Dr Google': Do DIY Diagnoses Work?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 5Bargain Holidays: What's the Truth?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 6NHS Winter Crisis: What's the Truth?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 7Travel Chaos: The True Cost30 min
    Season 2018Episode 8Plastic: Can You Live Without it?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 9Trans Kids: The Right Response?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 10Snowstorm: Britain's Big Chill30 min
    Season 2018Episode 11Britain's Pothole Crisis30 min
    Season 2018Episode 12Undercover: Rough Sleeper30 min
    Season 2018Episode 13Britain V Russia: A New Cold War?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 14Can Brexit Fix Britain?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 15Pets - The True Cost30 min
    Season 2018Episode 16OAP Bootcamp30 min
    Season 2018Episode 17Processed Food: What Are We Eating30 min
    Season 2018Episode 18Secrets of Your Online Shop30 min
    Season 2018Episode 19Google, Facebook & You: What They Know30 min
    Season 2018Episode 20Inside Russian football30 min
    Season 2018Episode 21The Tower: A Year On30 min
    Season 2018Episode 22NHS saved my Life30 min
    Season 2018Episode 23Eat Yourself Healthy?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 24Trump and Britain: Love or Loathing?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 25Violent Britain: Drugs, Knives and Gangs30 min
    Season 2018Episode 26Heatwaves and Hailstones: Wild Weather UK30 min
    Season 2018Episode 27Shopping: End of the High Street?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 28Our Debt: The True Cost30 min
    Season 2018Episode 29What Car Should I Buy?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 30Fighting Fat: Back to Basics30 min
    Season 2018Episode 31Britain on Painkillers: The Silent Epidemic30 min
    Season 2018Episode 32Britain's Property Crisis30 min
    Season 2018Episode 33Wild Weather UK: Winners and Losers30 min
    Season 2018Episode 34Pay Now, Die Later: Funerals Uncovered30 min
    Season 2018Episode 35Driving - The True Cost?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 36What's In Our Meat?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 37Frontline Care: Saving the NHS?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 38Car Crime: How Safe Are You?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 39Immigration: Who Do We Let In?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 40Trump and the Truth: America's Conspiracy Wars30 min
    Season 2018Episode 41Food Allergies: What's Really in Your Food?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 42Christmas Buyers Beware30 min
    Season 2018Episode 43Meghan: The Story So Far30 min
    Season 2019Episode 1Losing Weight: Six Months to Save a Life - Part 130 min
    Season 2019Episode 2Losing Weight: Six Months to Save a Life - Part 230 min
    Season 2019Episode 3Trouble on the Tracks30 min
    Season 2019Episode 4Food Challenge: Meat vs. Vegan30 min
    Season 2019Episode 5Your Body, Your Stress30 min
    Season 2019Episode 6Living on Benefits: Universal Credit?30 min
    Season 2019Episode 7Too Old to Drive30 min
    Season 2019Episode 8The Border Blocking Brexit?30 min
    Season 2019Episode 9Back Pain: Britain's Unseen Crisis30 min
    Season 2019Episode 10Can We Defend Ourselves30 min
    Season 2019Episode 11Priced Out? Old and Offline30 min
    Season 2019Episode 12Rubbish: Britain's Tipping Point?30 min
    Season 2019Episode 13Brexit: The Endgame30 min
    Season 2019Episode 14Fraud: Stopping the Scammers30 min
    Season 2019Episode 15Harry and Meghan: A Royal Baby30 min
    Season 2019Episode 16Knife Crime and Me30 min
    Season 2019Episode 17NHS: Violence on the Frontline30 min
    Season 2019Episode 18Pensions: Are You Saving Enough30 min
    Season 2019Episode 19Supermarkets: Are You Saving Enough30 min
    Season 2019Episode 20Holidays: All-Inclusives Uncovered30 min
    Season 2019Episode 21Meat: Is It Still Safe? Tonight30 min
    Season 2019Episode 22Angry Britain: Beyond Repair?30 min
    Season 2019Episode 23Is Your Car Safe?30 min
    Season 2019Episode 24Fraud: Robbing the Elderly30 min
    Season 2019Episode 25Who's Our Next PM? (Part 1)30 min
    Season 2019Episode 26Who's Our Next PM? (Part 2)30 min
    Season 2019Episode 27The Trouble with Garden Centres?30 min
    Season 2019Episode 28Housing Crisis: What Next for the Elderly?30 min
    Season 2019Episode 29Britain's New Build Nightmares30 min
    Season 2019Episode 30Fraud: The Public Threat30 min
    Season 2019Episode 31Cheap Clothing: The Real Cost?30 min
    Season 2019Episode 32Growing Old: Social Care Crisis30 min
    Season 2019Episode 33Car Insurance: Costs and Cons?30 min
    Season 2019Episode 34Growing Old: Britain's Mental Health Crisis?30 min
    Season 2019Episode 35HS2 - Death of the High Speed Express?30 min
    Season 2019Episode 36Plastic: The Unseen Truth30 min
    Season 2019Episode 37Frontline Cops: Police Fighting Back?30 min
    Season 2019Episode 38Cash In Your House: Deal or No Deal?30 min
    Season 2019Episode 39The Leader Interviews: Nigel Farage30 min
    Season 2019Episode 40The Leader Interviews: Jo Swinson30 min
    Season 2019Episode 41The Leader Interviews30 min
    Season 2019Episode 42The Leader Interviews: Jeremy Corbyn30 min
    Season 2019Episode 43The Leader Interviews: Boris Johnson30 min
    Season 2019Episode 44Christmas Costs and Cons30 min
    Season 2020Episode 1Cash Free Britain?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 2Tech Abuse: Stopping the Stalkers30 min
    Season 2020Episode 3High Streets: End of the Road?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 4Holidays: Bagging a Bargain Break30 min
    Season 2020Episode 5Deadly Virus: Is Britain Prepared?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 6How Safe Is Your Vape?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 7Coronavirus: What Next for Britain?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 8Airbnb: The True Cost?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 9Inside MI5: Keeping The UK Safe30 min
    Season 2020Episode 10Coronavirus: What You Need To Know30 min
    Season 2020Episode 11Diet: Trust Your Gut?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 12Coronavirus: Protecting the Elderly30 min
    Season 2020Episode 13Coronavirus: Britain in Lockdown30 min
    Season 2020Episode 14Trump and the Virus: America in Crisis30 min
    Season 2020Episode 15Lockdown: How Long Can it Last?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 16Coronavirus: The Survivors' Stories30 min
    Season 2020Episode 17Supermarkets & Supply Chains: Keeping Britain Fed?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 18Fly Tipping: Britain's Lockdown Problem?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 19Policing Britain: Cops in Lockdown30 min
    Season 2020Episode 20Saving Money: Tips For Lockdown30 min
    Season 2020Episode 21The Race for a Cure: Making Britain Safe30 min
    Season 2020Episode 22Back to Work: Is It Safe?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 23Car Crime: Is My Car Safe?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 24Holidays: Where Should We Go?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 25Generation Covid: Our Children in Crisis?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 26Back in Business: The Road to Recovery?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 27Can Robots Save The NHS?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 28Electric Cars: Are We Ready?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 29Weight Loss: The War on Fat?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 30Scams: Ripping Off the Elderly?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 31Can We Save Our Jobs?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 32Funerals: The True Cost30 min
    Season 2020Episode 33Britain's Lockdowns: What's Next?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 34Can Trump Win?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 35Black and British30 min
    Season 2020Episode 36House Prices: Is the Boom Real?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 37Building Nightmares: House of Horrors30 min
    Season 2020Episode 38Secrets of Your Online Christmas30 min
    Season 2020Episode 39Buyers Beware: Shopping Cons Revealed30 min
    Season 2020Episode 40Secrets of Your Christmas Dinner30 min
    Season 2020Episode 412020: The Year That Changed Britain30 min
    Season 2021Episode 1Has Cash Been Cancelled?30 min
    Season 2021Episode 2Vaccine: When Will I Get It?30 min
    Season 2021Episode 3Care Homes: The Long Year Alone30 min
    Season 2021Episode 4Going Green: Save Money?30 min
    Season 2021Episode 5Covid Testing: What's the Truth?30 min
    Season 2021Episode 6On the Breadline: Foodbank Britain?30 min
    Season 2021Episode 7Cars: The End of Petrol & Diesel?30 min
    Season 2021Episode 8Antisocial Britain: Trouble on the Streets?30 min
    Season 2021Episode 9UK: The End of the Union?30 min
    Season 2021Episode 10How to Age Well30 min
    Season 2021Episode 11Spend or Save? Making Your Money Work30 min
    Season 2021Episode 12Women: How Safe Are We?30 min
    Season 2021Episode 13Summer Holidays: What's The Truth?30 min
    Season 2021Episode 14Can Your Town Centre Survive?30 min
    Season 2021Episode 15Giving Up Sugar: For Good? - Part 130 min
    Season 2021Episode 16Giving Up Sugar: For Good? - Part 230 min
    Season 2021Episode 17Cheats, Fiddles and Scams: Protecting Your Family - Part 130 min
    Season 2021Episode 18Cheats, Fiddles and Scams: Protecting Your Family - Part 230 min
    Season 2021Episode 19Britain's Filthy Streets30 min
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