Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue (2010)

  • Genre: Drama
  • Creator: Morwyn Brebner, Tassie Cameron, Ellen Vanstone
  • First Air Date: 2010-06-24
  • Last Air Date: 2015-07-29
  • Total Seasons: 6
  • Total Episodes: 74
  • Status: Canceled
  • Episode Runtime: 44 min.
  • Production Company: Shaw Media
  • Networks: Global TV
star 7.6/10
From 96 Ratings


Ambitious young cops try to prove themselves in their high-stakes careers, in which the smallest mistake can have deadly consequences. At the core of the close-knit group is perfectionist Andy McNally, whose father was a homicide detective before he burned out on the job. The series follows Andy and her four colleagues -- Dov Epstein, Gail Peck, Traci Nash and Chris Diaz -- as they experience the trials, triumphs and tribulations of police work, as well as its effect on their personal lives.

  • Keywords: canada, police, toronto, canada, cop, rookie cop, police precinct
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    Rookie Blue Seasons

    Season 0

    First Air Date: 2014-05-15
    10 Episodes

    Season 1

    First Air Date: 2010-06-24
    13 Episodes

    Season 2

    First Air Date: 2011-06-23
    13 Episodes

    Season 3

    First Air Date: 2012-05-24
    13 Episodes

    Season 4

    First Air Date: 2013-05-23
    13 Episodes

    Season 5

    First Air Date: 2014-05-19
    11 Episodes

    Season 6

    First Air Date: 2015-05-21
    11 Episodes

    Rookie Blue Episodes

    Title Air Date Duration
    Season 1Episode 1Fresh Paint60 min
    Season 1Episode 2Mercury Retrograde60 min
    Season 1Episode 3Fite Night60 min
    Season 1Episode 4Signals Crossed60 min
    Season 1Episode 5Broad Daylight60 min
    Season 1Episode 6Bullet Proof60 min
    Season 1Episode 7Hot & Bothered60 min
    Season 1Episode 8Honor Roll60 min
    Season 1Episode 9Girlfriend of the Year60 min
    Season 1Episode 10Big Nickel60 min
    Season 1Episode 11To Serve or Protect60 min
    Season 1Episode 12In Blue60 min
    Season 1Episode 13Takedown60 min
    Season 2Episode 1Butterflies60 min
    Season 2Episode 2Might Have Been60 min
    Season 2Episode 3Bad Moon Rising60 min
    Season 2Episode 4Heart & Sparks60 min
    Season 2Episode 5Stung60 min
    Season 2Episode 6In Plain View60 min
    Season 2Episode 7The One That Got Away60 min
    Season 2Episode 8Monster60 min
    Season 2Episode 9Brotherhood60 min
    Season 2Episode 10Best Laid Plans60 min
    Season 2Episode 11A Little Faith60 min
    Season 2Episode 12On the Double60 min
    Season 2Episode 13God's Good Grace60 min
    Season 3Episode 1The First Day of the Rest of Your Life60 min
    Season 3Episode 2Class Dismissed60 min
    Season 3Episode 3A Good Shoot60 min
    Season 3Episode 4Girls' Night Out60 min
    Season 3Episode 5Messy Houses60 min
    Season 3Episode 6Coming Home60 min
    Season 3Episode 7Leap of Faith60 min
    Season 3Episode 8The Girlfriend Experience60 min
    Season 3Episode 9Out of Time60 min
    Season 3Episode 10Cold Comforts60 min
    Season 3Episode 11The Rules60 min
    Season 3Episode 12Every Man60 min
    Season 3Episode 13I Never60 min
    Season 4Episode 1Surprises60 min
    Season 4Episode 2Homecoming60 min
    Season 4Episode 3Different, Not Better60 min
    Season 4Episode 4The Kids Are Not Alright60 min
    Season 4Episode 5Poison Pill60 min
    Season 4Episode 6Skeletons60 min
    Season 4Episode 7Friday the 13th60 min
    Season 4Episode 8For Better, for Worse60 min
    Season 4Episode 9What I Lost60 min
    Season 4Episode 10You Are Here60 min
    Season 4Episode 11Deception60 min
    Season 4Episode 12Under Fire60 min
    Season 4Episode 13You Can See the Stars60 min
    Season 5Episode 1Blink60 min
    Season 5Episode 2All by Her Selfie60 min
    Season 5Episode 3Heart Breakers, Money Makers60 min
    Season 5Episode 4Wanting60 min
    Season 5Episode 5Going Under60 min
    Season 5Episode 6Two Truths and a Lie60 min
    Season 5Episode 7Deal with the Devil60 min
    Season 5Episode 8Exit Strategy60 min
    Season 5Episode 9Moving Day60 min
    Season 5Episode 10Fragments60 min
    Season 5Episode 11Everlasting60 min
    Season 6Episode 1Open Windows60 min
    Season 6Episode 2Perfect Family60 min
    Season 6Episode 3Uprising60 min
    Season 6Episode 4Letting Go60 min
    Season 6Episode 5A Real Gentleman60 min
    Season 6Episode 6Home Run60 min
    Season 6Episode 7Best Man60 min
    Season 6Episode 8Integrity Test60 min
    Season 6Episode 9Ninety Degrees60 min
    Season 6Episode 10Breaking Up the Band60 min
    Season 6Episode 1174 Epiphanies60 min
    • Peter Mooney

      as Nick Collins
    • Matt Gordon

      as Oliver Shaw
    • Missy Peregrym

      as Andy McNally
    • Charlotte Sullivan

      as Gail Peck
    • Ben Bass

      as Sam Swarek
    • Enuka Okuma

      as Traci Nash
    • Gregory Smith

      as Dov Epstein
    • Travis Milne

      as Chris Diaz
    • Priscilla Faia

      as Chloe Price
    • Adam MacDonald

      as Steve Peck