Late Show with David Letterman

Late Show with David Letterman (1993)

  • Genre: Talk, Comedy
  • First Air Date: 1993-08-30
  • Last Air Date: 2015-05-20
  • Total Seasons: 22
  • Total Episodes: 4252
  • Status: Ended
  • Episode Runtime: 63 min.
  • Production Company: Worldwide Pants
  • Networks: CBS
star 6.4/10
From 104 Ratings


Late Show with David Letterman is an American late-night talk show hosted by David Letterman on CBS. The show debuted on August 30, 1993, and is produced by Letterman's production company, Worldwide Pants Incorporated and CBS Television Studios. The show's music director and band-leader of the house band, the CBS Orchestra, is Paul Shaffer. The head writer is Matt Roberts and the announcer is Alan Kalter. Of the major U.S. late-night programs, Late Show ranks second in cumulative average viewers over time and third in number of episodes over time. The show leads other late night shows in ad revenue with $271 million in 2009. In most U.S. markets the show airs at 11:35 p.m. Eastern/Pacific time, but is recorded Monday through Wednesday at 4:30 p.m., and Thursdays at 3:30 p.m and 6:00 p.m. The second Thursday episode usually airs on Friday of that week. In 2002, Late Show with David Letterman was ranked No. 7 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. CBS has a contract with Worldwide Pants to continue the show through 2014; by then, Letterman will surpass Johnny Carson as the longest tenured late-night talk show host.

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    Late Show with David Letterman Seasons

    Season 1

    First Air Date: 1993-08-30
    219 Episodes

    Season 2

    First Air Date: 1994-08-29
    220 Episodes

    Season 3

    First Air Date: 1995-09-04
    210 Episodes

    Season 4

    First Air Date: 1996-09-02
    213 Episodes

    Season 5

    First Air Date: 1997-09-01
    203 Episodes

    Season 6

    First Air Date: 1998-08-31
    213 Episodes

    Season 7

    First Air Date: 1999-09-07
    196 Episodes

    Season 8

    First Air Date: 2000-08-21
    197 Episodes

    Season 9

    First Air Date: 2001-08-20
    208 Episodes

    Season 10

    First Air Date: 2002-09-03
    187 Episodes

    Season 11

    First Air Date: 2003-09-01
    189 Episodes

    Season 12

    First Air Date: 2004-08-23
    193 Episodes

    Season 13

    First Air Date: 2005-08-29
    197 Episodes

    Season 14

    First Air Date: 2006-08-28
    199 Episodes

    Season 15

    First Air Date: 2007-09-04
    168 Episodes

    Season 16

    First Air Date: 2008-09-02
    200 Episodes

    Season 17

    First Air Date: 2009-08-31
    245 Episodes

    Season 18

    First Air Date: 2011-01-03
    181 Episodes

    Season 19

    First Air Date: 2012-01-03
    178 Episodes

    Season 20

    First Air Date: 2013-01-02
    179 Episodes

    Season 21

    First Air Date: 2014-01-06
    118 Episodes

    Season 22

    First Air Date: 2014-09-02
    139 Episodes

    Late Show with David Letterman Episodes

    Title Air Date Duration
    Season 1993Episode 1Bill Murray, Tom Brokaw, Paul Newman, Billy Joel60 min
    Season 1993Episode 2Robin Williams, John Mellencamp, Jonathan Estrata60 min
    Season 1993Episode 3Demi Moore, Bev Tanner, Spin Doctors60 min
    Season 1993Episode 4Martin Short, Cyndi Lauper60 min
    Season 1993Episode 5Debra Winger, Soul Asylum60 min
    Season 1993Episode 6Richard Lewis, Shawn Bouroughs, Midnight Oil60 min
    Season 1993Episode 7Michael J. Fox, Rosie Perez60 min
    Season 1993Episode 8Al Gore, Kim Basinger, Chris Isaak60 min
    Season 1993Episode 9Ellen Barkin, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, Lenny Kravitz60 min
    Season 1993Episode 10Siskel & Ebert, Robert Plant60 min
    Season 1993Episode 11Bruce Willis, Steven Wright60 min
    Season 1993Episode 12Paul Reiser, Mike Ditka, John Hiatt60 min
    Season 1993Episode 13Jeff Goldblum, Louie Anderson, Jerry Garcia & David Grisman60 min
    Season 1993Episode 14Bonnie Hunt, Latrisha Baldrick, Patti Smyth60 min
    Season 1993Episode 15Super Dave Osborne, Laura Dern, Stone Temple Pilots60 min
    Season 1993Episode 16Sarah Jessica Parker, Jim Abbot, Patty Scialfa60 min
    Season 1993Episode 17Robert Urich, Ellen DeGeneres, Tim Tomasic60 min
    Season 1993Episode 18Tony Randall, Elizabeth Perkins, Aaron Neville60 min
    Season 1993Episode 19Mike Myers, John Kruk, Belinda Carlisle60 min
    Season 1993Episode 20Glenn Close, James Taylor60 min
    Season 1993Episode 21Matthew Broderick, Julie Krone, Neil Diamond60 min
    Season 1993Episode 22Jimmy Carter, Brett Butler, Daniel Boulud60 min
    Season 1993Episode 23Jerry Lewis, Sparky Mortimer, Rod Stewart60 min
    Season 1993Episode 24Lily Tomlin, Adam Sandler, Mike Lupica60 min
    Season 1993Episode 25Andie MacDowell, Graham Parker, Bill Scheft60 min
    Season 1993Episode 26Sylvester Stallone, Melissa Etheridge, Janeane Garofalo60 min
    Season 1993Episode 27Isabella Rossellini, Bob Saget, Johnny Cash60 min
    Season 1993Episode 28Candice Bergen, John Mendoza60 min
    Season 1993Episode 29Don Rickles, Tracey Ullman, Johnny Cash60 min
    Season 1993Episode 30Connie Chung, Mary Chapin Carpenter60 min
    Season 1993Episode 31Kathie Lee Gifford, Matt Dillon60 min
    Season 1993Episode 32Stupid Pet Tricks, Howard Stern, Rosanne Cash60 min
    Season 1993Episode 33Kirstie Alley, Rick Ocasek, Jeff Colton60 min
    Season 1993Episode 34David Brenner, Gloria Estefan, Sean Young60 min
    Season 1993Episode 35Tom Arnold, Rich Hall, Jon Weiss60 min
    Season 1993Episode 36Dennis Miller, Tony Bennett, Sandra Bullock60 min
    Season 1993Episode 37David Steinberg, Emmylou Harris, Bo Jackson60 min
    Season 1993Episode 38Dan Rather, Penelope Ann Miller, Gin Blossoms60 min
    Season 1993Episode 39Bob Newhart, Guru, Chloe Disker60 min
    Season 1993Episode 40Martin Mull, The Pogues, Jean Louie60 min
    Season 1993Episode 41Sean Connery, Jake Johannsen, Fran Drescher60 min
    Season 1993Episode 42Phil Donahue, Art Garfunkel, Lenny Dykstra, Paul Molitor60 min
    Season 1993Episode 43Marv Albert, Cindy Crawford, Natalie Cole60 min
    Season 1993Episode 44George Foreman, INXS & Ray Charles60 min
    Season 1993Episode 45Martin Lawrence, Phil Collins60 min
    Season 1993Episode 46Jay Thomas, Squeeze, Martha Stewart60 min
    Season 1993Episode 47Terry Garr, Paul Simon60 min
    Season 1993Episode 48Mike Wallace, Jimmy Cliff, Faith Ford60 min
    Season 1993Episode 49Annie Potts, Natalie Merchant, Dorothy Nash60 min
    Season 1993Episode 50Tony Curtis, The Breeders, Calvin Trillian60 min
    Season 1993Episode 51Michael Keaton, Barbara Walters60 min
    Season 1993Episode 52Evander Holyfield, Phil Hartman, The BoDeans60 min
    Season 1993Episode 53Mary Tyler Moore, Jackson Browne, Rita Rudner60 min
    Season 1993Episode 54Tom Selleck, Pete Townsend60 min
    Season 1993Episode 55Barry Bonds, Carol Kane, Living Colour60 min
    Season 1993Episode 56Sinbad, Trisha Yearwood, Charlie Sheen60 min
    Season 1993Episode 57Billy Crystal, Los Lobos60 min
    Season 1993Episode 58Stupid Human Tricks, Jon Lovitz, George Thoroughgood60 min
    Season 1993Episode 59Billy Connolly, Bob Dylan, Charles Kuralt60 min
    Season 1993Episode 60Dana Carvey, Meat Loaf, Joan Cusack60 min
    Season 1993Episode 61Marilu Henner, Heart, Father Guido Sarducci60 min
    Season 1993Episode 62Robert Klein, Cowboy Junkies, Bobby Knight60 min
    Season 1993Episode 63Bryant Gumbel, Taylor Dayne, Dave Attel60 min
    Season 1993Episode 64Penn & Teller, Dwight Yoakam, Gabriel Byrne60 min
    Season 1993Episode 65Kelsey Grammar, Patrick Ewing, Warren Zevon60 min
    Season 1993Episode 66James Belushi, Carlene Carter, Lauren Holley60 min
    Season 1993Episode 67Robin Williams, Larry Johnson60 min
    Season 1993Episode 68Sam Donaldson, Mike Myers, Nanci Griffith60 min
    Season 1993Episode 69Jeremy Irons, Bruce Hornsby60 min
    Season 1993Episode 70Charles Grodin, Bryan Adams, Jack Hannah60 min
    Season 1993Episode 71Sally Field, Carly Simon, Robert Duvall60 min
    Season 1993Episode 72Larry King, The Band, Kevin Pollack60 min
    Season 1993Episode 73Luciano Pavarotti, Marisa Tomei, Wayne Cotter60 min
    Season 1993Episode 74Tom Hanks, Gipsy Kings, Joan Plowright60 min
    Season 1993Episode 75Rush Limbaugh, Harry Connick Jr.60 min
    Season 1993Episode 76Whoopi Goldberg, Clint Black, John Witherspoon60 min
    Season 1993Episode 77Will Smith, The Lemonheads, Emmit Smith60 min
    Season 1993Episode 78Bob Costas, Toni Braxton, Debi Mazar60 min
    Season 1993Episode 79Dennis Franz, Mike Judge, Andy Williams60 min
    Season 1993Episode 80Joan Lunden, Ian Moore, Wendy Wasserstein60 min
    Season 1993Episode 81Jason Priestley, Terry Bradshaw, Norm Macdonald60 min
    Season 1993Episode 82Bonnie Hunt, Tony Toni Tone, Dennis Rogers60 min
    Season 1993Episode 83Julia Roberts, Cracker, Wolfgang Puck60 min
    Season 1993Episode 84Rosanne and Tom Arnold, Jon Bon Jovi60 min
    Season 1994Episode 1Jane Pauley, Art Donovan, Drew Carey60 min
    Season 1994Episode 2Beau Bridges, Sandra Bernhard, 4 Non Blondes60 min
    Season 1994Episode 3Rosie O'Donnell, Lou Reed, Neil Patrick Harris60 min
    Season 1994Episode 4Chris Elliot, Itzhak Perlman, Cokie Roberts60 min
    Season 1994Episode 5Martin Mull, Drew Carey, Dana Delaney60 min
    Season 1994Episode 6Rudolph Giuliani, Faith Hill, Ricki Lake60 min
    Season 1994Episode 7Troy Aikman, Marilyn Horne, Jon Stewart60 min
    Season 1994Episode 8Smothers Brothers, Indigo Girls, Sara McClendan60 min
    Season 1994Episode 9George Carlin, Urge Overkill, Jan Hooks60 min
    Season 1994Episode 10Chevy Chase, George Miller, Halle Berry60 min
    Season 1994Episode 11Richard Harris, Taj Mahal & Etta James, David Spade60 min
    Season 1994Episode 12David Brenner, Travis Tritt, Madeline Stowe60 min
    Season 1994Episode 13Kathie Lee Gifford, Aaron Neville, Bruno Kirby60 min
    Season 1994Episode 14Demi Moore, Willie Nelson & Shelby Lynne, Al Franken60 min
    Season 1994Episode 15Dan Rather, Dave Pirner & Victoria Williams, Brett Hull60 min
    Season 1994Episode 16Sean Connery, Fran Drescher, Jake Johannsen60 min
    Season 1994Episode 17Jimmy Johnson, Martin Lawrence, Concrete Blonde60 min
    Season 1994Episode 18Tom Brokaw, Julie Cavner, Joshua Catheson60 min
    Season 1994Episode 19Aidan Quinn, Crowded House, Michael Lamonaco60 min
    Season 1994Episode 20Sarah Jessica Parker, Jerry Van Dyke60 min
    Season 1994Episode 21Ellen Barkin, Peter Frampton, Amanda Archaleta60 min
    Season 1994Episode 22Walter Cronkite, Natalie Merchant60 min
    Season 1994Episode 23Alec Baldwin, Blues Traveler, Norman Vaughn60 min
    Season 1994Episode 24Dan Aykroyd, Anna Klempsey, Peter Arnette60 min
    Season 1994Episode 25Siskel & Ebert, Daryl Hall, Mugsy Bogues60 min
    Season 1994Episode 26Steven Seagal, Salt N Peppa, Johnathan Soloman60 min
    Season 1994Episode 27Super Dave Osborne, Brad Privott60 min
    Season 1994Episode 28Richard Simmons60 min
    Season 1994Episode 29Regis Philbin, Richard Thompson, Ben Stiller60 min
    Season 1994Episode 30Phil Hartman, George Benson, Michael Madsen60 min
    Season 1994Episode 31Bebe Neuwirth, Jackson Browne60 min
    Season 1994Episode 32Sinbad, UB40, Luke Perry60 min
    Season 1994Episode 33Marv Albert, Sinead O'Connor, Ricky Jay60 min
    Season 1994Episode 34Stupid Human Tricks, Wynonna Judd, Laurence Fishburne60 min
    Season 1994Episode 35Brett Butler, Linda Rondstat, Don Imus60 min
    Season 1994Episode 36Michael J. Fox, Spin Doctors & Roger Daltrey60 min
    Season 1994Episode 37Gary Shandling, Sting, Nigel Mansell60 min
    Season 1994Episode 38Dan Jansen, Dennis Miller, Meat Loaf60 min
    Season 1994Episode 39John Larroquette, Bonnie Raitt, Jerry Butler, & Ben E. King, Jennifer Jason Leigh60 min
    Season 1994Episode 40Geena Davis, Aerosmith60 min
    Season 1994Episode 41Anthony Hopkins, ZZ Top, Dennis Leary60 min
    Season 1994Episode 42Alan King, Aretha Franklin60 min
    Season 1994Episode 43Jay Thomas, Crash Test Dummies, Kevin Spacey60 min
    Season 1994Episode 44Richard Harris, Carol King, Ron Howard60 min
    Season 1994Episode 45Bill Cosby, Sheryl Crow60 min
    Season 1994Episode 46Diane Sawyer, John Michael Montgomery, Elle MacPherson60 min
    Season 1994Episode 47Kevin Kline, Placido Domingo60 min
    Season 1994Episode 48Bob Saget, Tori Amos, John Waters60 min
    Season 1994Episode 49Thea Vidal, Stomp, Buck Henry60 min
    Season 1994Episode 50Martin Short, Sammy Hagar, Mary Stuart Masterson60 min
    Season 1994Episode 51Madonna, Counting Crows60 min
    Season 1994Episode 52Charles Grodin, Elvis Costello & The Attractions60 min
    Season 1994Episode 53Bob Uecker, Cheap Trick, Michael McKean60 min
    Season 1994Episode 54Ted Koppel, Wynton Marsalis, Carrie Fisher60 min
    Season 1994Episode 55Andie MacDowell, Rich Hall, Matt Kramer60 min
    Season 1994Episode 56Kirstie Alley, Boz Scaggs, Calvin Trillian60 min
    Season 1994Episode 57Tom Brokaw, Blind Melon, Julie Brown60 min
    Season 1994Episode 58Don Rickles, Jeff Stearns, Liz Phair60 min
    Season 1994Episode 59Jack Lemmon, Lyle Lovett & Al Green60 min
    Season 1994Episode 60Dennis Hopper, Jessye Norman, Uta Pippig60 min
    Season 1994Episode 61Ellen DeGeneres, Raquel Welch, Candlebox60 min
    Season 1994Episode 62Tom Snyder, Ray Liotta60 min
    Season 1994Episode 63Father Guido Sarducci, Reba McEntire, Pierre Frene60 min
    Season 1994Episode 64Joan Lunden, Gin Blossoms, Michael Moore60 min
    Season 1994Episode 65Jerry Seinfeld, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Norm Abram60 min
    Season 1994Episode 66Sissy Spacek, Bonnie Raitt, Daniel Low60 min
    Season 1994Episode 67Joe Pesci, Randy Travis, Dan Wilkenson60 min
    Season 1994Episode 68Jerry Van Dyke, The Neville Brothers60 min
    Season 1994Episode 69Robin Williams, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Mark Leyner60 min
    Season 1994Episode 70Mia Farrow, Tim McGraw, Jimmie Walker60 min
    Season 1994Episode 71Brett Butler, Rob Lowe, Sarah McLachlan60 min
    Season 1994Episode 72Sharon Stone, Chris Farley60 min
    Season 1994Episode 73Billy Crystal, Ray Charles60 min
    Season 1994Episode 74Michael Keaton, Angela Lansbury60 min
    Season 1994Episode 75James Cahn, David Copperfield, Julia Louis-Dreyfus60 min
    Season 1994Episode 76Candice Bergen, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Magic Johnson60 min
    Season 1994Episode 77Bette Midler, Traffic60 min
    Season 1994Episode 78Heather Locklear, Travis Tritt, Harvey Pekar60 min
    Season 1994Episode 79Jeff Goldblum, Sonic Youth, James Carville60 min
    Season 1994Episode 80Stupid Pet Tricks, Carol Burnett, Emmylou Harris60 min
    Season 1994Episode 81Barbara Walters, Mariah Carey60 min
    Season 1994Episode 82Eddie Murphy, Tony Bennett, Wayne Cotter60 min
    Season 1994Episode 83Rick Moranis, Jimmy Buffett, Stefan Seville60 min
    Season 1994Episode 84Woody Harrelson, Louie Anderson, Isaiah Thomas60 min
    Season 1994Episode 85Kevin Pollak, Chris Isaak, Jacques Pepin60 min
    Season 1994Episode 86Rosie O'Donnell, Laurie Morgan, Bronson Pinchot60 min
    Season 1994Episode 87The Pretenders, Daniel Stern60 min
    Season 1994Episode 88Reggie Miller, Spike Lee, Tony Randall, Tony Toni Tone60 min
    Season 1994Episode 89Craig T. Nelson, David Sanborn, Al Unser Jr.60 min
    Season 1994Episode 90Mariel Hemmingway, George Miller, Mandy Patinkin60 min
    Season 1994Episode 91Macaulay Culkin, Randy Newman, Mona Frey60 min
    Season 1994Episode 92David Brenner, Johnny Cash, Keanu Reeves60 min
    Season 1994Episode 93Jeremy Irons, Chris Rock, Hakeem Olajuwon60 min
    Season 1994Episode 94Ted Danson, David Byrne, Carl Reiner60 min
    Season 1994Episode 95Mark Messier, Brian Leetch, and Mike Richter of the 1994 Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers, Katie Couric, John Hiatt60 min
    Season 1994Episode 96Jon Lovitz, Sandra Bullock, Spin Doctors60 min
    Season 1994Episode 97Teri Garr, Yes60 min
    Season 1994Episode 98Fran Drescher, Jack Palance, Seal60 min
    Season 1994Episode 99Dan Rather, Nicholas Turturro, Al Jarreau, Kathleen Battle60 min
    Season 1994Episode 100Julia Roberts, Stone Temple Pilots, Jake Johannsen60 min
    Season 1994Episode 101Howard Stern, Kate Nelligan, John Mellencamp60 min
    Season 1994Episode 102Tom Jones, Sam Cassell, Trisha Yearwood60 min
    Season 1994Episode 103Penelope Ann Miller, Mary Matalin, Tori Amos60 min
    Season 1994Episode 104Daniel Boulud, Helen Hunt, Green Day60 min
    Season 1994Episode 105Siskel & Ebert, Andrea Martin, Indigo Girls60 min
    Season 1994Episode 106Connie Chung, Phil Collins60 min
    Season 1994Episode 107Neil Diamond, Richard Simmons60 min
    Season 1994Episode 108Patrick Stewart, Ryan Cobb, Melissa Etheridge60 min
    Season 1994Episode 109Tony Danza, Andres Cantor, Alexei Lalas60 min
    Season 1994Episode 110Tom Hanks, Toad the Wet Sprocket60 min
    Season 1994Episode 111Harry Connick, Jr., Michael Lomonaco, Pete Sampras, Catherine O'Hara60 min
    Season 1994Episode 112Buzz Aldrin, Susan Sarandon, Midnight Oil60 min
    Season 1994Episode 113Gary Sinise, Ricki Lake, Julio Iglesias60 min
    Season 1994Episode 114Arnold Schwarzenegger60 min
    Season 1994Episode 115John Kruk, Rob Reiner, Joan Jett60 min
    Season 1994Episode 116Thea Vidale, Martina Navratilova, Arrested Development60 min
    Season 1994Episode 117Jim Carrey, Tia Carrere, Lisa Loeb60 min
    Season 1994Episode 118Anthony LaPaglia, Martin Mull, Gin Blossoms, KISS60 min
    Season 1994Episode 119Jeff Altman, Tom Brokaw, Huey Lewis and the News60 min
    Season 1994Episode 120Bob Newhart, Rosie Perez, The Mavericks60 min
    Season 1994Episode 121Conan O'Brien, Jamie Lee Curtis60 min
    Season 1994Episode 122Damon Wayans, Kenny Rogers (baseball player), Jon Secada60 min
    Season 1994Episode 123Cameron Diaz, Stevie Nicks60 min
    Season 1994Episode 124Cybill Sheperd, Elayne Boosler, Dave Edmunds60 min
    Season 1994Episode 125Dennis Franz, Peter Cornell, Piedmont Bird Callers, The Beastie Boys60 min
    Season 1994Episode 126Adam Sandler, Jerry Van Dyke, Sheryl Crow60 min
    Season 1994Episode 127Celine Dion, Howard Stern60 min
    Season 1994Episode 128David Hyde Pierce, Peter Gabriel60 min
    Season 1994Episode 129Smothers Brothers, Harland Williams, Mykelti Williamson60 min
    Season 1994Episode 130Richard Lewis, Steve Buscemi, Joe Cocker60 min
    Season 1994Episode 131Andre Agassi, Charles Grodin60 min
    Season 1994Episode 132Alex Trebek, Tom Arnold, Wendy Liebman60 min
    Season 1994Episode 133Kirstie Alley, Neneh Cherry, Youssou N'dour60 min
    Season 1994Episode 134Bruce Willis, Dave Chappelle60 min
    Season 1994Episode 135Julie Brown, Frank Thomas, Crosby, Stills & Nash60 min
    Season 1994Episode 136Marv Albert, Whoopi Goldberg, Edie Brickell60 min
    Season 1994Episode 137Steven Wright, Harry Anderson, The Allman Brothers Band60 min
    Season 1994Episode 138Bob Einstein, Jonathan Estrada, The Black Crowes60 min
    Season 1994Episode 139Kathie Lee Gifford, Jack Hanna, Charlie Musselwhite60 min
    Season 1994Episode 140Ellen Barkin, Waylon Jennings60 min
    Season 1994Episode 141Kevin Kline, Lee Marek, Hootie and the Blowfish60 min
    Season 1994Episode 142Fran Drescher, Alan Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson60 min
    Season 1994Episode 143James Belushi, John Irving, Amy Grant60 min
    Season 1994Episode 144Roseanne Barr, Aretha Franklin60 min
    Season 1994Episode 145Marilu Henner, Paul Reiser, Dinosaur, Jr.60 min
    Season 1994Episode 146Ray Wold, Tom Petty60 min
    Season 1994Episode 147Jean-Claude Van Damme, Andre Agassi, Freedy Johnston60 min
    Season 1994Episode 148Emmitt Smith, John Ridley60 min
    Season 1994Episode 149Phoebe Cates, Nanci Griffith60 min
    Season 1994Episode 150Sandra Bullock, James Carville, Robbie Kondor, Marshall Crenshaw60 min
    Season 1994Episode 151Janeane Garofalo, Mary Tyler Moore, Chuck Berry60 min
    Season 1994Episode 152Mike Myers, John Michael Montgomery, Vendela60 min
    Season 1994Episode 153Dudley Moore, Yo-Yo Ma60 min
    Season 1994Episode 154Tim Robbins, Kevin Brennan, Crash Test Dummies60 min
    Season 1994Episode 155Bill Murray, Macaulay Culkin, John Popper60 min
    Season 1994Episode 156Sylvester Stallone, Mark Strausman, Public Enemy60 min
    Season 1994Episode 157Ellen DeGeneres, Dolly Parton60 min
    Season 1994Episode 158Sharon Stone, Margaret Cho, Carole King, Slash60 min
    Season 1994Episode 159Elle MacPherson, Mike Wallace, Faith Hill60 min
    Season 1994Episode 160Albert Brooks, Cynthia McFadden, Liz Phair60 min
    Season 1994Episode 161Kelsey Grammer, Anita Baker, Mario Andretti60 min
    Season 1994Episode 162Garry Shandling, Lyle Lovett60 min
    Season 1994Episode 163Bonnie Hunt, Mickey Rourke, Gary Suzuki & Soarin' Sam60 min
    Season 1994Episode 164Sarah Jessica Parker, Quentin Tarantino, Sammy Kershaw60 min
    Season 1994Episode 165Dan Rather, Mary Chapin Carpenter60 min
    Season 1994Episode 166Tim Allen, Tom Amberry, Live60 min
    Season 1994Episode 167John Travolta, Merrill Markoe, Barry Manilow60 min
    Season 1994Episode 168Bruce Willis, Garry Marshall, Boyz II Men60 min
    Season 1994Episode 169Kevin Bacon, Al Michaels, Clint Black60 min
    Season 1994Episode 170Roseanne Barr, Rosie O'Donnell, Tom Jones60 min
    Season 1994Episode 171Charles Grodin60 min
    Season 1994Episode 172Kurt Russell, Alan Zweibel, Tammy Wynette60 min
    Season 1994Episode 173Art Donovan, Julia Child, Mario Joyner60 min
    Season 1994Episode 174Kenneth Branagh, Mike Judge, The Go-Go's60 min
    Season 1994Episode 175Will Smith, Urge Overkill60 min
    Season 1994Episode 176David Hyde Pierce, George Carlin60 min
    Season 1994Episode 177Lauren Bacall, Steve Harvey, Sinéad O'Connor60 min
    Season 1994Episode 178Elijah Wood, David Brenner, Blues Traveler60 min
    Season 1994Episode 179Lily Tomlin, Sam Donaldson, Jesus & Mary Chain60 min
    Season 1994Episode 180Terry Bradshaw, Pauly Shore, INXS60 min
    Season 1994Episode 181Jon Stewart, Steffi Graf, Des'ree, Dick Dale60 min
    Season 1994Episode 182Jason Alexander, Barbara Walters, Barry White60 min
    Season 1994Episode 183Larry King, Chazz Palminteri, Sting60 min
    Season 1994Episode 184Glenn Close, James Spader, Robbie Robertson60 min
    Season 1994Episode 185Uma Thurman, Fyvush Finkel, The Cranberries60 min
    Season 1994Episode 186George Foreman, Brooke Shields, Carly Simon60 min
    Season 1994Episode 187Ricki Lake, Janine Turner, Santana60 min
    Season 1994Episode 188Richard Lewis, Linda Fiorentino, Melissa Etheridge60 min
    Season 1994Episode 189Emma Thompson, Sean Austin Jr., David Sanborn, Basia60 min
    Season 1994Episode 190Siskel & Ebert, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Megadeth60 min
    Season 1994Episode 191Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriela Sabatini, Tom Petty60 min
    Season 1994Episode 192Danny DeVito, Willard Scott, Vince Gill60 min
    Season 1994Episode 193Helen Hunt, Candlebox60 min
    Season 1994Episode 194Richard Simmons, Bryan Ferry60 min
    Season 1994Episode 195Jerry Van Dyke, The Black Crowes60 min
    Season 1994Episode 196Jon Lovitz, Natalie Portman, Luther Vandross60 min
    Season 1994Episode 197Roseanne Barr, Martin Lawrence, Brooks & Dunn60 min
    Season 1994Episode 198Wesley Snipes, Harry Connick, Jr.60 min
    Season 1994Episode 199Dana Carvey, Toad The Wet Sprocket60 min
    Season 1994Episode 200Michael Keaton, Nicholas Turturro, Vanessa Williams60 min
    Season 1994Episode 201Jim Carrey, Tracey Ullman60 min
    Season 1994Episode 202Kathie Lee Gifford, Prince60 min
    Season 1994Episode 203Kim Basinger, Jeff Daniels, Jon Secada60 min
    Season 1994Episode 204Michael J. Fox, Lonette McKee60 min
    Season 1994Episode 205Demi Moore, Jack Hanna, Stone Temple Pilots60 min
    Season 1994Episode 206Jean-Claude Van Damme, Wolfgang Puck, Tony Bennett60 min
    Season 1994Episode 207Tom Brokaw, Grant Hill, Aaron Neville60 min
    Season 1994Episode 208Dave Barry, Mary J. Blige60 min
    Season 1994Episode 209Gabriel Byrne, Harland Williams, Denfield Otto60 min
    Season 1994Episode 210Lauren Holly, Isabella Rossellini, Darlene Love60 min
    Season 1994Episode 211Paul Provenza, Bad Religion60 min
    Season 1994Episode 212Macaulay Culkin, Penn & Teller, Willie Nelson60 min
    Season 1994Episode 213Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jeff Foxworthy, Big Head Todd & The Monsters60 min
    Season 1994Episode 214Tony Randall, Mandy Patinkin, Sigourney Weaver60 min
    Season 1994Episode 215Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Attell, Phish60 min
    Season 1995Episode 1Connie Chung, Gary Oldman, The Tractors60 min
    Season 1995Episode 2William Shatner, John Leguizamo, The Band60 min
    Season 1995Episode 3Phil Hartman, Marv Albert, Rita Wilson60 min
    Season 1995Episode 4Sinbad, Helen Thomas, Iris DeMent60 min
    Season 1995Episode 5Tim Robbins, Bob Einstein60 min
    Season 1995Episode 6Bob Saget, Christian Slater, The Allman Brothers Band60 min
    Season 1995Episode 7Alec Baldwin, Elle MacPherson, Warren G.60 min
    Season 1995Episode 8Anthony Clark, Art Donovan, Aidan Quinn60 min
    Season 1995Episode 9Rosie Perez, David Spade, Collective Soul60 min
    Season 1995Episode 10Susan Sarandon, Mark Messier, Al Green60 min
    Season 1995Episode 11Bill Cosby, Pat Metheny, Spin Doctors60 min
    Season 1995Episode 12Laurence Fishburne, Bobby Tessel, Tom Jones60 min
    Season 1995Episode 13Steve Harvey, Pete Droge60 min
    Season 1995Episode 14Ellen Barkin, Michelle Shocked, Hothouse Flowers60 min
    Season 1995Episode 15Mike Myers, Courteney Cox, Placido Domingo60 min
    Season 1995Episode 16Kelsey Grammer, Ken Norton Jr., Mary Chapin Carpenter60 min
    Season 1995Episode 17Jay Thomas, Martha Stewart, Simple Minds60 min
    Season 1995Episode 18Sarah Jessica Parker, Corbin Bernsen, Lari White60 min
    Season 1995Episode 19Drew Barrymore, Megadeth60 min
    Season 1995Episode 20Bob Dole, Mary-Louise Parker, Pam Tillis60 min
    Season 1995Episode 21Sally Field, Rosanne Cash60 min
    Season 1995Episode 22Charles Grodin, Mike Hoban, Crash Test Dummies60 min
    Season 1995Episode 23Kevin Pollak, David Brenner, Brandy Norwood60 min
    Season 1995Episode 24Adam Sandler, Steve Young, Delbert McClinton, Hootie and the Blowfish60 min
    Season 1995Episode 25John Goodman, Heather Locklear60 min
    Season 1995Episode 26Fran Drescher, Grant Hill, Trisha Yearwood60 min
    Season 1995Episode 27Richard Simmons, Carsten Froilich, Donna Summer60 min
    Season 1995Episode 28Mary Tyler Moore, Chazz Palminteri, Patty Smyth60 min
    Season 1995Episode 29Siskel & Ebert, Chico Scimone60 min
    Season 1995Episode 30Norm Macdonald, Andre Agassi60 min
    Season 1995Episode 31John Travolta, Brett Butler, Richie Sambora60 min
    Season 1995Episode 32George Clooney, Kelsi Copier, Lorrie Morgan60 min
    Season 1995Episode 33Cybill Shepherd, Gary Sinise, Wendy Liebman, Jimmie Vaughan60 min
    Season 1995Episode 34Rosie O'Donnell, Michael McKean, David Byrne60 min
    Season 1995Episode 35Helen Hunt, Jean-Louis Palladin, Dave Matthews Band60 min
    Season 1995Episode 36Joan Lunden, Jerry Lewis, Bobby Tessel, Herbie Hancock60 min
    Season 1995Episode 37Chevy Chase, Brad Boudreau, The Jayhawks60 min
    Season 1995Episode 38John Goodman, Nicholas Turturro, Peter Falk, Ricky Skaggs, The Chieftains60 min
    Season 1995Episode 39Aileen Hatch, Lou Reed, David A. Stewart, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell60 min
    Season 1995Episode 40Phoebe Cates, George Wendt, Bush60 min
    Season 1995Episode 41Jerry Van Dyke, Dianne Wiest, Mike + The Mechanics60 min
    Season 1995Episode 42Bill Cosby, Luke Perry, Tito Puente, Arturo Sandoval60 min
    Season 1995Episode 43Tom Brokaw, Kate Capshaw60 min
    Season 1995Episode 44John Turturro, Oasis60 min
    Season 1995Episode 45Brooke Shields, Lee Marek, The Flaming Lips60 min
    Season 1995Episode 46Matthew Broderick, Gloria Estefan, Bev Tanner60 min
    Season 1995Episode 47Paul Reiser, Halle Berry, Des'ree60 min
    Season 1995Episode 48Jeff Daniels, Jon Stewart, Joe Cocker60 min
    Season 1995Episode 49Will Smith, David Spade, Vince Gill60 min
    Season 1995Episode 50Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Linda Ronstadt60 min
    Season 1995Episode 51Chris Farley, Brian Harrington & Buddy, Doc Severinsen, Stevie Wonder60 min
    Season 1995Episode 52Martin Lawrence, Elle MacPherson, John Mayall, Belly60 min
    Season 1995Episode 53Dolly Parton, Dave Chappelle, Rebecca Lobo, The Ashton Family60 min
    Season 1995Episode 54Bryant Gumbel, Bruce Springsteen60 min
    Season 1995Episode 55Richard Lewis, Minnie Driver, Soul Asylum60 min
    Season 1995Episode 56Glenn Close, Pauly Shore, Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel, Duran Duran60 min
    Season 1995Episode 57Faye Dunaway, Wolfgang Puck, Barry Manilow60 min
    Season 1995Episode 58Robert Pastorelli, Ellen Cleghorne, John Michael Montgomery60 min
    Season 1995Episode 59Drew Barrymore, Al Franken, Placido Domingo60 min
    Season 1995Episode 60Bob Costas, Penn & Teller, Jeff Ross, Béla Fleck60 min
    Season 1995Episode 61Tim Roth, Claudia Schiffer, Slash60 min
    Season 1995Episode 62Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Berlin, Ram Pathak, Tanya Tucker60 min
    Season 1995Episode 63Don Rickles, Laurie Metcalf, Aaron Neville60 min
    Season 1995Episode 64Sandra Bullock, Louis C.K.60 min
    Season 1995Episode 65Nicolas Cage, Lisa Kudrow, Blues Traveler60 min
    Season 1995Episode 66Kevin Kline, Sponge60 min
    Season 1995Episode 67Anjelica Huston, Mark Lehner, Joni Mitchell60 min
    Season 1995Episode 68Peter Gallagher, Tony Randall, Collective Soul60 min
    Season 1995Episode 69Kathie Lee Gifford, David Copperfield60 min
    Season 1995Episode 70Michael J. Fox, Justin Miller, Anita Baker60 min
    Season 1995Episode 71Penelope Ann Miller, John Starks, Juliana "Jules" Hatfield, Evan Dando60 min
    Season 1995Episode 72Marilu Henner, Mario Van Peebles, The Highwaymen60 min
    Season 1995Episode 73Angela Lansbury, Elizabeth Hurley, Lou Reed60 min
    Season 1995Episode 74Sinbad, Harry Connick Jr.60 min
    Season 1995Episode 75Bruno Kirby, Jake Johannsen, Carly Simon60 min
    Season 1995Episode 76Marisa Tomei, Jeremy Irons, Hootie and the Blowfish60 min
    Season 1995Episode 77Jimmy Smits, Andrei Codrescu, Terence Trent D'Arby60 min
    Season 1995Episode 78Brett Butler, Bronson Pinchot, Joe Diffie60 min
    Season 1995Episode 79Bruce Willis, Wynton Marsalis60 min
    Season 1995Episode 80Hugh Grant, Martin Scorsese, Dionne Farris60 min
    Season 1995Episode 81Martin Short, Julianna Margulies60 min
    Season 1995Episode 82Elton John60 min
    Season 1995Episode 83Pierce Brosnan, Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders, Elvis Costello, Little Richard, Chuck Berry60 min
    Season 1995Episode 84Sinéad O'Connor, Van Morrison, The Chieftains60 min
    Season 1995Episode 85David Duchovny, Jamie Lee Curtis, Mary Chapin Carpenter60 min
    Season 1995Episode 86Meg Ryan, Annie Lennox60 min
    Season 1995Episode 87Drew Barrymore, Martin Mull, Better Than Ezra60 min
    Season 1995Episode 88Mel Gibson, Ray Romano60 min
    Season 1995Episode 89Billy Crystal, Matthew Sweet60 min
    Season 1995Episode 90Amy Brenneman, Clint Black, Ringo Starr60 min
    Season 1995Episode 91Sarah Jessica Parker, Norm Macdonald, Elastica60 min
    Season 1995Episode 92Nicole Kidman, Jose Carreras60 min
    Season 1995Episode 93David Brenner, Jacques Villenueve60 min
    Season 1995Episode 94Jon Stewart, Cathy Moriarty60 min
    Season 1995Episode 95Mike Myers, Paula Poundstone, Seal60 min
    Season 1995Episode 96Jay Thomas, Pam Hiatt, Soul Asylum60 min
    Season 1995Episode 97Teri Garr, Chris O'Donnell, Branford Marsalis, Buckshot LaFonque60 min
    Season 1995Episode 98Anthony Quinn, Robert Conrad, Dennis Rodman, Stephen Stills60 min
    Season 1995Episode 99Dan Rather, Steven Wright, Stephen Stills60 min
    Season 1995Episode 100Bill Cosby, Robert Horry60 min
    Season 1995Episode 101Jerry Lewis, Bill Bradley, Primus60 min
    Season 1995Episode 102Alan King, The Rembrandts60 min
    Season 1995Episode 103Bob Saget, Hakeem Olajuwon, Trisha Yearwood60 min
    Season 1995Episode 104Karen Silas, Tony Bennett60 min
    Season 1995Episode 105Anthony Edwards, Linda Evangelista, Jonathan Katz60 min
    Season 1995Episode 106Richard Simmons, R.E.M.60 min
    Season 1995Episode 107Jerry Van Dyke, Diane Lane, Warren Zevon60 min
    Season 1995Episode 108Ron Howard, Alison Krauss60 min
    Season 1995Episode 109Larry King, Rob Schnieder, A.J. Croce60 min
    Season 1995Episode 110Tom Hanks, Van Morrison60 min
    Season 1995Episode 111Noah Wyle, Bob Einstein, Isaac Hayes60 min
    Season 1995Episode 112Tom Arnold, Christy Turlington, Joan Osborne60 min
    Season 1995Episode 113Tom Brokaw, Penn & Teller60 min
    Season 1995Episode 114Charles Grodin, Kathleen Quinlan, Dave Matthews Band60 min
    Season 1995Episode 115Kevin Bacon, Pete Sampras, Phish60 min
    Season 1995Episode 116Siskel & Ebert, White Zombie60 min
    Season 1995Episode 117Matthew Perry, Alicia Silverstone, Cyndi Lauper60 min
    Season 1995Episode 118Chevy Chase, Claire Danes, Luscious Jackson60 min
    Season 1995Episode 119Hugh Grant, Griffin McCurry, Reba McEntire60 min
    Season 1995Episode 120Mary Tyler Moore, Julianna Margulies60 min
    Season 1995Episode 121Julia Roberts, Peter Smith McNeeley, Clarence Clemons60 min
    Season 1995Episode 122Kevin Costner, Anthony Clark, Amy Grant60 min
    Season 1995Episode 123Brooke Shields, Ray Liotta, Natalie Merchant60 min
    Season 1995Episode 124David Schwimmer, Bon Jovi60 min
    Season 1995Episode 125Sandra Bullock, Gin Blossoms60 min
    Season 1995Episode 126Dennis Franz, Greer Barnes, Bruce Hornsby60 min
    Season 1995Episode 127Nathan Lane, Jack Hanna, Lyle Lovett60 min
    Season 1995Episode 128Rosie O'Donnell, Jimmy Buffett60 min
    Season 1995Episode 129Bob Uecker, Mary Ann Dennis, Roger Clinton60 min
    Season 1995Episode 130Bill Pullman, Gregg Allman60 min
    Season 1995Episode 131Martin Mull, Weezer60 min
    Season 1995Episode 132David Hyde Pierce, Patricia Arquette, The Cranberries60 min
    Season 1995Episode 133Steve Harvey, John Kruk, Junior Brown60 min
    Season 1995Episode 134Dan Rather, Christopher Walken, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers60 min
    Season 1995Episode 135Bruno Kirby, Harmony Korine, Van Halen60 min
    Season 1995Episode 136Monica Seles, Wayne Cotter60 min
    Season 1995Episode 137Kelsey Grammer, Scott Bakula, Foo Fighters60 min
    Season 1995Episode 138Willie Nelson, Sonny Bono60 min
    Season 1995Episode 139Isabella Rossellini, Melanie Mayron, Bjork60 min
    Season 1995Episode 140David Brenner, George Perrier, Alanis Morissette60 min
    Season 1995Episode 141Bill Cosby, Clive Barker, Lee Roy Parnell60 min
    Season 1995Episode 142Kevin Spacey, Jeff Foxworthy, Collective Soul60 min
    Season 1995Episode 143Janeane Garofalo, Tom Snyder, Faith Hill60 min
    Season 1995Episode 144Kevin Pollak, Charlton Heston, Hootie and the Blowfish60 min
    Season 1995Episode 145Tim Allen, Kerry Hutchison, Annie Lennox60 min
    Season 1995Episode 146Wesley Snipes, Frederique Van Der Wal, Lenny Kravitz60 min
    Season 1995Episode 147Jon Lovitz, Daniel Boulud, PJ Harvey60 min
    Season 1995Episode 148Andie MacDowell, Lorrie Morgan60 min
    Season 1995Episode 149Fran Drescher, Elizabeth Berkley60 min
    Season 1995Episode 150Garry Marshall, Diana Ross60 min
    Season 1995Episode 151Bonnie Hunt, Cyndi Lauper60 min
    Season 1995Episode 152Mariel Hemingway, Terry Bradshaw, Tracy Byrd60 min
    Season 1995Episode 153Thomas Haden Church, Dr. Ruth Westheimer60 min
    Season 1995Episode 154Fisher Stevens, Marv Albert, Kathleen Madigan60 min
    Season 1995Episode 155Courteney Cox, Bill Maher, Blind Melon60 min
    Season 1995Episode 156Mary Tyler Moore, Gina Gershon, Doc Severinsen, Sonic Youth60 min
    Season 1995Episode 157Tony Danza, Anthony Smith, The Delaria Sisters, Doc Severinsen, David Bowie60 min
    Season 1995Episode 158Ellen Cleghorne, George Carlin, Melissa Etheridge60 min
    Season 1995Episode 159Harland Williams, Jennifer Beals, Shaquille O'Neal60 min
    Season 1995Episode 160Uma Thurman, Wendy Wilson, Brian Wilson60 min
    Season 1995Episode 161Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Elliott, Trisha Yearwood60 min
    Season 1995Episode 162Mandy Patinkin, Andy Dick, Shania Twain60 min
    Season 1995Episode 163Phil Hartman, Julianne Moore, Candlebox60 min
    Season 1995Episode 164Chazz Palminteri, Nancy Travis, Brian Regan, Herbie Hancock60 min
    Season 1995Episode 165Benjamin C. Bradlee, k.d. lang60 min
    Season 1995Episode 166Helen Hunt, Blues Traveler60 min
    Season 1995Episode 167Cybill Shepherd, Joe Montana, Joan Osborne60 min
    Season 1995Episode 168Laura Dern, Richard Simmons, The Mavericks60 min
    Season 1995Episode 169Shannen Doherty, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rusted Root60 min
    Season 1995Episode 170Lisa Kudrow, William Shatner, Oasis60 min
    Season 1995Episode 171Sparky Mortimer, Steely Dan60 min
    Season 1995Episode 172Matthew Perry, John Witherspoon, Alan Jackson60 min
    Season 1995Episode 173Mia Farrow, Norm Macdonald, Bonnie Raitt, John Raitt60 min
    Season 1995Episode 174Jennifer Aniston, Richard Harris, Salt-n-Pepa60 min
    Season 1995Episode 175Eddie Murphy, Mike Rappaport, John Hiatt60 min
    Season 1995Episode 176John Goodman, Harry Connick Jr., Darrell Hammond60 min
    Season 1995Episode 177Carol Burnett, David Copperfield60 min
    Season 1995Episode 178Jon Stewart, Deion Sanders, Take That60 min
    Season 1995Episode 179Claire Danes, Cindy Crawford, David Justice, UB4060 min
    Season 1995Episode 180Robert Downey Jr., Steffi Graf, Rickie Lee Jones60 min
    Season 1995Episode 181Ricki Lake, Al D'Amato, The Pretenders60 min
    Season 1995Episode 182John Goodman, Riddick Bowe, Arsenio Hall60 min
    Season 1995Episode 183Danny DeVito, Brett Butler60 min
    Season 1995Episode 184Ellen DeGeneres, Demi Moore, Green Day60 min
    Season 1995Episode 185Bruce Willis, Heather Locklear, Red Hot Chili Peppers60 min
    Season 1995Episode 186David Duchovny, Jerry Seinfeld, Bonnie Raitt, Bryan Adams60 min
    Season 1995Episode 187Bill Murray, Mike Rappaport, Chynna Phillips60 min
    Season 1995Episode 188Bill Cosby, Randy Newman60 min
    Season 1995Episode 189Martin Mull, Elton John60 min
    Season 1995Episode 190Sean Penn, Barbara Walters, Meat Loaf60 min
    Season 1995Episode 191Rosie O'Donnell, Gabriel Byrne, The Presidents Of The United States Of America60 min
    Season 1995Episode 192Richard Lewis, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Alison Krauss60 min
    Season 1995Episode 193Michael J. Fox, Christine Baranski, Hootie and the Blowfish60 min
    Season 1995Episode 194Jason Priestley, Lee Marek, Lisa Loeb60 min
    Season 1995Episode 195John Goodman, George Clooney, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Luke Martin, Helen Turkett60 min
    Season 1995Episode 196Jeff Bridges, Al Yaganeh, LL Cool J60 min
    Season 1995Episode 197Laurence Fishburne, Tim McGraw60 min
    Season 1995Episode 198Matt LeBlanc, Sam Donaldson, The Indigo Girls60 min
    Season 1995Episode 199Andy Garcia, Merrill Markoe, Tracy Chapman60 min
    Season 1995Episode 200Ellen Barkin, Jeff Gordon, Tony Bennett60 min
    Season 1995Episode 201Steve Martin, Kenneth Branagh60 min
    Season 1995Episode 202Bob Hoskins, Martha Stewart, Al Green60 min
    Season 1995Episode 203Jean Claude Van Damme, Kirstin Dunst, Michael Bolton60 min
    Season 1995Episode 204Martin Short, Bev Tanner, The Dave Matthews Band60 min
    Season 1995Episode 205Harrison Ford, Bonnie Hunt, Bruce Springsteen60 min
    Season 1995Episode 206Greg Kinnear, Janeane Garofalo, White Zombie60 min
    Season 1995Episode 207Kathie Lee Gifford, Aaron Neville60 min
    Season 1995Episode 208Jack Lemmon, Natalie Merchant60 min
    Season 1995Episode 209Howard Stern, Melissa Etheridge60 min
    Season 1995Episode 210Geena Davis, Goo Goo Dolls60 min
    Season 1995Episode 211Rosie O'Donnell, Mike Judge, Darlene Love60 min
    Season 1995Episode 212Stupid Human Tricks, Julianna Margulies, Del Amitri60 min
    Season 1995Episode 213Mandy Patinkin, Terry Gilliam60 min
    Season 1995Episode 214Robin Williams, Lauren Hutton, Chris Isaak60 min
    Season 1995Episode 215Susan Sarandon, Drew Carey60 min
    Season 1996Episode 1Lisa Kudrow, Art Donovan, Blues Traveler60 min
    Season 1996Episode 2Chevy Chase, Marv Albert, Bruce Hornsby60 min
    Season 1996Episode 3Tom Brokaw, Greg Fitzsimmons, Faith Hill60 min
    Season 1996Episode 4Denis Leary, Bridget Hall, Toad the Wet Sprocket60 min
    Season 1996Episode 5Sam Neill, Itzhak Perlman60 min
    Season 1996Episode 6Pauly Shore, Ashley Judd60 min
    Season 1996Episode 7Sandra Bullock, Marlon Wayans, Laurence Tai60 min
    Season 1996Episode 8Jason Alexander, Elisabeth Shue60 min
    Season 1996Episode 9Tim Robbins, Justin Wilson, Martina McBride, Norm Macdonald60 min
    Season 1996Episode 10David Brenner, B.B. King60 min
    Season 1996Episode 11Mia Farrow, Martin Scorcese, Brandy60 min
    Season 1996Episode 12Don Rickles, Mary Stuart Masterson, Joe Ely & Todd Snider60 min
    Season 1996Episode 13Matt Dillon, Reggie Miller, Pam Tillis60 min
    Season 1996Episode 14Conan O'Brien, Mira Sorvino, Seven Mary Three60 min
    Season 1996Episode 15Richard Simmons, Christine Lahti, Nanci Griffith & the Crickets60 min
    Season 1996Episode 16Jay Thomas, Larry Miller60 min
    Season 1996Episode 17Elle MacPherson, David Spade, D'Angelo60 min
    Season 1996Episode 18Alec Baldwin, Dwight Yoakam, Natalie Portman60 min
    Season 1996Episode 19Cybill Sheperd, Al Franken, Sati Achath60 min
    Season 1996Episode 20Jack Hanna, Tammy Faye Messner, Aimee Mann60 min
    Season 1996Episode 21Joan Collins, Robert Downey Jr., Jean Louisa Kelly60 min
    Season 1996Episode 22Chuck Norris, Samantha Mathis60 min
    Season 1996Episode 23Stupid Pet Tricks, Ray Liotta, Soul Asylum60 min
    Season 1996Episode 24Uma Thurman, Norm Macdonald, Ramones60 min
    Season 1996Episode 25Chris Farley, Gin Blossoms, Joe & Mary Graziano60 min
    Season 1996Episode 26Adam Sandler, Jackie Chan, Red Hot Chili Peppers60 min
    Season 1996Episode 27Siskel & Ebert, Neil Diamond, Brandy (the dog)60 min
    Season 1996Episode 28Tom Arnold, Joan Allen, Lenny Kravitz60 min
    Season 1996Episode 29Teri Hatcher, Jon Stewart60 min
    Season 1996Episode 30Kathie Lee Gifford, Gillian Anderson, Cecilia Bartoli60 min
    Season 1996Episode 31Julia Roberts, James Brown60 min
    Season 1996Episode 32Larry King, Wynonna60 min
    Season 1996Episode 33Joan Lunden, Cheri Oteri, Lou Reed60 min
    Season 1996Episode 34Kid Inventors, Sherry Stringfield, Don Henley60 min
    Season 1996Episode 35Fran Drescher, Shania Twain, George Miller60 min
    Season 1996Episode 36Dennis Hopper, Dave Chapelle, Pete Droge60 min
    Season 1996Episode 37Susan Sarandon, Rob Schneider, Mike Dahm60 min
    Season 1996Episode 38Kelsey Grammer, Victoria Abril, Allman Brothers60 min
    Season 1996Episode 39Robin Williams, Patsy Kensit, Spacehog60 min
    Season 1996Episode 40Sarah Jessica Parker, Treat Williams, Cowboy Junkies60 min
    Season 1996Episode 41Nathan Lane, Steven Wright, Jann Arden60 min
    Season 1996Episode 42Stupid Human Tricks, Mira Sorvino, k.d. Lang60 min
    Season 1996Episode 43Dan Rather, Bonnie Hunt, The Tony Rich Project60 min
    Season 1996Episode 44Dana Carvey, Riverdance60 min
    Season 1996Episode 45Ricki Lake, William Shatner, Ray Romano60 min
    Season 1996Episode 46Mandy Patinkin, Tea Leoni, Collective Soul60 min
    Season 1996Episode 47Barbara Walters, Halle Berry, Ray Charles60 min
    Season 1996Episode 48Phil Hartman, Rose Hamburger, The Band60 min
    Season 1996Episode 49George Foreman, Naomi Campbell, Tim McGraw60 min
    Season 1996Episode 50Don Johnson, Michelle Kwan, No Doubt60 min
    Season 1996Episode 51Nick Turturro, Jenny McCarthy, Stone Temple Pilots60 min
    Season 1996Episode 52Mary Tyler Moore, Anna Paquin, Mark Knopfler60 min
    Season 1996Episode 53Bill Cosby, Anfernee Hardaway, Ray Wold60 min
    Season 1996Episode 54Elle MacPherson, Hank Azaria, Cassandra Wilson60 min
    Season 1996Episode 55Bill Maher, Michael Lomanaco, Jackson Browne60 min
    Season 1996Episode 56David Hyde Pierce, Scott Thompson, Pulp60 min
    Season 1996Episode 57Robert Duvall, Amy Brenneman, Tori Amos60 min
    Season 1996Episode 58Tony Danza, Lucy Lawless, R. Kelly60 min
    Season 1996Episode 59Dan Aykroyd, Louis C.K., Sting60 min
    Season 1996Episode 60Luciano Pavarotti & Michael Bolton, David Schwimmer, Cynthia Rowley60 min
    Season 1996Episode 61Tom Brokaw, Blue, Rosanne Cash60 min
    Season 1996Episode 62Joan Lunden, Nick Faldo, Jewel60 min
    Season 1996Episode 63Mia Farrow, Janeane Garofalo, Hootie & the Blowfish60 min
    Season 1996Episode 64Samuel Jackson, Jeff Altman, Los Lobos60 min
    Season 1996Episode 65Kids Telling Jokes, Chazz Palminteri, Celine Dion60 min
    Season 1996Episode 66Dana Carvey, Robin Quivers, Afghan Wigs60 min
    Season 1996Episode 67Regis Philbin, Dave's Mom, Peter Berg60 min
    Season 1996Episode 68Barbara Walters, Anthony Clark, Van Morrison60 min
    Season 1996Episode 69Jeff Goldblum, James Carville, Brooks & Dunn60 min
    Season 1996Episode 70John Malkovich, Jake Johannsen, Pete Townshend60 min
    Season 1996Episode 71Rosie O'Donnell, Gwyneth Paltrow, Everclear60 min
    Season 1996Episode 72Tom Hanks, Steve Young60 min
    Season 1996Episode 73Paul Reiser, Jane Seymour, Keanu Reeves & Dogstar60 min
    Season 1996Episode 74Stupid Pet Tricks, Dean Cain, Elvis Costello60 min
    Season 1996Episode 75Eddie Murphy, Paul Doherty, Green Day60 min
    Season 1996Episode 76Don Johnson, Jeremiah Tower, Alice in Chains60 min
    Season 1996Episode 77Anjelica Huston, Paul Hogan, Natalie Merchant60 min
    Season 1996Episode 78Jon Stewart, Kirstin Dunst, Dog's Eye View60 min
    Season 1996Episode 79Jeff Foxworthy, Flyball Dogs, Joan Osborne60 min
    Season 1996Episode 80Walter Cronkite, Harry Hill, Spin Doctors60 min
    Season 1996Episode 81Helen Hunt, Dave Matthews Band60 min
    Season 1996Episode 82Fran Drescher, Brian Regan, Joan Jett60 min
    Season 1996Episode 83John Goodman, Norm Macdonald, Patty Loveless60 min
    Season 1996Episode 84Stupid Human Tricks, Brett Butler, Al Green60 min
    Season 1996Episode 85Leslie Nielsen, Daphne Zuniga, Bring in Da Funk60 min
    Season 1996Episode 86Kid Inventors, Dennis Quaid, Seven Mary Three60 min
    Season 1996Episode 87Martin Short, Jimmy Vassar, Bryan Adams60 min
    Season 1996Episode 88Nathan Lane, Daisy Fuentes, Mitch Fantel60 min
    Season 1996Episode 89Diana Ross, George Wallace60 min
    Season 1996Episode 90Matthew Broderick, Kim Delaney, Rent60 min
    Season 1996Episode 91Rosie O'Donnell, Heather Matarazzo, Cracker60 min
    Season 1996Episode 92Siskel & Ebert, Andrew Shue, Dana Gould60 min
    Season 1996Episode 93Dennis Franz, Joe Queenan, Gloria Estefan60 min
    Season 1996Episode 94Ben Stiller, Liv Tyler, Douglas Rodriguez60 min
    Season 1996Episode 95Danny Glover, Bobby Maley, Joey Kola60 min
    Season 1996Episode 96Kelsey Grammer, Amber Valletta, Ozzy Osborne60 min
    Season 1996Episode 97Vanessa Williams, Jonathan Silverman, Lucile Treganowan60 min
    Season 1996Episode 98Sarah Jessica Parker, Marv Albert, Lyle Lovett60 min
    Season 1996Episode 99James Caan, Julie White, Patti Smith60 min
    Season 1996Episode 100Pauly Shore, Gena Lee Nolin, Vince Gill60 min
    Season 1996Episode 101John Travolta, John Sayles, The Presidents of the United States of America60 min
    Season 1996Episode 102Conan O'Brien, Eleanor Mondale, Blues Traveler60 min
    Season 1996Episode 103Bruce Willis, Christine Wilson, Jimmy Buffet60 min
    Season 1996Episode 104Jerry Van Dyke, Luke Perry, Fugees60 min
    Season 1996Episode 105Cher, Shaquille O'Neal60 min
    Season 1996Episode 106Michael Keaton, Ving Rhames, Goo Goo Dolls60 min
    Season 1996Episode 107Harry Connick, Jr., Josie Bisset60 min
    Season 1996Episode 108Will Smith, Demi Moore60 min
    Season 1996Episode 109Jeff Goldblum, Jonathan Katz, George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars60 min
    Season 1996Episode 110Kids Tell Jokes, Dan O'Brian, Brian Setzer Orchestra60 min
    Season 1996Episode 111Randy Quaid, Sheryl Swoopes, The Cure60 min
    Season 1996Episode 112Scottie Pippen, Prince, George Miller60 min
    Season 1996Episode 113Bill Pullman, JoAnn Ussery, Willie Nelson60 min
    Season 1996Episode 114Jack Hanna, Brent Spiner, Charlie Watts60 min
    Season 1996Episode 115Meg Ryan, Shaolin Monks, Garbage60 min
    Season 1996Episode 116Bill Murray, MaliVai Washington, Wallflowers60 min
    Season 1996Episode 117Margaret Colin, Lou Diamond Phillips, Wali Collins60 min
    Season 1996Episode 118Laurence Fishburne, Lea Thompson, Me'Shell Ndegeocello60 min
    Season 1996Episode 119Michael J. Fox, Shelly Moquin, Travis Tritt & Marty Stuart60 min
    Season 1996Episode 120Andie MacDowell, Bob Woodward, Paul Westerberg60 min
    Season 1996Episode 121David Duchovny, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Sponge60 min
    Season 1996Episode 122Danny DeVito, Amy VanDyken, Hootie & the Blowfish60 min
    Season 1996Episode 123Rhea Perlman, Dot Richardson, Reggie McFadden60 min
    Season 1996Episode 124Michael Johnson, Tom Arnold, Tracy Chapman60 min
    Season 1996Episode 125Dennis Miller, Mia Hamm, Butthole Surfers60 min
    Season 1996Episode 126Dennis Hopper, Cheech Marin, Sex Pistols60 min
    Season 1996Episode 127Richard Simmons, Jerry O'Connell, Lionel Richie60 min
    Season 1996Episode 128Kevin Pollak, Diane Lane, Randy Travis60 min
    Season 1996Episode 129Ellen Barkin, Jackie Chan, Patti Rothberg60 min
    Season 1996Episode 130Dwight Gooden, Tom Selleck, George Jones60 min
    Season 1996Episode 131Mike Wallace, Tom Dolan, Dave Attell60 min
    Season 1996Episode 132Marilu Henner, Alex Rodriguez, J.R. Havlen60 min
    Season 1996Episode 133Dennis Rodman, Susan Molinari, Neville Brothers60 min
    Season 1996Episode 134Angie Everhart, Mario Van Peebles, Beach Boys60 min
    Season 1996Episode 135James Carville, Ed Burns, Melissa Etheridge60 min
    Season 1996Episode 136Nathan Lane, Mara Wilson60 min
    Season 1996Episode 137Chuck Norris, Anthony Clark, Jewel60 min
    Season 1996Episode 138Mira Sorvino, Vincent Perez, Beck60 min
    Season 1996Episode 139Whoopi Goldberg, Al Franken, Colonel Ron Severson60 min
    Season 1996Episode 140Adam Sandler, David Cone, LeAnn Rimes60 min
    Season 1996Episode 141Bill Cosby, Brian Williams, No Doubt60 min
    Season 1996Episode 142Jamie Lee Curtis, Pete Sampras, John Mellencamp60 min
    Season 1996Episode 143Jon Stewart, Marv Albert, Cranberries60 min
    Season 1996Episode 144Cybill Sheperd, Carl Coccilone, Ray Romano60 min
    Season 1996Episode 145Tom Brokaw, Natasha Henstridge, Fan Yang60 min
    Season 1996Episode 146John McEnroe, Illeana Douglas, 31160 min
    Season 1996Episode 147Tim Allen, Tyson Koenig, Suzanne Vega60 min
    Season 1996Episode 148Fran Drescher, Jesse Jackson, Travis Tritt60 min
    Season 1996Episode 149Bill Cosby, Kin-Jin Mark, A Tribe Called Quest60 min
    Season 1996Episode 150Goldie Hawn, Louie C.K.60 min
    Season 1996Episode 151Stupid Pet Tricks, Drew Barrymore, Tony Avena, Pearl Jam60 min
    Season 1996Episode 152Sarah Jessica Parker, Andy Richter, Darrell Hammond60 min
    Season 1996Episode 153Ellen DeGeneres, Stephen King, Trisha Yearwood60 min
    Season 1996Episode 154William Baldwin, Jeff Gordon, Vince Gill60 min
    Season 1996Episode 155Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Berkley, Donna Lewis60 min
    Season 1996Episode 156Kirstie Alley, Matthew Broderick60 min
    Season 1996Episode 157Ricki Lake, Gillian Anderson, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers60 min
    Season 1996Episode 158Tom Hanks, Gina Gershon, Riverdance60 min
    Season 1996Episode 159Val Kilmer, Nicole Sullivan, ZZ Top60 min
    Season 1996Episode 160Julie Andrews, "Pee Wee" Scheidt, Dave Matthews Band60 min
    Season 1996Episode 161Wayne Gretzky, Jonathan Silverman, Tori Amos60 min
    Season 1996Episode 162Michael J. Fox, Jeanne Moreau, Ray Davies60 min
    Season 1996Episode 163Sam Donaldson, Spike Lee, Clint Black60 min
    Season 1996Episode 164Samuel L. Jackson, Leela Rashon, Midnight Oil60 min
    Season 1996Episode 165Geena Davis, Peter Gallagher, Andy Kindler60 min
    Season 1996Episode 166George Foreman, Tom Everett Scott, Shawn Colvin60 min
    Season 1996Episode 167Cindy Crawford, Jack Hanna, Lyle Lovett60 min
    Season 1996Episode 168Rosie O'Donnell, Jon Favreau, Sheryl Crow60 min
    Season 1996Episode 169Jon Lovitz, Ken Olin, Enrique Iglesias60 min
    Season 1996Episode 170Ted Danson, Claire Danes, Phil Collins60 min
    Season 1996Episode 171Jimmy Smits, John Leguizamo, Brian Regan60 min
    Season 1996Episode 172Joe Torre, Don Rickles, The Heads60 min
    Season 1996Episode 173George Steinbrenner, Jeremy Piven, Chris Isaak60 min
    Season 1996Episode 174Isabella Rossellini, Garry Marshall, Bryn Terfel60 min
    Season 1996Episode 175Jeff Foxworthy, Naomi Campbell, Jake Johannsen60 min
    Season 1996Episode 176Stupid Human Tricks, Dana Carvey, Steven Wright60 min
    Season 1996Episode 177Mel Gibson, Christine Lahti, Joni Mitchell60 min
    Season 1996Episode 178Marisa Tomei, James Carville, John Michael Montgomery60 min
    Season 1996Episode 179Brett Butler, Gary Sinise, Bob McCoy60 min
    Season 1996Episode 180Bob Dole, Ted Koppel, Mary Chapin Carpenter60 min
    Season 1996Episode 181Jeff Bridges, Diane Sawyer, Bryan White60 min
    Season 1996Episode 182Marilu Henner, Kristin Scott Thomas, Alan Jackson60 min
    Season 1996Episode 183Ron Howard, Patrick Ewing, Gene Catron60 min
    Season 1996Episode 184Tony Randall, Wendy Liebman, Helena Bonham Carter60 min
    Season 1996Episode 185Stupid Pet Tricks, Anthony Edwards, Natalie Cole60 min
    Season 1996Episode 186Sarah Ferguson, Derek Jeter, Reba McEntire60 min
    Season 1996Episode 187Heather Locklear, Sinbad, Tony Toni Tone60 min
    Season 1996Episode 188Glenn Close, Marc Maron, Eriq LaSalle60 min
    Season 1996Episode 189Phil Hartman, Bob Costas, Luther Vandross60 min
    Season 1996Episode 190Kid Inventors, Will Smith, Jimmy Buffett60 min
    Season 1996Episode 191Lisa Kudrow, Delroy Lindo, Wynonna60 min
    Season 1996Episode 192Jeff Daniels, Dolly Parton60 min
    Season 1996Episode 193Martin Short, Scott Bryan, Rita Wilson60 min
    Season 1996Episode 194Lea Thompson, Natalie Portman, Stone Temple Pilots60 min
    Season 1996Episode 195Teri Hatcher, Brent Spiner, Luscious Jackson60 min
    Season 1996Episode 196John Cleese, Martha Stewart, David Copperfield60 min
    Season 1996Episode 197Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Gloria Estefan60 min
    Season 1996Episode 198Kenneth Branaugh, Bonnie Hunt, Counting Crows60 min
    Season 1996Episode 199James Woods, Bob Odenkirk, Counting Crows60 min
    Season 1996Episode 200Albert Brooks, Beavis & Butthead, Neil Diamond60 min
    Season 1996Episode 201Drew Barrymore, Mathias Pakula, Faith Hill60 min
    Season 1996Episode 202Andie MacDowell, Jimmie Walker, Rhett Atkins60 min
    Season 1996Episode 203Harry Connick Jr., Walter Cronkite60 min
    Season 1996Episode 204Richard Simmons, Neve Campbell, Dave Matthews Band60 min
    Season 1996Episode 205Billy Crystal, Cuba Gooding Jr., Darlene Love60 min
    Season 1996Episode 206John Travolta, Julianna Margulies, St. Luke's Bottle Band60 min
    Season 1996Episode 207Nathan Lane, Kelly Preston, Rich Hall60 min
    Season 1996Episode 208Jane Pauley, Robert Pastorelli, Blues Traveler60 min
    Season 1996Episode 209Mary Tyler Moore, Jerry O'Connell, Oseola McCarty, Deana Carter60 min
    Season 1996Episode 210Tom Arnold, Kamarr, Joe Queenan60 min
    Season 1997Episode 1Alec Baldwin, Cast of Chicago60 min
    Season 1997Episode 2Courteney Cox, Lee Marek, Damon Hill60 min
    Season 1997Episode 3Kids Tell Jokes, Tracey Ullman, B.B. King60 min
    Season 1997Episode 4Ray Liotta, Norm Macdonald60 min
    Season 1997Episode 5Woody Harrelson, Jackie Chan, John Pizzarelli60 min
    Season 1997Episode 6Matt Dillon, Rebecca Ramijn, Cassandra Wilson60 min
    Season 1997Episode 7Eddie Murphy, Dwight Yoakam, Veronica Paridee60 min
    Season 1997Episode 8Kevin Spacey, Madeline Kahn, Harry Hill60 min
    Season 1997Episode 9Penelope Ann Miller, Skeet Ulrich, BR5-4960 min
    Season 1997Episode 10Chris O'Donnell, Debbie Reynolds, Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O'Conner60 min
    Season 1997Episode 11Tom Selleck, Art Donovan, Babyface60 min
    Season 1997Episode 12Kevin Kline, Kevin Sorbo, Kevin Brennan60 min
    Season 1997Episode 13David Schwimmer, Carmen Electra, Sheryl Crow60 min
    Season 1997Episode 14Tony Danza, Desmond Howard, Helena Bonham Carter60 min
    Season 1997Episode 15Dan Rather, Jane Leeves, Tori Amos60 min
    Season 1997Episode 16Matthew Perry, Natasha Lyonne, Jewel60 min
    Season 1997Episode 17Rhea Perlman, Ray Ramano, Ice Cube60 min
    Season 1997Episode 18Stupid Human Tricks, Elle MacPherson, Charles Barkley60 min
    Season 1997Episode 19Isabella Rossellini, Billy Bob Thorton, Tokyo Shock Boys60 min
    Season 1997Episode 20Fran Drescher, Eva Herzigova, Tony Bennett60 min
    Season 1997Episode 21Pierce Brosnan, Lance Alstodt, Brian Regan60 min
    Season 1997Episode 22Brett Favre, David Spade, Silverchair60 min
    Season 1997Episode 23Stupid Pet Tricks, Brett Butler, Fugees60 min
    Season 1997Episode 24Sarah Jessica Parker, Geoffrey Rush, Barry Manilow60 min
    Season 1997Episode 25Richard Harris, Siskel & Ebert, Far East Circus60 min
    Season 1997Episode 26Peter O'Toole, Salma Hayek, Jazz Passengers60 min
    Season 1997Episode 27Sarah Ferguson, Allan Weimerskirch, Patti Smith60 min
    Season 1997Episode 28Tom Brokaw, Laura Linney, BLACKstreet60 min
    Season 1997Episode 29Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames, Jeff Gordon60 min
    Season 1997Episode 30Michael J. Fox, Jon Voight, The Wallflowers60 min
    Season 1997Episode 31Julie Andrews, Doug E. Doug, The Amazing Jonathan60 min
    Season 1997Episode 32Tony Randall, Juliette Binoche, David Brenner60 min
    Season 1997Episode 33Bill Cosby, David Hacker, Tina Turner60 min
    Season 1997Episode 34Mia Farrow, Anne Heche, Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach60 min
    Season 1997Episode 35Howard Stern, Valeria Mazza, Porno for Pyros60 min
    Season 1997Episode 36Pauly Shore, Merrill Markoe, Celine Dion60 min
    Season 1997Episode 37Bill Pullman, Richard Lewis, Lyle Lovett & Randy Newman60 min
    Season 1997Episode 38Jon Stewart, Debi Mazar, Duncan Sheik60 min
    Season 1997Episode 39Robin Quivers, Adam Arkin, James60 min
    Season 1997Episode 40Chevy Chase, Mary McCormack, Phish60 min
    Season 1997Episode 41Kids Tell Jokes, Mary Steenburgen, Ray Wold60 min
    Season 1997Episode 42Ted Danson, Famke Janssen, Mitch Hedburg60 min
    Season 1997Episode 43Howard Stern, Ray Ramano, Chieftains60 min
    Season 1997Episode 44Martin Short, Larenz Tate, Kodo60 min
    Season 1997Episode 45Cindy Crawford, Robert Townsend, Chris Whitley60 min
    Season 1997Episode 46Mike Myers, Sophie Marceau, Alison Krauss60 min
    Season 1997Episode 47Marv Albert, Anthony LaPaglia, Big Head Todd & the Monsters60 min
    Season 1997Episode 48Teri Garr, George Stephanopolous, Amanda Marshall60 min
    Season 1997Episode 49Marilu Henner, Marlon Wayans, The Cardigans60 min
    Season 1997Episode 50Bryant Gumbel, Kadeem Hardison, Bandbaz Brothers60 min
    Season 1997Episode 51Tara Lipinsky, Margaret Colin, Nanci Griffith60 min
    Season 1997Episode 52Dan Akroyd, David Kruithoff, Cyndi Lauper60 min
    Season 1997Episode 53Jean-Claude Van Damme, Brad Garrett, Chris Fonseca60 min
    Season 1997Episode 54John Cusack, Liv Tyler, David Bowie60 min
    Season 1997Episode 55Anthony Clark, Joan Lunden, Eryka Badu60 min
    Season 1997Episode 56Norm Macdonald, Justine Bateman, Trace Adkins60 min
    Season 1997Episode 57Charles Grodin, David Alan Grier, Matthew Sweet60 min
    Season 1997Episode 58Tom Arnold, Bernie Williams, Bush60 min
    Season 1997Episode 59Kelsey Grammar, Jake Johannsen, Tracy Chapman60 min
    Season 1997Episode 60Martin Mull, Alicia Witt, Mary J. Blige60 min
    Season 1997Episode 61Katie Couric, Roma Downey, INXS60 min
    Season 1997Episode 62Tony Randall, Steven Weber, Wilco60 min
    Season 1997Episode 63Lisa Kudrow, Umberto Buccigrossi, Verve Pipe60 min
    Season 1997Episode 64Stupid Human Tricks, Rosie Perez, John Hiatt60 min
    Season 1997Episode 65Kurt Russell, Sinbad, Paula Cole60 min
    Season 1997Episode 66Robin Williams, Tanya Tucker60 min
    Season 1997Episode 67Alec Baldwin, Joey Lauren Adams, Indigo Girls60 min
    Season 1997Episode 68Garry Shandling, Luke Perry, Wendy Liebman60 min
    Season 1997Episode 69Roseanne, Justin Miller, Chuck Berry60 min
    Season 1997Episode 70Bruce Willis, Elizabeth Hurley, Maxwell60 min
    Season 1997Episode 71John Goodman, Kathleen Quinlan, Hanson60 min
    Season 1997Episode 72Mike Myers, Danny Aiello, Crossbows of Death60 min
    Season 1997Episode 73Billy Crystal, Kristen Johnston, Bee Gees60 min
    Season 1997Episode 74Ricki Lake, Kirby Puckett, Soul Asylum60 min
    Season 1997Episode 75Cybil Shepard, Darrell Hammond, Linda Eder60 min
    Season 1997Episode 76Andy Garcia, George Foreman, Travis Tritt60 min
    Season 1997Episode 77David Hyde Pierce, Dana Delany, Spice Girls60 min
    Season 1997Episode 78Helen Hunt, Susie Maroney, Jeffery Tambor60 min
    Season 1997Episode 79Stupid Pet Tricks, Jeff Goldblum, Foo Fighters60 min
    Season 1997Episode 80Meg Ryan, Lance Henriksen, Mary Chapin-Carpenter60 min
    Season 1997Episode 81Barbara Walters, Ida Doggett, God's Property with Kirk Franklin60 min
    Season 1997Episode 82Richard Simmons, Kelly Preston, Toad the Wet Sprocket60 min
    Season 1997Episode 83Matthew Broderick, Nicole Sullivan, Savion Glover & Stomp60 min
    Season 1997Episode 84Jason Alexander, Griffin Dunne, Sammy Hagar60 min
    Season 1997Episode 85Elle MacPherson, Vince Vaughn, Jewel60 min
    Season 1997Episode 86Michael Richards, Rick Reynolds, Steve Winwood60 min
    Season 1997Episode 87Bill Cosby, Elaine Cunningham, Squirrel Nut Zippers60 min
    Season 1997Episode 88Alicia Silverstone, Andy Dick, John Fogerty60 min
    Season 1997Episode 89Farrah Fawcett, John Fogerty60 min
    Season 1997Episode 90Harrison Ford, Steven Wright, Dave Matthews Band60 min
    Season 1997Episode 91Isabella Rossellini, Dave Chapelle, Bono & Larry Mullen60 min
    Season 1997Episode 92Jon Stewart, Susan Molinari, Seven Mary Three60 min
    Season 1997Episode 93Tom Brokaw, Janeane Garafolo, Sheryl Crow60 min
    Season 1997Episode 94John Travolta, Grant Hill, Sinead O'Connor60 min
    Season 1997Episode 95George Carlin, Nick Chinlund, James Taylor60 min
    Season 1997Episode 96Kathy Ireland, Jeremy Holz, Michael Story60 min
    Season 1997Episode 97Matt Lauer, Ruthie Bolton-Holifield, Mighty Mighty Bosstones60 min
    Season 1997Episode 98Julia Roberts, Jon Bon Jovi60 min
    Season 1997Episode 99Siskel & Ebert, Dermot Mulroney, King Charles Troupe60 min
    Season 1997Episode 100Marilu Henner, Doug E. Doug, Johnny Lang60 min
    Season 1997Episode 101Nick Turturro, Daisy Fuentes, Motley Crue60 min
    Season 1997Episode 102Peter Fonda, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Ricki Lee Jones60 min
    Season 1997Episode 103Brian Williams, Diane Cannon, Gil Shaham60 min
    Season 1997Episode 104Martin Lawrence, Robert Zemeckis, Sarah McLachlan60 min
    Season 1997Episode 105Will Smith, Heidi Klum, Brad Byers60 min
    Season 1997Episode 106Jason Priestley, Patricia Richardson, The Cicadas60 min
    Season 1997Episode 107Tom Arnold, Mitchell Libonati, Blur60 min
    Season 1997Episode 108Evander Holyfield, Lee Marek, Sarah Silverman60 min
    Season 1997Episode 109Martin Short, Manny the Hippie, Fang Fang60 min
    Season 1997Episode 110Don Rickles, Brendan Fraser, En Vogue60 min
    Season 1997Episode 111Tim Robbins, Jackie Chan, Shawn Colvin60 min
    Season 1997Episode 112Mary Tyler Moore, Querbe Tirmizi, Matchbox 2060 min
    Season 1997Episode 113Nathan Lane, Robey Morgan, Third Eye Blind60 min
    Season 1997Episode 114Robert Pastorelli, Craig Kilborn, Live60 min
    Season 1997Episode 115Pauly Shore, Leslie Mann, Puff Daddy60 min
    Season 1997Episode 116Kids Tell Jokes, Mario Andretti, John Hiatt60 min
    Season 1997Episode 117John Turturro, Kathy Kinney, Radish60 min
    Season 1997Episode 118Dan Rather, Kathy Griffin, k.d. Lang60 min
    Season 1997Episode 119Samuel L. Jackson, Barry Sonnenfeld60 min
    Season 1997Episode 120Jennifer Anniston, Brian Regan, William H. Macy60 min
    Season 1997Episode 121Norm Macdonald, Phylicia Rashad, Jamiroquai60 min
    Season 1997Episode 122Charles Grodin, Billy Connolly, David Byrne60 min
    Season 1997Episode 123Julia Roberts, Blues Traveler60 min
    Season 1997Episode 124Tony Danza, Michael Rapaport60 min
    Season 1997Episode 125Bob Dole, Bill Bellamy, Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers60 min
    Season 1997Episode 126Ray Liotta, David Brenner, Natalie Desselle60 min
    Season 1997Episode 127Jay Thomas, Annabella Sciorra, Tonic60 min
    Season 1997Episode 128Sylvester Stallone, Tommy LaSorda60 min
    Season 1997Episode 129Demi Moore, Jay Mohr, Aerosmith60 min
    Season 1997Episode 130Tom Selleck, Billy Joel60 min
    Season 1997Episode 131Barbara Walters, Charles Dutton, Morrissey60 min
    Season 1997Episode 132Mira Sorvino, Jeff Altman, Coolio60 min
    Season 1997Episode 133Donald Trump, Janine Turner, Ruth Brown & Bonnie Raitt60 min
    Season 1997Episode 134Alicia Silverstone, Bev Tanner, George Miller60 min
    Season 1997Episode 135Vanessa Williams, Joe Montana60 min
    Season 1997Episode 136Paul Reiser, Tia Carrera, Echo & the Bunnymen60 min
    Season 1997Episode 137Laurence Fishburne, Jonathan Katz, Paula Cole60 min
    Season 1997Episode 138Tom Arnold, Mehgan Heaney-Grier, Dane Cook60 min
    Season 1997Episode 139Stupid Human Tricks, Danny Aiello, Radiohead60 min
    Season 1997Episode 140Terry Bradshaw, Carmen Electra, Eddie Brill60 min
    Season 1997Episode 141Steven Seagal, Brittany Starr, Beck60 min
    Season 1997Episode 142Joan Lunden, Chris Rock, Fiona Apple60 min
    Season 1997Episode 143Geena Davis, Martha Stewart, Robert Carlyle60 min
    Season 1997Episode 144Kevin Kline, Jamie Foxx, Sugar Ray60 min
    Season 1997Episode 145Danny DeVito, Patrick Rafter, Tim McGraw60 min
    Season 1997Episode 146Salma Hayek, Joan Cusack, Louie Anderson60 min
    Season 1997Episode 147Noah Wylie, Damon Wayons, Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot60 min
    Season 1997Episode 148Andie MacDowell, Cynthia Cooper, Nanci Griffith & Darius Rucker60 min
    Season 1997Episode 149Jennifer Jason Leigh, Starr Jones, Bee Gees60 min
    Season 1997Episode 150George Clooney, Bill Cosby60 min
    Season 1997Episode 151Nicole Kidman, Gregory Hines, God's Property60 min
    Season 1997Episode 152Jennifer Lopez, Michael Lamonico, Bill Engvall60 min
    Season 1997Episode 153Alec Baldwin, Jonathan Lipnicki, Deana Carter60 min
    Season 1997Episode 154Kim Basinger, Ray Ramano, Jackson Browne60 min
    Season 1997Episode 155Fourth Anniversary Special60 min
    Season 1997Episode 156Fran Drescher, Ryan Tripp, Brooks & Dunn60 min
    Season 1997Episode 157Michael J. Fox, Sarah O'Hare, Patti Smith60 min
    Season 1997Episode 158Cameron Diaz, Adam Arkin, Veniamin60 min
    Season 1997Episode 159Matt Lauer, Ryan Kurlander, Sheryl Crow60 min
    Season 1997Episode 160Elle MacPherson, Jon Tenney, Elvis Costello & the Fairfield Four60 min
    Season 1997Episode 161Dan Aykroyd, Jack Hanna, Boyz II Men60 min
    Season 1997Episode 162Bryant Gumbel, Harland Williams, Everclear60 min
    Season 1997Episode 163John Lithgow, Christy Turlington, Foo Fighters60 min
    Season 1997Episode 164James Belushi, Christina Ricci, Oasis60 min
    Season 1997Episode 165Uma Thurman, Mark Wahlberg, Eddie Izzard60 min
    Season 1997Episode 166David Duchovny, Emily Mae Young, Todd Barry60 min
    Season 1997Episode 167Tom Brokaw, Stevie Starr, Green Day60 min
    Season 1997Episode 168Nathan Lane, Chalize Theron, Carly Simon60 min
    Season 1997Episode 169Mike Wallace, Kelly Monteith, LL Cool J60 min
    Season 1997Episode 170Robert Pastorelli, Harmony Korine, Smash Mouth60 min
    Season 1997Episode 171Mariah Carey, Anthony Clark60 min
    Season 1997Episode 172Maria Martiromo, Penn & Teller, Amy Grant60 min
    Season 1997Episode 173Ellen Barkin, Bobby Bonilla, Angelo Massagli60 min
    Season 1997Episode 174Kid Scientists, David Hyde Pierce, Andy Greene60 min
    Season 1997Episode 175Stupid Human Tricks, Naomi Campbell, Bobby Brown60 min
    Season 1997Episode 176John Travolta, Cybill Shepard, Kuznetsov Troupe60 min
    Season 1997Episode 177Danny Aiello, Helena Bonham Carter, Mandy & Dora Lee Patinkin60 min
    Season 1997Episode 178Sarah Ferguson, Kelly McGillis, Leann Rimes60 min
    Season 1997Episode 179Harry Connick Jr., Pamela Lee60 min
    Season 1997Episode 180Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Heather Matarazzo, B.B. King & Tracy Chapman60 min
    Season 1997Episode 181Wesley Snipes, Naomi Judd, Martina Hingis60 min
    Season 1997Episode 182Claire Danes, Michelle Kwan, Lorrie Morgan60 min
    Season 1997Episode 183Marv Albert, Daniel Scribner & Tylin Hall, John Fogerty60 min
    Season 1997Episode 184Bill Murray, Alison Eastwood, Matchbox 2060 min
    Season 1997Episode 185Don Rickles, Heather Graham, Lou Reed60 min
    Season 1997Episode 186Richard Simmons, Venus Williams, Wynonna60 min
    Season 1997Episode 187Tom Arnold, Kordell Stewart, Elvis Costello60 min
    Season 1997Episode 188Sigourney Weaver, David Brenner, Trischa Yearwood60 min
    Season 1997Episode 189Danny DeVito, Sarah Michelle Gellar60 min
    Season 1997Episode 190Kirstie Alley, Luke Perry, Shengyang Acrobats60 min
    Season 1997Episode 191John Cusack, Natalie Portman, Stomp with Bill Irwin60 min
    Season 1997Episode 192Kids Tell Jokes, Marisa Tomei, James Taylor60 min
    Season 1997Episode 193Stupid Pet Tricks, Anthony Edwards, Joost Elffers60 min
    Season 1997Episode 194Kevin Spacey, Art Donovan, Wallflowers60 min
    Season 1997Episode 195Jon Stewart, John Witherspoon, Days of the New60 min
    Season 1997Episode 196Courteney Cox, Peyton Manning, Shania Twain60 min
    Season 1997Episode 197Helen Hunt, Terrell Davis, Chumbawamba60 min
    Season 1997Episode 198Sir Anthony Hopkins, Eric Lindros, Enya60 min
    Season 1997Episode 199Nathan Lane, Hazelle Goodman, Mitch Fatel60 min
    Season 1997Episode 200Alex D Linz, Jerry O'Connell, Bryan Adams60 min
    Season 1997Episode 201Kevin Costner, Tyra Banks, Nina & Nickolai60 min
    Season 1997Episode 202Pam Grier, Tom Everett Scott, James Brown60 min
    Season 1997Episode 203Greg Kinnear, Djimon Hounsou, Ben Folds Five60 min
    Season 1997Episode 204Leslie Nelson, Michelle Yeoh, Hanson60 min
    Season 1997Episode 205Pierce Brosnan, Lou Holtz60 min
    Season 1997Episode 206Joan Lunden, Angelo Massaglini, G. Love with Special Sauce & Dr. John60 min
    Season 1997Episode 207Terry Bradshaw, Billy Zane, Darlene Love60 min
    Season 1997Episode 208Quentin Tarantino, Anne Heche, Kenny Wayne Shepard Band60 min
    Season 1997Episode 209Bridget Fonda, Matt Damon, Allan Harvey60 min
    Season 1997Episode 210Marilu Henner, Leila Kenzle, George Miller60 min
    Season 1998Episode 1Samuel L. Jackson, Howie Long, Louie C.K.60 min
    Season 1998Episode 2Tom Brokaw, Tobey Maquire, Fiona Apple60 min
    Season 1998Episode 3Norm Macdonald, Peta Wilson, Streb60 min
    Season 1998Episode 4Minnie Driver, Paul Simon, Cast of The Capeman60 min
    Season 1998Episode 5Penelope Ann Miller, Terry Pledger, Collective Soul60 min
    Season 1998Episode 6Robin Williams, Dave Chappelle, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham60 min
    Season 1998Episode 7Bill Pullman, Jim Breuer, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham60 min
    Season 1998Episode 8Peter O'Toole, Martin Scorcese60 min
    Season 1998Episode 9Kenneth Branagh, Spice Girls, Jim Nantz60 min
    Season 1998Episode 10Ben Stiller, Sandra Bernhard, Jars of Clay60 min
    Season 1998Episode 11Michael Isikoff, Sarah Ferguson60 min
    Season 1998Episode 12Robert Duvall, Kennedy, Emmylou Harris60 min
    Season 1998Episode 13Michael Keaton, Brian Williams, Blues Traveller60 min
    Season 1998Episode 14David Spade, Justin Miller, Jeff Garlin60 min
    Season 1998Episode 15Ethan Hawke, Merrill Markoe60 min
    Season 1998Episode 16Tom Arnold, Steve Forbes, Jake Johannsen60 min
    Season 1998Episode 17John Goodman, Mitch Hedberg, Jeff Gordon60 min
    Season 1998Episode 18Dan Akroyd, Naomi Campbell, Duncan Sheik60 min
    Season 1998Episode 19Dan Rather, Honeymoon the pig, Cast of Ragtime60 min
    Season 1998Episode 20Drew Barrymore, Shania Twain60 min
    Season 1998Episode 21Richard Simmons, John Elway60 min
    Season 1998Episode 22Bill Cosby, Blues Brothers60 min
    Season 1998Episode 23Stupid Human Tricks, Cindy Crawford, Jonny Moseley60 min
    Season 1998Episode 24Adam Sandler, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 1998Episode 25Bruce Willis, LeAnn Rimes & Bryan White60 min
    Season 1998Episode 26Heather Locklear, Tom Selleck60 min
    Season 1998Episode 27Mike Myers, Paula Cole60 min
    Season 1998Episode 28Nathan Lane, Bingo Granny60 min
    Season 1998Episode 29Bob Dole, Marilyn Manson60 min
    Season 1998Episode 30Stupid Pet Tricks, Jonny Moseley60 min
    Season 1998Episode 31Jeff Bridges, Nikki Stone, John Fogerty60 min
    Season 1998Episode 32Kelsey Grammer, Sarah Tueting & Cammi Granato, Sarah McLachlan60 min
    Season 1998Episode 33Susan Sarandon, Eric Bergoust, Aretha Franklin60 min
    Season 1998Episode 34David Schwimmer, Chris Witty, Shawn Colvin60 min
    Season 1998Episode 35Kate Winslet, Tara Lipinski, Ray Romano60 min
    Season 1998Episode 36Patrick Stewart, Frank Urbancic, Joan Cusack60 min
    Season 1998Episode 37Kid Scientists, Gabriel Byrne, Richie Sambora60 min
    Season 1998Episode 38Helena Bonham Carter, Peter Fonda, Loreena McKennitt60 min
    Season 1998Episode 39Siskel & Ebert, Karl Malone, Mark Chesnutt60 min
    Season 1998Episode 40Norm Macdonald, Richie Stachowski60 min
    Season 1998Episode 41Emma Thompson, Alex Zanardi, Willie Nelson & Emmylou Harris60 min
    Season 1998Episode 42John Travolta, Jack Johnson, The Chieftains60 min
    Season 1998Episode 43Bill Murray, Eddie Izzard, Gheorghe Mureșan60 min
    Season 1998Episode 44Dennis Hopper, Robert Klein, Patricia Heaton60 min
    Season 1998Episode 45Charles Grodin, Edward Burns, Marcy Playground60 min
    Season 1998Episode 46Dolly Parton, Bob Hoskins60 min
    Season 1998Episode 47Al Franken, Lauren Holly, Ani DiFranco60 min
    Season 1998Episode 48Evander Holyfield, Joseph Loveland, Michael Moore60 min
    Season 1998Episode 49Don Rickles, Mimi Rogers, Steve Miller60 min
    Season 1998Episode 50Alec Baldwin, Heather Graham, Barenaked Ladies60 min
    Season 1998Episode 51Tom Brokaw, Ice Cube, Natalie Imbruglia60 min
    Season 1998Episode 52Tom Hanks, Matt Medenweldt, Scott Weiland60 min
    Season 1998Episode 53Matt LeBlanc, Natasha Henstridge, The Lynns60 min
    Season 1998Episode 54Quentin Tarantino, Steven Weber, Clint Black60 min
    Season 1998Episode 55James Belushi, Lacey Chabert, Robbie Robertson60 min
    Season 1998Episode 56Val Kilmer, Jimmie Walker, cast of Cabaret60 min
    Season 1998Episode 57Billy Crystal, Hatty Jones, Tori Amos60 min
    Season 1998Episode 58Gwyneth Paltrow, Harmony Korine, Wyclef Jean60 min
    Season 1998Episode 59Claire Danes, George Miller, Matthew Ryan60 min
    Season 1998Episode 60Jason Alexander, Isabella Rossellini, Steve Earle60 min
    Season 1998Episode 61Ricki Lake, Vaughn Cordle, Rita Wilson60 min
    Season 1998Episode 62Jennifer Aniston, Jerry Springer, Al Green60 min
    Season 1998Episode 63Marisa Tomei, Ryan Leaf, Alana Davis60 min
    Season 1998Episode 64Jack Hanna, Ray Allen, Dave Matthews Band60 min
    Season 1998Episode 65Patrick Swayze, Hugh Hefner60 min
    Season 1998Episode 66Gena Lee Nolin, Mark Wahlberg, Brian Regan60 min
    Season 1998Episode 67Stupid Human Tricks, Norm Macdonald, Pearl Jam60 min
    Season 1998Episode 68Elle MacPherson, Jon Favreau, Usher60 min
    Season 1998Episode 69Donald Trump, Jayson Williams, Cast of Home Coming, Trisha Yearwood60 min
    Season 1998Episode 70Sally Field, Philip Bigler, Lyle Lovett60 min
    Season 1998Episode 71Matt Lauer, Jada Pinkett Smith, Green Day60 min
    Season 1998Episode 72Marilu Henner, Jim Lovell60 min
    Season 1998Episode 73Fran Drescher, Bob Berman, Faith Hill60 min
    Season 1998Episode 74Christopher Reeve, Hanson60 min
    Season 1998Episode 75Warren Beatty, Wayne Knight, Bonnie Raitt60 min
    Season 1998Episode 76Jim Breuer, Tara Lipinski, Foo Fighters60 min
    Season 1998Episode 77Richard Simmons, Beau Jaques and the Zydeco Highrollers60 min
    Season 1998Episode 78Matthew Broderick, David Wells, Natalie Merchant60 min
    Season 1998Episode 79Sandra Bullock, Jeff Foxworthy, Cast of One Small Step60 min
    Season 1998Episode 80Drew Carey, Scarlett Johannson, Soul Asylum60 min
    Season 1998Episode 81Ted Danson, Mae Whitman, The Flatlanders60 min
    Season 1998Episode 82Harry Connick, Jr., Hank Azaria60 min
    Season 1998Episode 83John Goodman, Esther Canadas, Sarah McLachlan60 min
    Season 1998Episode 84Norm Macdonald, Jacques Villeneuve, Randy Travis60 min
    Season 1998Episode 85Sarah Jessica Parker, Bill Bradley, Chase Butrell60 min
    Season 1998Episode 86Evander Holyfield, Laura Linney, Fastball60 min
    Season 1998Episode 87George Carlin, Bob Saget, Emmylou Harris, Indigo Girls, Luscious Jackson, Rebekah60 min
    Season 1998Episode 88Whoopi Goldberg, Janeane Garofalo60 min
    Season 1998Episode 89Bill Cosby, Andy Dick60 min
    Season 1998Episode 90Bob Newhart, Nicole Sullivan, Wendy Liebman60 min
    Season 1998Episode 91Harrison Ford, Dane Cook60 min
    Season 1998Episode 92Charles Grodin, Paul Rodriguez60 min
    Season 1998Episode 93Naomi Campbell, Luke Buchheit, Sinead O'Connor60 min
    Season 1998Episode 94David Duchovny, Stevie Nicks60 min
    Season 1998Episode 95Ellen Barkin, Jeff Altman, Sonic Youth60 min
    Season 1998Episode 96Sam Donaldson, Gloria Reuben, Babyface & Des'ree60 min
    Season 1998Episode 97Anthony Edwards, George Miller, Sean Lennon60 min
    Season 1998Episode 98Piedmont Bird Callers, George Clooney, Steve Yzerman60 min
    Season 1998Episode 99John McEnroe, The Pretenders60 min
    Season 1998Episode 100Jennifer Lopez, Chris Eigeman, Largo60 min
    Season 1998Episode 101Dennis Quaid, Chloe Sevigny, Grant Lee Buffalo60 min
    Season 1998Episode 102Mary Tyler Moore, Ron Eldard60 min
    Season 1998Episode 103Lisa Kudrow, Mike Piazza, Billy Bragg & Wilco60 min
    Season 1998Episode 104Martha Anne Godwin, Kristen Johnston, Lucinda Williams60 min
    Season 1998Episode 105Tom Brokaw, Steve Zahn, The Hummingbirds with Stevie Wonder & Paul Simon60 min
    Season 1998Episode 106Ben Stiller, Hatty Jones, Spice Girls60 min
    Season 1998Episode 107The Beltway Bunch, Stupid Pet Tricks, Bob Dole60 min
    Season 1998Episode 108Don Rickles, Matt Drudge, Cherry Poppin' Daddies60 min
    Season 1998Episode 109Matt Dillon, Daniel Boulud, Arj Barker60 min
    Season 1998Episode 110Antonio Banderas, Chris Elliott60 min
    Season 1998Episode 111Anthony Hopkins, Cowboy Junkies60 min
    Season 1998Episode 112Gabriel Byrne, John Witherspoon, Tricky & P.J. Harvey60 min
    Season 1998Episode 113James Caan, Buck O'Neil, Lenny Kravitz60 min
    Season 1998Episode 114Janet Jackson, Scott Farrell, Nanci Griffith60 min
    Season 1998Episode 115Tony Danza, Peter Farrelly, Brian Wilson60 min
    Season 1998Episode 116Marilu Henner, Gloria Estefan60 min
    Season 1998Episode 117Pauly Shore, Pam Grier, Natalie Imbruglia60 min
    Season 1998Episode 118Jenny McCarthy, Adam Arkin, Tori Amos60 min
    Season 1998Episode 119Kids with animals, Gary Sinise, Goo Goo Dolls60 min
    Season 1998Episode 120Yasmine Bleeth, David Brenner, Barenaked Ladies60 min
    Season 1998Episode 121Samuel L. Jackson, Jenni, Smashing Pumpkins60 min
    Season 1998Episode 122Jamie Lee Curtis, George Freestone60 min
    Season 1998Episode 123Drew Barrymore, Dee Dee Meyers, The Verve60 min
    Season 1998Episode 124Noyz Boyz, Nathan Lane, Boy George & Culture Club60 min
    Season 1998Episode 125Penn & Teller, French Stewart, Wynton Marsalis60 min
    Season 1998Episode 126Jerry Seinfeld, Hunter Scott60 min
    Season 1998Episode 127Tom Arnold, Doris Roberts, Blues Traveler60 min
    Season 1998Episode 128Leslie Nielsen, David Roth, Teresa Witherspoon60 min
    Season 1998Episode 129Kevin Spacey, Bobby Rahal, Harvey Danger60 min
    Season 1998Episode 130Ray Liotta, Sela Ward, Liz Phair60 min
    Season 1998Episode 131Angela Basset, Pete Townshend60 min
    Season 1998Episode 132Wesley Snipes, Robert Klein60 min
    Season 1998Episode 133Jean-Claude Van Damme, Darryl Strawberry, Joe Cocker60 min
    Season 1998Episode 134Beau Bridges, Terrell Davis, Squirrel Nut Zippers60 min
    Season 1998Episode 135Terry Bradshaw, Jesse Jackson60 min
    Season 1998Episode 136Ray Romano, Chris Cardone, Tom Agna60 min
    Season 1998Episode 137Stupid Human Tricks, Jason Patric, Eve 660 min
    Season 1998Episode 138Richard Simmons, Luisa Conlon60 min
    Season 1998Episode 139Andie MacDowell, Willie Nelson60 min
    Season 1998Episode 140Tim Forneris, Stephen Dorff, Wynonna60 min
    Season 1998Episode 141Charles Grodin, Paul Hopkins60 min
    Season 1998Episode 142Jack Hanna, Gretchen Mol, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds60 min
    Season 1998Episode 143Cindy Crawford, Jeff Greenfield, Hootie & The Blowfish60 min
    Season 1998Episode 144Ben Stiller, Jackie Chan, Vince Gill60 min
    Season 1998Episode 145Bill Cosby, George Hamilton60 min
    Season 1998Episode 146Denis Leary, George Hamilton60 min
    Season 1998Episode 147Vince Vaughn, Brian Benben, Brian Setzer Orchestra60 min
    Season 1998Episode 148Michael J. Fox, Evander Holyfield, Dixie Chicks60 min
    Season 1998Episode 149Jennifer Lopez, Meredith Viera, Lyle Lovett60 min
    Season 1998Episode 150Stupid Pet Tricks, Marv Albert, Kevin James60 min
    Season 1998Episode 151Howard Stern, Katie Holmes60 min
    Season 1998Episode 152Jon Stewart, Jean Reno, Rob Zombie60 min
    Season 1998Episode 153Fran Drescher, Chris Kattan, Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach60 min
    Season 1998Episode 154Chris Tucker, Faith Ford, Eagle Eye Cherry60 min
    Season 1998Episode 155Kelsey Grammer, Nick Mason, Tony Bennett60 min
    Season 1998Episode 156Drew Carey, Billy Connolly, Hedwig & The Angry Inch60 min
    Season 1998Episode 157Steve Martin, Cokie Roberts60 min
    Season 1998Episode 158Kelly Preston, Peter Boyle, Semisonic60 min
    Season 1998Episode 159Elizabeth & Bob Dole, Joaquin Phoenix60 min
    Season 1998Episode 160Jeff Goldblum, John Mellencamp60 min
    Season 1998Episode 161Isabella Rossellini, Stephen Baldwin, George Miller60 min
    Season 1998Episode 162Joan Lunden, Jeff Altman, Sheryl Crow60 min
    Season 1998Episode 163Mark McGwire, Robert Benigni, Bruce Hornsby60 min
    Season 1998Episode 164State Fair Champions, Ringo Starr60 min
    Season 1998Episode 165Jeff Daniels, David Cross, Mitch Hedberg60 min
    Season 1998Episode 166Danny Glover, Cal Ripken Jr., R.E.M.60 min
    Season 1998Episode 167Naomi Campbell, David Wells, R.E.M.60 min
    Season 1998Episode 168Danny DeVito, Joe Torre, Eddie Brill60 min
    Season 1998Episode 169Martin Short, Eddie Izzard, Phish60 min
    Season 1998Episode 170Daniel Baldwin, Todd Solondz, Phil Collins60 min
    Season 1998Episode 171Holly Hunter, Hunter S. Thompson, Garbage60 min
    Season 1998Episode 172Ted Danson, Denny Brauer, Black Sabbath60 min
    Season 1998Episode 173Anthony Hopkins, Buzz Aldrin, Depeche Mode60 min
    Season 1998Episode 174Queen Latifah, Ellie Lammer, Darrell Hammond60 min
    Season 1998Episode 175Adam Sandler, Jayson Williams, Soul Coughing60 min
    Season 1998Episode 176Denzel Washington, Father Mike Berner60 min
    Season 1998Episode 177George Pataki, Evan Metropoulis, P.J. Harvey60 min
    Season 1998Episode 178George Michael, Col. Gail Halverson, Hanson60 min
    Season 1998Episode 179Luke Perry, Tom Wolfe, Jay-Z60 min
    Season 1998Episode 180Melanie Griffith, Walter Cronkite, Travis Tritt60 min
    Season 1998Episode 181Roma Downey, Kenneth Branagh, Goo Goo Dolls60 min
    Season 1998Episode 182Donald Trump, Doug Flutie, Sarah Silverman60 min
    Season 1998Episode 183Kid Scientists, Cameron Diaz, Mariah Carey60 min
    Season 1998Episode 184Will Smith, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 1998Episode 185Cher, Jerry Springer60 min
    Season 1998Episode 186Christian Slater, Celine Dion & Bryan Adams60 min
    Season 1998Episode 187Drew Barrymore, Siskel & Ebert60 min
    Season 1998Episode 188Helen Hunt, Ray Romano60 min
    Season 1998Episode 189Geena Davis, Martha Stewart, Roger Daltry60 min
    Season 1998Episode 190Gwyneth Paltrow, Peter Berg, Bonnie Raitt60 min
    Season 1998Episode 191Michael Caine, Art Donavon, Jewel60 min
    Season 1998Episode 192Salma Hayek, Marilyn Manson, Caroline Rhea60 min
    Season 1998Episode 193Patrick Stewart, Jon Stewart, Faith Hill60 min
    Season 1998Episode 194Greg Kinnear, Jane Horrocks, Reggie McFadden60 min
    Season 1998Episode 195Tom Hanks, Brooklyn Philharmonic60 min
    Season 1998Episode 196Meg Ryan, Whitney Houston60 min
    Season 1998Episode 197Tom Brokaw, Famke Janssen, Emmylou Harris60 min
    Season 1998Episode 198Robin Williams, Natalie Merchant60 min
    Season 1998Episode 199Val Kilmer, Ricky Williams, Billy Bragg & Natalie Merchant60 min
    Season 1998Episode 200Susan Sarandon, Marc Weinberg, Vienna Choir Boys60 min
    Season 1998Episode 201Jeff Goldblum, Angelina Jolie, Third Eye Blind60 min
    Season 1998Episode 202Julia Roberts, David Kelly60 min
    Season 1998Episode 203Barbara Walters, Josh Hartnett, Cyndi Lauper60 min
    Season 1998Episode 204Charles Grodin, John Witherspoon, Jessye Norman60 min
    Season 1998Episode 205John Travolta, Darlene Love60 min
    Season 1998Episode 206Chazz Palminteri, Ann Curry, Rufus Wainwright60 min
    Season 1998Episode 207James Woods, David Brenner, Cast of But Boy Could He Sing60 min
    Season 1998Episode 208Jay Thomas, Vinny Testaverde, Patti Smith60 min
    Season 1998Episode 209Stupid Human Tricks, Nathan Lane, St. Luke's Bottle Band60 min
    Season 1999Episode 1Jon Voight, Jena Malone, Louie C.K.60 min
    Season 1999Episode 2Sarah Jessica Parker, David Remnick, Bryan Callan60 min
    Season 1999Episode 3Jennifer Jason Leigh, Liam Aiken, Greg Behrendt60 min
    Season 1999Episode 4Mira Sorvino, Terry Bradshaw60 min
    Season 1999Episode 5Lisa Kudrow, Terry Bradshaw, Jason Kuller60 min
    Season 1999Episode 6Jon Stewart, Marv Albert, Jim Gaffigan60 min
    Season 1999Episode 7Gillian Anderson, Charlie Rose, Black Crowes60 min
    Season 1999Episode 8Robert Duvall, Al Franken, B.B. King60 min
    Season 1999Episode 9Conan O'Brien, Alanis Morrisette60 min
    Season 1999Episode 10William Baldwin, Trisha Yearwood, Scott Ferrall60 min
    Season 1999Episode 11Jack Hanna, Patricia Arquette60 min
    Season 1999Episode 12Yasmine Bleeth, Adam Carolla, James Brown60 min
    Season 1999Episode 13Alicia Silverstone, D.L. Hughley, Second Hand60 min
    Season 1999Episode 14Sophia Loren, The Mavericks60 min
    Season 1999Episode 15Bill Murray, Shania Twain60 min
    Season 1999Episode 16Cate Blanchett, Jason Schwartzman, Brandy60 min
    Season 1999Episode 17Bill Cosby, Brendon Fraser, Ricky Scruggs & Vince Gill60 min
    Season 1999Episode 18Tom Arnold, David Brenner, Catherine Bell60 min
    Season 1999Episode 19Tom Brokaw, Sean Patrick Flanery, Creed60 min
    Season 1999Episode 20Mel Gibson, Laetitia Casta, Fresh Step60 min
    Season 1999Episode 21Stupid Pet Tricks, Martha Stewart, Mitch Hedberg60 min
    Season 1999Episode 22Michael J. Fox, Rev. John & Ellena Cobb, Willie Nelson60 min
    Season 1999Episode 23Jeff Daniels, Fernanda Montenegro, Monica60 min
    Season 1999Episode 24Robin Wright Penn, Richard Kind, Chris Isaak60 min
    Season 1999Episode 25Sandra Bullock, James Carville, Hootie & The Blowfish60 min
    Season 1999Episode 26Richard Simmons, Sarah O'Hare, Ondar60 min
    Season 1999Episode 27Bette Midler, David Hyde Pierce60 min
    Season 1999Episode 28Andy Garcia, Tara Lipinksi, Wendy Liebman60 min
    Season 1999Episode 29Andie MacDowell, Mike Judge, Julian Lennon60 min
    Season 1999Episode 30Magic Johnson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jewel60 min
    Season 1999Episode 31Lauren Bacall, Greg Smith, Sugar Ray60 min
    Season 1999Episode 32Matthew Broderick, Sheryl Crow60 min
    Season 1999Episode 33Kid Scientists, Jesse Ventura60 min
    Season 1999Episode 34Uma Thurman, Tom Green, De La Guarda60 min
    Season 1999Episode 35Eriq La Salle, Homer Hickman, Blondie60 min
    Season 1999Episode 36James Coburn, Will Ferrall, Marvelous Three60 min
    Season 1999Episode 37Brooke Shields, Peter Hillary60 min
    Season 1999Episode 38Ian McKellen, Reese Witherspoon, The Roots & Erykah Badu60 min
    Season 1999Episode 39Kid Turkey Callers, Mark Wahlberg, Fresh Step60 min
    Season 1999Episode 40Billy Crystal, George Miller60 min
    Season 1999Episode 41Chazz Palminteri, Jeff Altman, Everclear60 min
    Season 1999Episode 42Norm Macdonald, Jeff Beck60 min
    Season 1999Episode 43Elizabeth Hurley, Katie Holmes, Cake60 min
    Season 1999Episode 44Stupid Human Tricks, Craig Kilborn, Emmylou Harris, Linda Rondstadt, and Dolly Parton60 min
    Season 1999Episode 45Elton John, Henry Kissinger, LeAnn Rimes60 min
    Season 1999Episode 46Ron Howard, Charlotte Church60 min
    Season 1999Episode 47Marv Albert, Diane Lane, Blur60 min
    Season 1999Episode 48Laurence Fishburne, Sister Carol Anne Corley, Wilco60 min
    Season 1999Episode 49Steve Martin & Goldie Hawn, Jim Calhoun, Joe Henry60 min
    Season 1999Episode 50Dennis Hopper, Jason Nastke, The Corrs60 min
    Season 1999Episode 51Marilu Henner, Master P, Greg Fitzsimmons60 min
    Season 1999Episode 52Charles Grodin, David Arquette, Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, and Kris Kristofferson60 min
    Season 1999Episode 53Drew Barrymore, Scott Wolf, Barenaked Ladies60 min
    Season 1999Episode 54Lennox Lewis, Dr. Bertrand Piccard & Brian Jones60 min
    Season 1999Episode 55George Stephanopoulos, Molly Shannon, Andrea Bocelli60 min
    Season 1999Episode 56Bill Maher, Khalid El-Amin, Marc Maron60 min
    Season 1999Episode 57Elle Macpherson, Don Zimmer, John Mellencamp60 min
    Season 1999Episode 58Kevin Spacey, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers60 min
    Season 1999Episode 59Kate Winslet, Darrell Hammond, Mandy Barnett60 min
    Season 1999Episode 60David Spade, Tim Couch, Eagle-Eye Cherry60 min
    Season 1999Episode 61John Cusack, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 1999Episode 62Matthew Broderick, Ben Stein, The Cranberries60 min
    Season 1999Episode 63Martin Lawrence, Michelle Williams, Eddie Brill60 min
    Season 1999Episode 64Dustin Hoffman, Mary Steenburgen, Ben Folds Five60 min
    Season 1999Episode 65Ted Danson, Sarah Ferguson, Madness60 min
    Season 1999Episode 66Glenn Close, George Hamilton, Elvis Crespo60 min
    Season 1999Episode 67Tom Brokaw, Robbie Williams60 min
    Season 1999Episode 68Earvin Magic Johnson, Sara Gentile, Silverchair60 min
    Season 1999Episode 69Denny Brauer, Kelly Willis, Jesse Jackson60 min
    Season 1999Episode 70Brendan Fraser, Jesse Jackson, Bonnie Raitt60 min
    Season 1999Episode 71Kelsey Grammer, Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band60 min
    Season 1999Episode 72Stupid Pet Tricks, Janeane Garofalo, Brian Regan60 min
    Season 1999Episode 73Ben Stiller, Camryn Manheim, Eve 660 min
    Season 1999Episode 74Kathie Lee Gifford, Deana Carter60 min
    Season 1999Episode 75Kevin Kline, Leelee Sobieski, Beth Orton60 min
    Season 1999Episode 76Bill Cosby, Jon Favreau60 min
    Season 1999Episode 77Julia Roberts, Alice Cooper60 min
    Season 1999Episode 78Keri Russell, Aretha Franklin60 min
    Season 1999Episode 79Tom Selleck, Bob Barker, Leon Russell60 min
    Season 1999Episode 80Helen Hunt, Courtney Love, Hole60 min
    Season 1999Episode 81Natalie Portman, Tom Everett Scott, J. Geils Band60 min
    Season 1999Episode 82Harry Connick Jr., Damon Wayans60 min
    Season 1999Episode 83Kate Capshaw, Britney Spears60 min
    Season 1999Episode 84Kid Scientists, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary Chapin Carpenter60 min
    Season 1999Episode 85Bill Murray, Everlast60 min
    Season 1999Episode 86Jennifer Lopez, Ira Glass60 min
    Season 1999Episode 87Dan Rather, Nancy Mace, Randy Newman60 min
    Season 1999Episode 88Jeff Foxworthy, Kristin Davis, Snoop Dogg60 min
    Season 1999Episode 89Timothy Hutton, Christine Lahti, Cast of It Ain't Nothing But the Blues60 min
    Season 1999Episode 90Ray Romano, Jewel60 min
    Season 1999Episode 91Heather Graham, David Wells60 min
    Season 1999Episode 92Tim Robbins, Oscar De La Hoya, Dane Cook60 min
    Season 1999Episode 93Roseanne, Susan Tedeschi60 min
    Season 1999Episode 94David Schwimmer, Brandi Chastain, Seth Green60 min
    Season 1999Episode 95Mike Myers, Ben Lee60 min
    Season 1999Episode 96Julianna Margulies, Jon Stewart60 min
    Season 1999Episode 97Felicity Huffman, Andy Dick, Elvis Costello60 min
    Season 1999Episode 98Adam Sandler, Missy Elliot60 min
    Season 1999Episode 99Geri Halliwell, Richard Belzer60 min
    Season 1999Episode 100Rudolph Giuliani, Leslie Mann, The Pretenders60 min
    Season 1999Episode 101Joey Lauren Adams, Spike Lee, Santana60 min
    Season 1999Episode 102Colin Powell, Maurice Green60 min
    Season 1999Episode 103Mira Sorvino, Lyle Lovett60 min
    Season 1999Episode 104Piedmont Bird Callers, Avery Johnson, June Carter Cash60 min
    Season 1999Episode 105Calista Flockhart, Jack Hannah60 min
    Season 1999Episode 106Stupid Human Tricks, John Leguizamo, Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers60 min
    Season 1999Episode 107John McEnroe, George Jones60 min
    Season 1999Episode 108Chris Rock, Sixpence None the Richer60 min
    Season 1999Episode 109Lindsay Davenport, Oliver Platt, Jeffrey Ross60 min
    Season 1999Episode 110Jay Thomas, Jason Briggs60 min
    Season 1999Episode 111Naomi Campbell, Jimmie Walker, Lucinda Williams60 min
    Season 1999Episode 112Don Rickles, Dave Mirra, Patty Griffin60 min
    Season 1999Episode 113U.S. 1999 World Cup Women's Soccer Team, Jim Gaffigan60 min
    Season 1999Episode 114Matthew Broderick, Dennis Regan60 min
    Season 1999Episode 115Catherine Zeta-Jones, Buzz Aldrin, Jamiroquai60 min
    Season 1999Episode 116Charles Grodin, Alanis Morissette60 min
    Season 1999Episode 117Ted Koppel, Isabella Rossellini, Macy Gray60 min
    Season 1999Episode 118National Hollerin' Champions, Garry Marshall, Los Lobos60 min
    Season 1999Episode 119Samuel L. Jackson, Rita Wilson, Pete Townshend & Eddie Vedder60 min
    Season 1999Episode 120Bruce Willis, Heidi Klum60 min
    Season 1999Episode 121Lance Armstrong, Barry White60 min
    Season 1999Episode 122Pierce Brosnan, Saffron Burrows, Jim Jeter60 min
    Season 1999Episode 123Tom Arnold, Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes60 min
    Season 1999Episode 124Dave Foley, Jonathan Witherspoon, Old 97's60 min
    Season 1999Episode 125William H. Macy, George Miller, The Pretenders60 min
    Season 1999Episode 126Ray Romano, Jeff Altman60 min
    Season 1999Episode 127Regis Philbin, Dave Attell60 min
    Season 1999Episode 128Claire Danes, Smash Mouth60 min
    Season 1999Episode 129Hugh Grant, The Mavericks60 min
    Season 1999Episode 130Rene Russo, Tori Amos60 min
    Season 1999Episode 131Shaquille O'Neal, Helen Mirren60 min
    Season 1999Episode 132Tony Danza, Katie Holmes, Robert Palmer60 min
    Season 1999Episode 133Lara Flynn Boyle, David Brenner, Everclear60 min
    Season 1999Episode 134Andie MacDowell, French Stewart, Tom Dreesen60 min
    Season 1999Episode 135Alec Baldwin, Dwight Yoakam60 min
    Season 1999Episode 136Albert Brooks, Omar Epps60 min
    Season 1999Episode 137Kevin James, Sheryl Crow60 min
    Season 1999Episode 138Ricki Lake, Kid Rock60 min
    Season 1999Episode 139Craig Kilborn, Louise Smith, The Umbilical Brothers60 min
    Season 1999Episode 140Queen Latifah, John Popper60 min
    Season 1999Episode 141John McEnroe, Sharon Lawrence, Nanci Griffith60 min
    Season 1999Episode 142Kid Scientists, Edie Falco, Dixie Chicks60 min
    Season 1999Episode 143John Leguizamo, Meat Loaf60 min
    Season 1999Episode 144Jenna Elfman, Chris Kattan, Christine Aguilera60 min
    Season 1999Episode 145Heather Locklear, Keyshawn Johnson60 min
    Season 1999Episode 146Michael J. Fox, Heather French60 min
    Season 1999Episode 147Robin Williams, Norm Macdonald60 min
    Season 1999Episode 148Stupid Pet Tricks, Ashley Judd, Randy Travis60 min
    Season 1999Episode 149Mark Wahlberg, Adam Sandler, Roger Ebert60 min
    Season 1999Episode 150Kelly Preston, Stirling Moss, Sugar Ray60 min
    Season 1999Episode 151Kevin Pollak, Tom Waits60 min
    Season 1999Episode 152Nathan Lane, Emmylou Harris & Linda Rondstadt60 min
    Season 1999Episode 153Mia Farrow, Russell Crowe, Paula Cole Band60 min
    Season 1999Episode 154Kevin Spacey, Eurythmics60 min
    Season 1999Episode 155Kelsey Grammer, Rebecca Gayheart60 min
    Season 1999Episode 156Harrison Ford, David Bowie60 min
    Season 1999Episode 157Dan Quayle, Melissa Ethridge60 min
    Season 1999Episode 158Lili Tomlin, Leah Remini, Beth Hart60 min
    Season 1999Episode 159Jesse Ventura, Amy Brennamen, ZZ Top60 min
    Season 1999Episode 160Jack Hanna, Peter Fonda, Sting60 min
    Season 1999Episode 161Bruce Willis, Will Ferrell60 min
    Season 1999Episode 162Chazz Palminteri, Billy Blanks, Wilson Pickett60 min
    Season 1999Episode 163Farrah Fawcett60 min
    Season 1999Episode 164John Malkovich, Harland Williams60 min
    Season 1999Episode 165Austin Payne, Patricia Arquette, Moby60 min
    Season 1999Episode 166Charles Grodin, Jimmie Walker, Buena Vista Social Club60 min
    Season 1999Episode 167John Cusack, Bob Sarlatte, LeAnn Rimes60 min
    Season 1999Episode 168Martha Stewart, Martin Scorcese, Ricky Martin60 min
    Season 1999Episode 169Joe Torre, Denzel Washington60 min
    Season 1999Episode 170Meryl Streep, Natalie Merchant60 min
    Season 1999Episode 171Luke Perry, Jimmy Kimmel, Garbage60 min
    Season 1999Episode 172Lauren Holly, Jimmy Fallon, Rage Against the Machine60 min
    Season 1999Episode 173Bill Cosby, Milla Jovovich60 min
    Season 1999Episode 174Susan Sarandon, Juan Montoya, East Harlem Violinists60 min
    Season 1999Episode 175Regis Philbin, Mitch Hedberg60 min
    Season 1999Episode 176Woody Harrelson, Bobby Rahal60 min
    Season 1999Episode 177Don Rickles, Jane Clayson60 min
    Season 1999Episode 178Jack Hanna, Bob Hoskins, Melanie C60 min
    Season 1999Episode 179Natalie Portman, Travis Pastrana, Ted Alexandro60 min
    Season 1999Episode 180Stupid Human Tricks, Johnny Depp60 min
    Season 1999Episode 181Claudia Schiffer, Chris Cornell60 min
    Season 1999Episode 182Will Smith, Creed60 min
    Season 1999Episode 183Anthony Edwards, Yasmine Bleeth60 min
    Season 1999Episode 184Evander Holyfield, Ted Danson, Counting Crows60 min
    Season 1999Episode 185Gabriel Byrne, Mark Borchardt60 min
    Season 1999Episode 186Bryant Gumbel, John Carpenter, Tony Bennett60 min
    Season 1999Episode 187Kathie Lee Gifford, Charlotte Church60 min
    Season 1999Episode 188Julianna Margulies, Eric Ripert, Third Eye Blind60 min
    Season 1999Episode 189George Carlin, Jewel60 min
    Season 1999Episode 190Stupid Pet Tricks, William Baldwin60 min
    Season 1999Episode 191Barbara Walter, Dan Patrick, Mary J. Blige60 min
    Season 1999Episode 192Jenny McCarthy, Martha Stewart, Foo Fighters60 min
    Season 1999Episode 193Tim Robbins, Laetitia Casta, B.B. King & Dr. John60 min
    Season 1999Episode 194Patrick Stewart, Al Franken, Bob Marley60 min
    Season 1999Episode 195Geena Davis, Bill Murray, Fiona Apple60 min
    Season 1999Episode 196Courtney Love, Tori Murden, R.E.M.60 min
    Season 1999Episode 197Gwyneth Paltrow, Blondie60 min
    Season 1999Episode 198Danny DeVito, Harry Smith60 min
    Season 1999Episode 199Jim Carrey, Alanis Morrisette60 min
    Season 1999Episode 200Joe Breen, Jude Law60 min
    Season 1999Episode 201Tom Brokaw, Alex Kingston, Run DMC60 min
    Season 1999Episode 202Emily Watson, LL Cool J60 min
    Season 1999Episode 203Marv Albert, Heather Matarazzo, Bruce Henderson60 min
    Season 1999Episode 204Hallie Eisenberg, Jon Witherspoon, Darlene Love60 min
    Season 1999Episode 205Matt Damon, Q-Tip60 min
    Season 1999Episode 206Isabella Rossellini, Bev Tanner60 min
    Season 1999Episode 207Jay Thomas, Nick Nordberg60 min
    Season 1999Episode 208Dick Clark, Ralph Charles60 min
    Season 1999Episode 209Stupid Human Tricks, Kevin James, Brooklyn Philharmonic60 min
    Season 2000Episode 1Jeff Daniels, Jake Johannsen60 min
    Season 2000Episode 2Lauren Bacall, Kurt Warner60 min
    Season 2000Episode 3Bill Pullman, Dan Naturman60 min
    Season 2000Episode 4George Stephanopoulos, Sue Murphy60 min
    Season 2000Episode 5Edie Falco, Ray Lucas, Andy Kindler60 min
    Season 2000Episode 6Kate Winslet, Ice Cube60 min
    Season 2000Episode 7Woody Harrelson, Shawn Presser, Filter60 min
    Season 2000Episode 8Hillary Clinton, Art Donovan60 min
    Season 2000Episode 9Tom Arnold, Art Donovan, Lynryd Skynryd60 min
    Season 2000Episode 10Regis Philbin, Mark Borchardt60 min
    Season 2000Episode 11Charles Grodin, Julia Roberts, Regis Philbin60 min
    Season 2000Episode 12Regis Philbin, Jerry Seinfeld, Danny DeVito60 min
    Season 2000Episode 13Paul Schaffer, Bruce Willis, Martin Short60 min
    Season 2000Episode 14Regis Philbin, Bill Cosby, Sarah Jessica Parker60 min
    Season 2000Episode 15Paul Schaffer, Steve Martin, Billy Crystal60 min
    Season 2000Episode 16Paul Schaffer, Drew Barrymore, Ray Romano60 min
    Season 2000Episode 17David Brenner, Kathie Lee Gifford, Alec Baldwin60 min
    Season 2000Episode 18Tom Snyder, Norm Macdonald, Don Rickles60 min
    Season 2000Episode 19Tom Snyder, Mike Myers, Roseanne, Bonnie Hunt60 min
    Season 2000Episode 20Tom Arnold, Robin Williams, Jack Hannah60 min
    Season 2000Episode 21Regis Philbin, Robin Williams, Foo Fighters60 min
    Season 2000Episode 22Bill Cosby, Heidi Klum, Vince Carter, Dr. Paula Mahone, Dane Cook60 min
    Season 2000Episode 23Julia Roberts, Israel Perlman60 min
    Season 2000Episode 24Kathie Lee Gifford, Tom Arnold, Joy Behar, Linda Edar60 min
    Season 2000Episode 25John Goodman, Norm Macdonald60 min
    Season 2000Episode 26Drew Carey, Dolly Parton60 min
    Season 2000Episode 27David Brenner, Carson Daley, Aida Turturro, Gary Gulman, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals60 min
    Season 2000Episode 28Kid Turkey Callers, Candice Bergan, Fiona Apple, George W. Bush60 min
    Season 2000Episode 29Nathan Lane, Mel Brooks, Mario Cantone, Kristin Chenoweth60 min
    Season 2000Episode 30Anjelica Huston, Jayson Williams, Steely Dan60 min
    Season 2000Episode 31Kathie Lee Gifford, Eddie Izzard60 min
    Season 2000Episode 32Janeane Garofalo, Bob Odenkirk & David Cross, Zack Galifanakis, Old '97s60 min
    Season 2000Episode 33Tim Robbins, Melissa Etheridge60 min
    Season 2000Episode 34Dana Carvey, Jon Lovitz, Cindy Margolis, Al Frankin, Rocco DiSpirito60 min
    Season 2000Episode 35Tom Brokaw, Catherine Keener, Bonnie Raitt60 min
    Season 2000Episode 36Gabriel Byrne, Martha Stewart, Moby60 min
    Season 2000Episode 37Matthew Broderick, Patti Smith60 min
    Season 2000Episode 38Barbara Walters, Linda Cardellini, Kimmie Rhodes60 min
    Season 2000Episode 39Rosie Perez, Robert Klein60 min
    Season 2000Episode 40Minnie Driver, Trisha Yearwood60 min
    Season 2000Episode 41Kid Scientists, Jimmy Smits, Bruce Cockburn60 min
    Season 2000Episode 42John Cusack, Paul Fiora, Eddie Brill60 min
    Season 2000Episode 43David Arquette, Al Green60 min
    Season 2000Episode 44Brooke Shields, Oliver Platt, Joni Mitchell60 min
    Season 2000Episode 45David Duchovny, Joe Pistone, Lou Reed60 min
    Season 2000Episode 46Bonnie Hunt, Shelby Lynne60 min
    Season 2000Episode 47Samuel L. Jackson, Jack Hannah60 min
    Season 2000Episode 48Jon Stewart, Faith Hill60 min
    Season 2000Episode 49Bill Cosby, Sarah Vowell60 min
    Season 2000Episode 50Jenna Elfman, Jeff Altman, Children of Uganda60 min
    Season 2000Episode 51Paul Newman, Pearl Jam60 min
    Season 2000Episode 52Matthew McConaughey, Kelly Monteith, Willie Nelson60 min
    Season 2000Episode 53Ben Stiller, Brian Regan60 min
    Season 2000Episode 54Jeff Foxworthy, Vertical Horizon60 min
    Season 2000Episode 55Kristin Johnson, Live60 min
    Season 2000Episode 56Dennis Quaid, Nicole Sullivan, Smashing Pumpkins60 min
    Season 2000Episode 57Salma Hayek, Ray Romano60 min
    Season 2000Episode 58Natalie Portman, Lennox Lewis60 min
    Season 2000Episode 59David Spade, Marion Jones60 min
    Season 2000Episode 60Kim Basinger, Oasis60 min
    Season 2000Episode 61Dana Carvey, Alison Krauss & Union Station60 min
    Season 2000Episode 62Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mitch Hedberg60 min
    Season 2000Episode 63Stupid Human Tricks, Joaquin Phoenix, Mighty Mighty Bosstones60 min
    Season 2000Episode 64Betty White, Hanson60 min
    Season 2000Episode 65John Travolta, Cast of Kiss me Kate60 min
    Season 2000Episode 66Kelsey Grammer, Caroline Rhea60 min
    Season 2000Episode 67Kathie Lee Gifford, Debra Messing60 min
    Season 2000Episode 68Richard Simmons, Sarah Vowell60 min
    Season 2000Episode 69Gillian Anderson, Foo Fighters60 min
    Season 2000Episode 70David Hyde Pierce, Phish60 min
    Season 2000Episode 71Hugh Grant, Carly Simon60 min
    Season 2000Episode 72Jackie Chan, Jim Gaffigan60 min
    Season 2000Episode 73Ringo Starr, Jane Krakowski60 min
    Season 2000Episode 74Michael J. Fox, Richard Harris60 min
    Season 2000Episode 75Earvin 'Magic' Johnson, matchbox 2060 min
    Season 2000Episode 76Nathan Lane, Gloria Estefan60 min
    Season 2000Episode 77Sarah Jessica Parker, Penn & Teller60 min
    Season 2000Episode 78Dan Patrick, Owen Wilson, B.B. King60 min
    Season 2000Episode 79Alicia Silverstone, David Brenner60 min
    Season 2000Episode 80Lisa Kudrow, Tom Dreesen, Steve Earle and the Dukes60 min
    Season 2000Episode 81Robert Duvall, Don Henley60 min
    Season 2000Episode 82Roger Ebert, Nia Long60 min
    Season 2000Episode 83Martin Lawrence, Sinead O'Connor60 min
    Season 2000Episode 84Jimmy Connors, David Coulthard60 min
    Season 2000Episode 85Marv Albert, Heath Ledger, Bon Jovi60 min
    Season 2000Episode 86Calista Flockhart, Isaac Hayes60 min
    Season 2000Episode 87Naomi Campbell, Juan Montoya60 min
    Season 2000Episode 88Stupid Pet Tricks, Jimmy Kimmel, Billy Bragg & Wilco60 min
    Season 2000Episode 89John McEnroe, Busta Rhymes60 min
    Season 2000Episode 90Mark Wahlberg, The Deftones60 min
    Season 2000Episode 91Dana Carvey, No Doubt60 min
    Season 2000Episode 92Samuel L. Jackson, P.J. Ollson60 min
    Season 2000Episode 93Piedmont Bird Callers, Keenan Ivory Wayans60 min
    Season 2000Episode 94Tom Brokaw, Eric Idle60 min
    Season 2000Episode 95James Belushi, Third Eye Blind60 min
    Season 2000Episode 96Martha Stewart, Travis60 min
    Season 2000Episode 97George Clooney, Warren Zevon60 min
    Season 2000Episode 98Jay Thomas, David Sedaris60 min
    Season 2000Episode 99Tom Arnold, Brian Wilson60 min
    Season 2000Episode 100National Hollerin' Champions, Skye McCole Bartusiak60 min
    Season 2000Episode 101Ellen Degeneres, Sheryl Crow & Steve Earle60 min
    Season 2000Episode 102Daljit Dhaliwal, Shawn Wayans60 min
    Season 2000Episode 103Jason Alexander, Tracy Chapman60 min
    Season 2000Episode 104Bruce Willis, Elliot Smith60 min
    Season 2000Episode 105Marilu Henner, Dixie Chicks60 min
    Season 2000Episode 106Will Ferrell, Ben Folds Five60 min
    Season 2000Episode 107Jeff Daniels, Bob Sarlatte60 min
    Season 2000Episode 108Jon Stewart, Lucy Pearl60 min
    Season 2000Episode 109Harrison Ford60 min
    Season 2000Episode 110Don Rickles, Ween60 min
    Season 2000Episode 111Kathie Lee Gifford, Bev Tanner60 min
    Season 2000Episode 112Connie Chung, Harry Hill60 min
    Season 2000Episode 113Roseanne, David Gray60 min
    Season 2000Episode 114Edie Falco, Macy Gray60 min
    Season 2000Episode 115Nathan Lane, John Pizzarelli Trio60 min
    Season 2000Episode 116Joy Philbin, Joe Lockhart60 min
    Season 2000Episode 117Al Roker, Craig Ferguson60 min
    Season 2000Episode 118Darrell Hammond, Todd Rundgren60 min
    Season 2000Episode 119Tom Selleck, Jordan60 min
    Season 2000Episode 120Al Franken, Guster60 min
    Season 2000Episode 121Sam Donaldson, Kid Rock60 min
    Season 2000Episode 122Jennifer Lopez, Reggie Jones60 min
    Season 2000Episode 123Vince Vaughn, Eels60 min
    Season 2000Episode 124Wesley Snipes, Dido60 min
    Season 2000Episode 125Jon Favreau, Stone Temple Pilots60 min
    Season 2000Episode 126Jack Hanna, Wyclef Jean, Survivor Castaways60 min
    Season 2000Episode 127Richard Hatch, Shaquille O'Neal60 min
    Season 2000Episode 128Charles Grodin, Donal Logue60 min
    Season 2000Episode 129Mary Tyler Moore, Papa Roach60 min
    Season 2000Episode 130Ricki Lake, Adam Ferrara60 min
    Season 2000Episode 131Rudy Giuliani, Laetitia Casta60 min
    Season 2000Episode 132D.L. Hughley, Tony Bennett & Diana Krall60 min
    Season 2000Episode 133Tim Robbins, Andy Kindler60 min
    Season 2000Episode 134Carson Daly, Dwight Yoakam60 min
    Season 2000Episode 135Renee Zellweger, Bonnie Raitt60 min
    Season 2000Episode 136Jamie Foxx, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals60 min
    Season 2000Episode 137Jesse Ventura, Spinal Tap60 min
    Season 2000Episode 138Greg Kinnear, Jake Johannsen60 min
    Season 2000Episode 139Marat Safin, Sting60 min
    Season 2000Episode 140Chris Rock, Emmylou Harris60 min
    Season 2000Episode 141Sally Field, Eddie Irvine60 min
    Season 2000Episode 142Al Gore, Crosby Stills & Nash60 min
    Season 2000Episode 143Kate Hudson, Supergrass60 min
    Season 2000Episode 144Sylvester Stallone, Rocco DiSpirito60 min
    Season 2000Episode 145Gabriel Byrne, Kevin James60 min
    Season 2000Episode 146Denzel Washington, Mark Knopfler60 min
    Season 2000Episode 147Ray Romano, Ralph Nader60 min
    Season 2000Episode 148Jada Pinkett Smith, LL Cool J60 min
    Season 2000Episode 149Geena Davis, Tom Cavanagh60 min
    Season 2000Episode 150Christine Baranski, Green Day60 min
    Season 2000Episode 151Farrah Fawcett, Loretta Lynn60 min
    Season 2000Episode 152Kevin Spacey, Lenny Krayzelberg60 min
    Season 2000Episode 153Magic Johnson, Jewel60 min
    Season 2000Episode 154Ben Stiller, Merle Haggard60 min
    Season 2000Episode 155Regis Philbin, Jim Gaffigan60 min
    Season 2000Episode 156Jason Alexander, Anthony Boudain, Foo Fighters60 min
    Season 2000Episode 157Martha Stewart, Spike Lee60 min
    Season 2000Episode 158Mark Wahlberg, Incubus60 min
    Season 2000Episode 159James Caan, Angela Perez Baraquio60 min
    Season 2000Episode 160Helen Hunt, Willie Nelson60 min
    Season 2000Episode 161Joaquin Phoenix, Allison Moorer60 min
    Season 2000Episode 162George W. Bush60 min
    Season 2000Episode 163Lawrence Fishburne, Lenny Kravitz60 min
    Season 2000Episode 164Will Smith, Derek Jeter60 min
    Season 2000Episode 165Charlize Theron, Marion Jones60 min
    Season 2000Episode 166Alec Baldwin, Gil de Ferran60 min
    Season 2000Episode 167Kathie Lee Gifford, Mark Borchardt60 min
    Season 2000Episode 168Madonna60 min
    Season 2000Episode 169Don Rickles, Moby & Gwen Stefani60 min
    Season 2000Episode 170Adam Sandler, Outkast60 min
    Season 2000Episode 171Cokie Roberts, Patricia Arquette60 min
    Season 2000Episode 172Lucy Liu, Aaron Neville60 min
    Season 2000Episode 173Kid Scientists, Samuel L. Jackson60 min
    Season 2000Episode 174Bruce Willis, Charles Barkley60 min
    Season 2000Episode 175Mike Myers, Ricky Martin60 min
    Season 2000Episode 176Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Elliot60 min
    Season 2000Episode 177Val Kilmer, Everclear60 min
    Season 2000Episode 178Susan Sarandon, Kasey Chambers60 min
    Season 2000Episode 179Brian Williams, Faith Hill60 min
    Season 2000Episode 180Richard Simmons, Giselle Bundchen60 min
    Season 2000Episode 181Stupid Human Tricks, Keri Russell60 min
    Season 2000Episode 182Matthew Broderick, David Gray60 min
    Season 2000Episode 183Bette Midler, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 2000Episode 184Martha Stewart, Christina Aquilera60 min
    Season 2000Episode 185Jon Stewart, Everlast60 min
    Season 2000Episode 186Mel Gibson, Todd Barry60 min
    Season 2000Episode 187Charles Grodin, Bobby LaBonte60 min
    Season 2000Episode 188Jay Thomas, Orny Adams60 min
    Season 2000Episode 189Helen Hunt, Robert Klein60 min
    Season 2000Episode 190CBS Mailbag, At the Drive-In60 min
    Season 2000Episode 191Sean Connery, Barenaked Ladies60 min
    Season 2000Episode 192Tom Hanks, Darlene Love60 min
    Season 2000Episode 193George Clooney, Sade60 min
    Season 2000Episode 194Juliette Binoche, Jonathan Witherspoon60 min
    Season 2000Episode 195Uma Thurman, Brian Regan60 min
    Season 2000Episode 196Lily Tomlin, Anthony Clark60 min
    Season 2000Episode 197Jay Mohr, Snoop Dogg60 min
    Season 2000Episode 198Benjamin Bratt, Jimmie Walker60 min
    Season 2000Episode 199Matt Damon, Fuel60 min
    Season 2001Episode 1Sarah Jessica Parker, Jamie Bell60 min
    Season 2001Episode 2Tim Robbins, Julie Bowen60 min
    Season 2001Episode 3Dennis Quaid, Jason Seahorn60 min
    Season 2001Episode 4Kim Cattrall, Bob Sarlatte60 min
    Season 2001Episode 5Christine Baranski, Seal60 min
    Season 2001Episode 6Dan Rather, Vinnie Jones60 min
    Season 2001Episode 7Sean Penn, Lauren Kessler60 min
    Season 2001Episode 8Matthew McConaughey, Elle Macpherson60 min
    Season 2001Episode 9Neve Campbell, George Miller60 min
    Season 2001Episode 10Tom Selleck, Richard Ashcroft60 min
    Season 2001Episode 11John Goodman, 3 Doors Down60 min
    Season 2001Episode 12Dolly Parton, William Peterson60 min
    Season 2001Episode 13Patricia Heaton, Jeff Pobst60 min
    Season 2001Episode 14Keanu Reeves, Tony Siragusa60 min
    Season 2001Episode 15Jack Black, Aimee Mann60 min
    Season 2001Episode 16Anthony Hopkins, Erykah Badu60 min
    Season 2001Episode 17Jennifer Lopez, matchbox twenty60 min
    Season 2001Episode 18Marv Albert, Katie Holmes60 min
    Season 2001Episode 19Regis Philbin, Rod Stewart60 min
    Season 2001Episode 20David Boreanaz, Mitch Hedberg60 min
    Season 2001Episode 21Kelly Ripa, Jamie Oliver60 min
    Season 2001Episode 22Stupid Pet Tricks, Tom Cavanagh60 min
    Season 2001Episode 23Chris Rock, Spacehog60 min
    Season 2001Episode 24Stephanie Seymour, Nelly60 min
    Season 2001Episode 25Megan Mullally, Eddie Brill60 min
    Season 2001Episode 26Julia Roberts60 min
    Season 2001Episode 27Samuel L. Jackson, Timothy Treadwell60 min
    Season 2001Episode 28James Caan, Nelly Furtado60 min
    Season 2001Episode 29Benicio Del Toro, Shaggy60 min
    Season 2001Episode 30Bill O'Reilly, Jim Gaffigan60 min
    Season 2001Episode 31Kevin Pollack, Dave Matthews Band60 min
    Season 2001Episode 32Heather Locklear, Allison Krauss, Gillian Welch, Emmylou Harris, The Soggy Bottom Boys60 min
    Season 2001Episode 33Tom Brokaw, Leslie Bibb60 min
    Season 2001Episode 34Martin Short, Jake Johannsen60 min
    Season 2001Episode 35Michael Imperiloli, Josh Joplin Group60 min
    Season 2001Episode 36Janet Jackson, Jill Scott60 min
    Season 2001Episode 37Denis Leary, Anne Bancroft & Liv Arnesen60 min
    Season 2001Episode 38Cokie Roberts, Uncle Kracker60 min
    Season 2001Episode 39Antonio Banderas, Nick Cave60 min
    Season 2001Episode 40Kristin Davis, Grant Paulsen60 min
    Season 2001Episode 41Jerry Seinfeld, Paul Simon60 min
    Season 2001Episode 42George Carlin, Powderfinger60 min
    Season 2001Episode 43Nathan Lane, Shannon Elizabeth, Cast of The Producers60 min
    Season 2001Episode 44Jennifer Love Hewitt, Train60 min
    Season 2001Episode 45Johnny Knoxville, The Go-Go's60 min
    Season 2001Episode 46Isabella Rossellini, Wendy Lieberman60 min
    Season 2001Episode 47Craig Kilborn, Warren Zevon60 min
    Season 2001Episode 48Hugh Grant, Sade60 min
    Season 2001Episode 49Paul Reubens, Run DMC & Stephan Jenkins60 min
    Season 2001Episode 50David Spade, Amanda & Jonny Schwebel60 min
    Season 2001Episode 51Carson Daley, Jann Karem, The CBS Giant Orchestra60 min
    Season 2001Episode 52Mike Krzyzewski, Semisonic60 min
    Season 2001Episode 53Renee Zellweger, Stephen Malkmus60 min
    Season 2001Episode 54Holly Hunter, Idlewild60 min
    Season 2001Episode 55Tom Green, Dr. Geoffrey Marcy60 min
    Season 2001Episode 56LL Cool J, The Living End60 min
    Season 2001Episode 57Liv Tyler, Billy Idol60 min
    Season 2001Episode 58Billy Crystal, The Bee-Gees60 min
    Season 2001Episode 59Don Rickles, Jayson Williams60 min
    Season 2001Episode 60Sylvester Stallone, Green Day60 min
    Season 2001Episode 61John Goodman, Jeff Stilson60 min
    Season 2001Episode 62Kirsten Dunst, Cirque de Soleil60 min
    Season 2001Episode 63Matthew Broderick, Brandi Chastain60 min
    Season 2001Episode 64Regis Philbin, David Gray60 min
    Season 2001Episode 65Bill Murray, Stevie Nicks60 min
    Season 2001Episode 66Joan Cusack, Andy Kindler60 min
    Season 2001Episode 67Tina Wesson, Kate Hudson, The Blind Boys of Alabama60 min
    Season 2001Episode 68Uma Thurman, Blues Traveler60 min
    Season 2001Episode 69Kid Scientists, Juliette Lewis60 min
    Season 2001Episode 70Jenna Elfman, Destiny's Child60 min
    Season 2001Episode 71Heath Ledger, Lewis Black60 min
    Season 2001Episode 72Charlie Sheen, Missy Elliot60 min
    Season 2001Episode 73John Travolta, R.E.M.60 min
    Season 2001Episode 74Mike Myers, David Byrne60 min
    Season 2001Episode 75Andrea Noceti, Jack Hannah, Ricky Martin60 min
    Season 2001Episode 76Kelsey Grammar, Smothers Brothers60 min
    Season 2001Episode 77Ray Romano, Dennis Tito60 min
    Season 2001Episode 78Stupid Human Tricks, Ellen DeGeneres60 min
    Season 2001Episode 79Alec Baldwin, Yogi Berra60 min
    Season 2001Episode 80Tom Brokaw, Badly Drawn Boy60 min
    Season 2001Episode 81Danny DeVito, Larry Miller60 min
    Season 2001Episode 82Helio Castroneves, Tom Dreesen, Lucinda Williams60 min
    Season 2001Episode 83David Duchovny, Trisha Yearwood60 min
    Season 2001Episode 84Jimmy Fallon, The Black Crowes60 min
    Season 2001Episode 85Dan Rather, Elvis Costello & Anne Sofie von Otter60 min
    Season 2001Episode 86Andy Dick, Brian Regan60 min
    Season 2001Episode 87Marv Albert, Sugar Ray60 min
    Season 2001Episode 88Luke Perry, Jim White60 min
    Season 2001Episode 89Kim Cattrell, Mary Chapin Carpenter60 min
    Season 2001Episode 90Star Jones, blink-18260 min
    Season 2001Episode 91Jon Stewart, David Brenner60 min
    Season 2001Episode 92Dikenbe Mutombo, David Bowley, Cesaria Evora60 min
    Season 2001Episode 93Tom Arnold, David Sedaris60 min
    Season 2001Episode 94Jimmy Kimmel, PJ Harvey60 min
    Season 2001Episode 95Ewan McGregor, Moby60 min
    Season 2001Episode 96Chris Elliott, Harry Hill60 min
    Season 2001Episode 97John McCain, Shawn Wayans60 min
    Season 2001Episode 98Catherine Zeta-Jones, Depeche Mode60 min
    Season 2001Episode 99Marlon Wayans, Alan Webb, Coldplay60 min
    Season 2001Episode 100Sean Hayes, Brian Wilson, Darrius Rucker, Matthew Sweet60 min
    Season 2001Episode 101Tony Danza, Nick DiPaolo60 min
    Season 2001Episode 102Reese Witherspoon, Jonatha Brooke60 min
    Season 2001Episode 103Julia Roberts, Travis60 min
    Season 2001Episode 104Edward Norton, Dido60 min
    Season 2001Episode 105Juliana Marguiles, George Miller60 min
    Season 2001Episode 106Vince Vaughn, Elayne Boosler60 min
    Season 2001Episode 107Piedmont Bird Callers, Hank Azaria, Maria McKee60 min
    Season 2001Episode 108Kelly Ripa, Bob Sarlotte60 min
    Season 2001Episode 109John McEnroe, Youssou N'Dour60 min
    Season 2001Episode 110Jon Favreau, The Holmes Brothers60 min
    Season 2001Episode 111Billy Crystal, Al Lubel60 min
    Season 2001Episode 112Jeff Meyer, Christopher Walken, Widespread Panic60 min
    Season 2001Episode 113Tom Selleck, David Rakoff60 min
    Season 2001Episode 114Mark Wahlberg, Michael Lomonaco, Tegan & Sara60 min
    Season 2001Episode 115Greg Kinnear, Afro Celt Sound System & Peter Gabriel60 min
    Season 2001Episode 116Marilu Henner, Hugh Fink60 min
    Season 2001Episode 117Kristin Davis, Nanci Griffith, Mark Borschardt60 min
    Season 2001Episode 118Sean Combs60 min
    Season 2001Episode 119Lance Armstrong, Thora Birch, Jamie O'Neal60 min
    Season 2001Episode 120Nicole Kidman, Iggy Pop60 min
    Season 2001Episode 121Antonio Banderas, Jeffrey Ross60 min
    Season 2001Episode 122Will Ferrell, Tom Dreesen60 min
    Season 2001Episode 123Bob Newhart, Maxwell60 min
    Season 2001Episode 124National Hollerin' Champions, Julia Stiles, Habib Koite & Bamada60 min
    Season 2001Episode 125Brooke Shields, John McEnroe, Joe Henry60 min
    Season 2001Episode 126Eric Kraff, Goran Ivanisevic60 min
    Season 2001Episode 127Connie Chung60 min
    Season 2001Episode 128Jason Biggs, Daniel Tosh, Etta James60 min
    Season 2001Episode 129Charles Grodin, Michael Franti & Spearhead60 min
    Season 2001Episode 130Sarah Jessica Parker, John Witherspoon60 min
    Season 2001Episode 131Helen Fielding, Al Lubel60 min
    Season 2001Episode 132Tom Arnold, Brandi Chastain, Ralph Stanley & The Whites60 min
    Season 2001Episode 133David Schwimmer, Bjork60 min
    Season 2001Episode 134Carson Daly, US Marine Corps60 min
    Season 2001Episode 135Tim Robbins, Amy Sedaris, Jimmy Eat World60 min
    Season 2001Episode 136Eugene Levy, Rich Hall60 min
    Season 2001Episode 137Dan Rather, Regis Philbin60 min
    Season 2001Episode 138Bryant Gumbel, Denis Leary, Tori Amos60 min
    Season 2001Episode 139Matthew Broderick, John Miller, Odetta & The Boys Choir of Harlem60 min
    Season 2001Episode 140Walter Cronkite, Will Ferrell, Jewel60 min
    Season 2001Episode 141Merideth Viera, Stephen Ambrose, Sheryl Crow, Emmylou Harris, and Gillian Welch60 min
    Season 2001Episode 142Rudolph Giuliani, Katie Harmon60 min
    Season 2001Episode 143Marcia Gay Harden, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Pete Yorn60 min
    Season 2001Episode 144Thomas Von Essen, Ben Stiller, Tenacious D60 min
    Season 2001Episode 145Hillary Clinton, Cast of '42nd Street'60 min
    Season 2001Episode 146Jason Alexander, Don Zimmer, Wyclef Jean60 min
    Season 2001Episode 147Elton John, Steve Zahn60 min
    Season 2001Episode 148Kate Beckinsale, Chris Kattan, Sarah Harmer60 min
    Season 2001Episode 149John Cusack, Grant Paulsen, Joe Strummer60 min
    Season 2001Episode 150Owen Wilson, Lisa Ling, Ryan Adams60 min
    Season 2001Episode 151Joshua Jackson, Tiki Barber, Emo Phillips60 min
    Season 2001Episode 152Farrah Fawcett, Tina Fey, Garbage60 min
    Season 2001Episode 153Tom Cavanagh, Steve Hartman, Leona Naess60 min
    Season 2001Episode 154Nathan Lane, Cokie Roberts60 min
    Season 2001Episode 155Bruce Willis, Cody Arens, Alicia Keys60 min
    Season 2001Episode 156Rose McGowen, Sarah Vowell, Jim Gaffigan60 min
    Season 2001Episode 157Steve Kroft, Bruce McCall, John Mellencamp60 min
    Season 2001Episode 158Jack Hannah, Justin Long, Daniel Rodriguez60 min
    Season 2001Episode 159Ethan Hawke, Judith Miller, Quincy Jones60 min
    Season 2001Episode 160John McCain, Brittany Murphy, Macy Gray60 min
    Season 2001Episode 161Kevin Kline, Richard Holbrooke, Caroline Rhea60 min
    Season 2001Episode 162David Hyde Pierce, U260 min
    Season 2001Episode 163David Spade, Marv Albert, Laurie Anderson60 min
    Season 2001Episode 164Kevin Spacey, Amy Sedaris60 min
    Season 2001Episode 165Tom Brokaw, Gene Catron60 min
    Season 2001Episode 166John Travolta, Harland Williams60 min
    Season 2001Episode 167Jack Black, Tony Bennett60 min
    Season 2001Episode 168Billy Crystal, Brittany Spears60 min
    Season 2001Episode 169Marge Helgenberger, Gil de Ferran, Lyle Lovett60 min
    Season 2001Episode 170Stupid Pet Tricks, Vince Vaughn, Faith Evans60 min
    Season 2001Episode 171Richard Dreyfus, Brett Butler60 min
    Season 2001Episode 172Martin Lawrence, Natalie Merchant60 min
    Season 2001Episode 173Barbara Walters, David Radcliffe, Natalie Merchant60 min
    Season 2001Episode 174Harry Connick Jr., Bernie Mac60 min
    Season 2001Episode 175Steve Martin, Earl Scruggs60 min
    Season 2001Episode 176Richard Harris, George Carlin60 min
    Season 2001Episode 177Kevin James, Deion Sanders60 min
    Season 2001Episode 178Julia Roberts, Shelby Lynne60 min
    Season 2001Episode 179Jenna Elfman, Kid Rock60 min
    Season 2001Episode 180David Sedaris, Five for Fighting60 min
    Season 2001Episode 181Ray Romano, Mitch Hedberg60 min
    Season 2001Episode 182Kelly Ripa, Mort Sahl60 min
    Season 2001Episode 183George Clooney, Martha Stewart60 min
    Season 2001Episode 184Noah Wyle, George Miller, Carole King60 min
    Season 2001Episode 185Julia Stiles, Jeff Gordon60 min
    Season 2001Episode 186Jada Pinkett Smith, Thomas Friedman60 min
    Season 2001Episode 187Ellen DeGeneres, Dave Gorman, Kelly Goldsmith60 min
    Season 2001Episode 188Mariah Carey, Elijah Wood, Stereophonics60 min
    Season 2001Episode 189Andy Garcia, Chris Matthews60 min
    Season 2001Episode 190Kid Scientists, Liv Tyler, Cake60 min
    Season 2001Episode 191Michelle Pfeiffer, Dennis Regan60 min
    Season 2001Episode 192Meg Ryan, Diana Krall60 min
    Season 2001Episode 193Kevin Spacey, Jerome Bettis, Jane Monheit60 min
    Season 2001Episode 194Jamie Foxx, Rhys Ifans, Darlene Love60 min
    Season 2001Episode 195Marisa Tomei, Lenny Kravitz60 min
    Season 2001Episode 196Peter Jennings, Tom Ryan60 min
    Season 2001Episode 197Ian McKellan, Phil Simms60 min
    Season 2001Episode 198Rudolph Giuliani, P.O.D.60 min
    Season 2001Episode 199Lauren Graham, Eddie Brill60 min
    Season 2002Episode 1Gwyneth Paltrow, Starsailor60 min
    Season 2002Episode 2Cate Blanchett, Timothy Treadwell60 min
    Season 2002Episode 3Jennifer Connelly, Colin Soloway60 min
    Season 2002Episode 4Jack Black, Foo Fighters60 min
    Season 2002Episode 5Tom Cruise, Tom Papa60 min
    Season 2002Episode 6Ethan Zohn, Josh Hartnett, Remy Zero60 min
    Season 2002Episode 7Cuba Gooding Jr., Jewel60 min
    Season 2002Episode 8David Brenner, Howie Long, Jewel60 min
    Season 2002Episode 9Cynthia Nixon, Mario Andretti, Willie Nelson & Rob Thomas60 min
    Season 2002Episode 10Darrell Hammond, Elayne Boosler, Willie Nelson & Lyle Lovett60 min
    Season 2002Episode 11Jimmy Kimmell, Julie Bowen, Cracker60 min
    Season 2002Episode 12Bruce Willis, Ivan Neville60 min
    Season 2002Episode 13Tim Russert, Jason Schwartzman60 min
    Season 2002Episode 14Merv Griffin, Phantom Planet60 min
    Season 2002Episode 15Regis Philbin, Steven Wright60 min
    Season 2002Episode 16LL Cool J, John McEnroe60 min
    Season 2002Episode 17Amy Brenneman, Martin Rees, Shakira60 min
    Season 2002Episode 18Adam Vinatieri, Chris Matthews60 min
    Season 2002Episode 19Mariska Harkitay, George Divoky, Alan Jackson60 min
    Season 2002Episode 20Andy Richter, Jake Johannsen60 min
    Season 2002Episode 21Janet Jackson, Enrique Iglesias60 min
    Season 2002Episode 22Denis Leary, India.Arie60 min
    Season 2002Episode 23Kelly Clark, Jeri Ryan60 min
    Season 2002Episode 24Calista Flockhart, Incubus60 min
    Season 2002Episode 25Colin Farrell, Colin Quinn60 min
    Season 2002Episode 26Ross Powers, Mila Kunis60 min
    Season 2002Episode 27Casey FitzRandolph, Ashleigh Banfield60 min
    Season 2002Episode 28Simon Ammann, Kevin Bacon60 min
    Season 2002Episode 29Halle Berry, Jonny Moseley60 min
    Season 2002Episode 30Richard Dreyfuss, Jeff Foxworthy60 min
    Season 2002Episode 31Jill Bakken and Vonnetta Flowers, Kelsey Grammer, Alanis Morissette60 min
    Season 2002Episode 32Martin Short, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 2002Episode 33Stupid Human Tricks, Cher60 min
    Season 2002Episode 34Tom Arnold, Nappy Roots60 min
    Season 2002Episode 35Cokie Roberts, Al Lubel60 min
    Season 2002Episode 36Ray Romano, Jason Kidd60 min
    Season 2002Episode 37Regis Philbin, Andie MacDowell, Evelyn Glennie60 min
    Season 2002Episode 38Rene Russo, Bob Sarlatte, The Chieftains60 min
    Season 2002Episode 39John McCain, The White Stripes60 min
    Season 2002Episode 40Jon Stewart, Kit Armstrong60 min
    Season 2002Episode 41Bonnie Hunt, N.E.R.D.60 min
    Season 2002Episode 42Adam Arkin, Amy Sedaris, Midnight Oil60 min
    Season 2002Episode 43Barbara Walters, Shannon McNally60 min
    Season 2002Episode 44Peter Krause, Doris Kearns Goodwin60 min
    Season 2002Episode 45Robin Williams, Sevendust60 min
    Season 2002Episode 46Andy Dick, Mike Britt60 min
    Season 2002Episode 47Marv Albert, Charlotte Ross60 min
    Season 2002Episode 48Tim Robbins, Jimmie Walker, Cast of Oklahoma60 min
    Season 2002Episode 49Michael J. Fox, Patti Smith60 min
    Season 2002Episode 50Selma Blair, Dick Enberg60 min
    Season 2002Episode 51Bob Newhart, Demetri Martin60 min
    Season 2002Episode 52Rosie Perez, George Miller60 min
    Season 2002Episode 53John Ashcroft60 min
    Season 2002Episode 54Sandra Bullock, Billy Norris, Sheryl Crow60 min
    Season 2002Episode 55Dee Dee Davis, Cameron Diaz, The Strokes60 min
    Season 2002Episode 56Matthew Conaughey, John Witherspoon60 min
    Season 2002Episode 57Ashton Kutcher, Oliver Atukudzi60 min
    Season 2002Episode 58Landon Shuffett, Seth Green, Elvis Costello60 min
    Season 2002Episode 59Tiffani Thiessen, Bill Walton, Bonnie Raitt60 min
    Season 2002Episode 60Charlie Sheen, Paul Westerberg60 min
    Season 2002Episode 61The Rock, Dwayne Kennedy60 min
    Season 2002Episode 62Charlie Sheen, Paul Westerberg60 min
    Season 2002Episode 63Incredible Dog Challenge, Debra Messing, Wilco60 min
    Season 2002Episode 64Kirsten Dunst, Steve Nash, Angie Stone & The O'Jays60 min
    Season 2002Episode 65Tobey Maquire, Trey Anastasio60 min
    Season 2002Episode 66Jennifer Garner, Jim Gaffigan60 min
    Season 2002Episode 67Mary Tyler Moore, Norah Jones60 min
    Season 2002Episode 68Richard Gere, Reggie Miller60 min
    Season 2002Episode 69Will Ferrell, Tom Waits60 min
    Season 2002Episode 70Hugh Grant, Tony Hawk60 min
    Season 2002Episode 71Gillian Andersen, Jonathan Katz60 min
    Season 2002Episode 72Liza Minnelli60 min
    Season 2002Episode 73Kid Scientists, Allison Janney, Al Green60 min
    Season 2002Episode 74Alec Baldwin, Ted Nugent60 min
    Season 2002Episode 75Stupid Human Tricks, Natalie Portman, X-ecutioners, Xzhibit, Biohazard60 min
    Season 2002Episode 76Kathie Lee Gifford, Brian Regan60 min
    Season 2002Episode 77Vecepia Towerey, Hilary Swank, The Firecrackers60 min
    Season 2002Episode 78Diane Sawyer, Jesse Martin60 min
    Season 2002Episode 79Jennifer Lopez, April Kleinschmidt, Patty Loveless60 min
    Season 2002Episode 80Jon Favreau, David Rakoff, Anton Figg60 min
    Season 2002Episode 81Charles Grodin, Wendy Liebman60 min
    Season 2002Episode 82Jimmy Kimmel, Tom Dreesen, Goo Goo Dolls60 min
    Season 2002Episode 83Celine Dion, Helio Castroneves60 min
    Season 2002Episode 84Chris Rock, Jack Johnson60 min
    Season 2002Episode 85Nicolas Cage, Abi Thomas, Jimmy Eat World60 min
    Season 2002Episode 86Zach Braff, Kathleen Madigan60 min
    Season 2002Episode 87Christian Slater, David Bowie60 min
    Season 2002Episode 88Sarah Michelle Gellar, John McEnroe60 min
    Season 2002Episode 89Freddie Prinze, Jr., Alicia Keys60 min
    Season 2002Episode 90Jodie Foster, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 2002Episode 91Matt Damon, Marc Maron60 min
    Season 2002Episode 92Stupid Human Tricks, Tom Cruise, The Flatlanders60 min
    Season 2002Episode 93Ellen DeGeneres, Al Franken60 min
    Season 2002Episode 94Piedmont Birdcallers, Lauren Ambrose, Moby60 min
    Season 2002Episode 95Harrison Ford, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead60 min
    Season 2002Episode 96Connie Chung, Gary Mule Deer60 min
    Season 2002Episode 97Will Smith, Landon Donovan, Yo Yo Ma & The Silk Road Project60 min
    Season 2002Episode 98National Hollering Champions, Adam Sandler, Trik Turner60 min
    Season 2002Episode 99Tom Brokaw, Bow Wow60 min
    Season 2002Episode 100Michelle Williams, Barry Sonnenfeld60 min
    Season 2002Episode 101Christina Ricci, Daniel Tosh, Ben Kweller60 min
    Season 2002Episode 102Tom Hanks, Dolly Parton60 min
    Season 2002Episode 103Stupid Pet Tricks, Jude Law, rubyhorse60 min
    Season 2002Episode 104Robin Williams, Pat Green60 min
    Season 2002Episode 105Paul Newman, Counting Crows60 min
    Season 2002Episode 106Nathan Lane, Hugh Fink60 min
    Season 2002Episode 107Serena Williams, Tom Arnold, Dave Matthews Band60 min
    Season 2002Episode 108Catherine Keener, Mario Batali, Solomon Burke60 min
    Season 2002Episode 109Sarah Jessica Parker, Etta James60 min
    Season 2002Episode 110Geena Davis, Robert Plant60 min
    Season 2002Episode 111Ted Koppel, Wendy Liebman60 min
    Season 2002Episode 112Haley Joel Osment, Bill Scheft, Dashboard Confessional60 min
    Season 2002Episode 113Kristen Johnson, Kinky60 min
    Season 2002Episode 114Dana Carvey, Ben Kilham60 min
    Season 2002Episode 115Amy Sedaris, Chazz Palminteri, Weezer60 min
    Season 2002Episode 116Bill Cosby, Tift Merritt60 min
    Season 2002Episode 117Julia Stiles, Mike Daisey, Wyclef Jean60 min
    Season 2002Episode 118Joan Rivers, Zooey Deschanel60 min
    Season 2002Episode 119Blaine Mayhugh, Joaquin Phoenix, Little Richard60 min
    Season 2002Episode 120Mike Myers, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band60 min
    Season 2002Episode 121Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Mitch Hedberg60 min
    Season 2002Episode 122Matthew Perry, The Vines60 min
    Season 2002Episode 123Robin Williams, James Taylor60 min
    Season 2002Episode 124Al Pacino, Roger Clemens60 min
    Season 2002Episode 125Elizabeth Hurley, Tom Ryan60 min
    Season 2002Episode 126Stupid Human Tricks, Jimmy Fallon, Dirty Vegas60 min
    Season 2002Episode 127Chris Elliott, Eliza Dushku, Dixie Chicks60 min
    Season 2002Episode 128John Travolta, Nelly60 min
    Season 2002Episode 129Caroline Rhea, Jake Gyllenhall60 min
    Season 2002Episode 130Martin Short, Lewis Black60 min
    Season 2002Episode 131Amanda Peet, Tom Dreesen60 min
    Season 2002Episode 132Jeff Goldblum, George Miller60 min
    Season 2002Episode 133Drea de Matteo, Sarah Vowell, The Doves60 min
    Season 2002Episode 134Peter Jennings, John Witherspoon60 min
    Season 2002Episode 135John McEnroe, Piper Perabo, Queens of the Stone Age60 min
    Season 2002Episode 136Jennifer Esposito, Marianne Faithful60 min
    Season 2002Episode 137Bill Clinton, Nanci Griffith60 min
    Season 2002Episode 138Regis Philbin, Linda Thompson60 min
    Season 2002Episode 139Megan Mullally, Rich Hall60 min
    Season 2002Episode 140Bruce Willis, Eve60 min
    Season 2002Episode 141Jack Hanna, Tom Cavanagh, Civil War Reenactment60 min
    Season 2002Episode 142Reese Witherspoon, Juan Montoya, India.Arie60 min
    Season 2002Episode 143Rose McGowan, Phillipe Petit60 min
    Season 2002Episode 144Lauren Graham, Colin Quinn60 min
    Season 2002Episode 145Patricia Heaton, Murray Walker60 min
    Season 2002Episode 146David Schwimmer, Avril Lavigne60 min
    Season 2002Episode 147Anthony LaPaglia, Effie Nielson, Clinic60 min
    Season 2002Episode 148Edward Norton, John Mayer60 min
    Season 2002Episode 149David Arquette, Todd Lynn60 min
    Season 2002Episode 150Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers60 min
    Season 2002Episode 151John McCain, David Sedaris60 min
    Season 2002Episode 152Charles Barkley, Franco Zeffirelli, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band60 min
    Season 2002Episode 153Michelle Pfeiffer, Bon Jovi60 min
    Season 2002Episode 154Johnny Knoxville, Ron White60 min
    Season 2002Episode 155Debra Messing, Pink60 min
    Season 2002Episode 156Thandie Newton, Faith Hill60 min
    Season 2002Episode 157Rudolph Giuliani, Naomi Watts60 min
    Season 2002Episode 158Samuel L. Jackson, Santana & Michelle Branch60 min
    Season 2002Episode 159P. Diddy, Eddie Brill60 min
    Season 2002Episode 160Bonnie Hunt, Christina Aquilera60 min
    Season 2002Episode 161Salma Hayek, Tori Amos60 min
    Season 2002Episode 162Warren Zevon60 min
    Season 2002Episode 163Jerry Seinfeld, Foo Fighters60 min
    Season 2002Episode 164Don Rickles, Jim Gaffigan60 min
    Season 2002Episode 165Stupid Human Tricks, Sean Hayes, Willie Nelson & Ryan Adams60 min
    Season 2002Episode 166Julianne Moore, Grant Paulsen, Blind Boys of Alabama60 min
    Season 2002Episode 167Kid Inventors, Tom Brokaw, The Wallflowers60 min
    Season 2002Episode 168Brittany Murphy, Al Lubel60 min
    Season 2002Episode 169Robin Williams, Emily Proctor60 min
    Season 2002Episode 170Kelly Ripa, Emmitt Smith, Missy Elliott60 min
    Season 2002Episode 171Barbara Walters, Joe Pantoliano60 min
    Season 2002Episode 172Maggie Gyllenhaal, Pearl Jam60 min
    Season 2002Episode 173Al Gore, Pearl Jam60 min
    Season 2002Episode 174Kevin James, matchbox 2060 min
    Season 2002Episode 175Shania Twain, Cristiano da Matta60 min
    Season 2002Episode 176Adam Sandler, Pussycat Dolls60 min
    Season 2002Episode 177Ice Cube, Cast of Hairspray60 min
    Season 2002Episode 178Harry Connick Jr., Larry Miller60 min
    Season 2002Episode 179Stupid Pet Tricks, Lisa Kudrow, Audioslave60 min
    Season 2002Episode 180George Clooney, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 2002Episode 181Ray Romano, Jurassic 560 min
    Season 2002Episode 182Amy Sedaris, The Strokes60 min
    Season 2002Episode 183Liza Minnelli, Jann Karam60 min
    Season 2002Episode 184Jennifer Lopez, Sum 4160 min
    Season 2002Episode 185Jason Alexander, Ryan Adams60 min
    Season 2002Episode 186Nia Vardalos, Barry Sonnenfeld60 min
    Season 2002Episode 187Allison Janney, Martin Scorsese60 min
    Season 2002Episode 188Natasha Richardson, Mike Birbiglia, David Gray60 min
    Season 2002Episode 189Catherine Zeta-Jones, Coldplay60 min
    Season 2002Episode 190Drew Barrymore, Rod Stewart60 min
    Season 2002Episode 191Denzel Washington, Daniel Bouloud60 min
    Season 2002Episode 192Tom Hanks, Phish60 min
    Season 2002Episode 193Liv Tyler, Jay Thomas, Darlene Love60 min
    Season 2002Episode 194Ashton Kutcher, Jason Kidd60 min
    Season 2002Episode 195Isabella Rossellini, Mort Sahl60 min
    Season 2003Episode 1Michael Caine, George Foreman60 min
    Season 2003Episode 2Richard Gere, Chris Elliott60 min
    Season 2003Episode 3Merv Griffin, Interpol60 min
    Season 2003Episode 4Renee Zellweger, Chuck Barris60 min
    Season 2003Episode 5Andy Richter, Rich Hall60 min
    Season 2003Episode 6Jimmy Kimmel, Simon Baker60 min
    Season 2003Episode 7Claire Danes, Bob Sarlatte60 min
    Season 2003Episode 8Sandra Bullock, Marv Albert60 min
    Season 2003Episode 9George Clooney, Soundtrack of Our Lives60 min
    Season 2003Episode 10Joan Rivers, Kathleen Edwards60 min
    Season 2003Episode 11Simon Cowell, Topher Grace, Vienna Teng60 min
    Season 2003Episode 12Regis Philbin, John C. Reilly60 min
    Season 2003Episode 13Tina Fey, Jonathan Ames, Johnny Marr & The Healers60 min
    Season 2003Episode 14Ellen DeGeneres, Zwan60 min
    Season 2003Episode 15Bonnie Hunt, John Witherspoon60 min
    Season 2003Episode 16Show #1944Kate Hudson, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 2003Episode 17Matthew McConaughey, John Gruden, The Roots60 min
    Season 2003Episode 18Kelsey Grammer, Michael Tong, B.B. King and Shemeika Copeland60 min
    Season 2003Episode 19Stupid Pet Tricks, Tom Brokaw, The Pretenders60 min
    Season 2003Episode 20Brendan Fraser, Kids in The Hall, Bonnie Raitt, Keb' Mo, Kim Wilson60 min
    Season 2003Episode 21Matthew Broderick, Tony Bennett & k.d. Lang60 min
    Season 2003Episode 22Amy Brennamen, Nate Erwin, Vince Gill60 min
    Season 2003Episode 23Queen Latifah, Colin Quinn, Lou Reed60 min
    Season 2003Episode 24Kid Scientists, Kurt Russell60 min
    Season 2003Episode 25Kate Winslet, Dennis Regan, Rufus Wainwright60 min
    Season 2003Episode 26Dr. Phil, Beck60 min
    Season 2003Episode 27Vince Vaughn, Sarah Vowel, Beck60 min
    Season 2003Episode 28Kevin Spacey, Reggie Miller60 min
    Season 2003Episode 29Champion Turkey Callers, Marg Helgenberger, The Flaming Lips60 min
    Season 2003Episode 30Jeff Daniels, Lynne Cox, Steven Wright60 min
    Season 2003Episode 31Steve Martin, Foo Fighters60 min
    Season 2003Episode 32Stupid Human Tricks, Sharon Osborne, Norah Jones60 min
    Season 2003Episode 33Bruce Willis, Dan Rather, Carmen Electra, Brian Kiley60 min
    Season 2003Episode 34John McEnroe, Tom Arnold, Eric Ripert, Todd Barry, Jason Mras60 min
    Season 2003Episode 35Regis Philbin, Charles Grodin, Susan Lucci, Greg Giraldo, Kathleen Edwards60 min
    Season 2003Episode 36Whoopi Goldberg, Jessica Lange, Dave Chappelle, Andy Vistola, Ben Harper60 min
    Season 2003Episode 37Vince Vaughn, Rosie Perez, Geri Halliwell, Dwayne Kennedy, Paul Simon60 min
    Season 2003Episode 38Elvis Costello, Kim Cattrell, Eddie Izzard, Mitch Hedberg60 min
    Season 2003Episode 39Will Ferrell, Chris Rock, Crispin Glover, Jake Johannsen, American Hi-Fi60 min
    Season 2003Episode 40Megan Mullally, Molly Shannon, Isaac Mizrahi, Bonnie McFarlane60 min
    Season 2003Episode 41Brad Garrett, Cuba Gooding Jr., Julie Bowen, Reggie McFadden, Lyle Lovett60 min
    Season 2003Episode 42Tom Dreesen, Kiefer Sutherland, Frank Gershin, Suzanne Westenhoefer, The Music60 min
    Season 2003Episode 43Bonnie Hunt, Carson Daley, Eddie Griffin, Ron Beth-Israel, Fabolous60 min
    Season 2003Episode 44Paul Schaffer, Bob Dole, Connie Nielsen, Jeff Foxworthy, Cat Power60 min
    Season 2003Episode 45Bill Cosby, Andrew Firestone, Clark Tery, Sofia Vergara, The DA60 min
    Season 2003Episode 46Luke Wilson, Kelly Preston, Taye Diggs, Hilary Burton, Seether60 min
    Season 2003Episode 47Billy Crystal, Michael Barimo60 min
    Season 2003Episode 48Colin Farrell, Rosanne Cash60 min
    Season 2003Episode 49Helen Hunt, Jeremy Suarez, Cory Branan60 min
    Season 2003Episode 50High-Jumping Dogs, Vin Diesel, Bo Diddley60 min
    Season 2003Episode 51Hilary Swank, Jimmie Walker60 min
    Season 2003Episode 52Adam Sandler, The Folksmen60 min
    Season 2003Episode 53Lisa Marie Presley, Jamie Kennedy60 min
    Season 2003Episode 54Jane Krakowski, Jim Boeheim, Pete Yorn60 min
    Season 2003Episode 55Tom Brokaw, Tom Russell & Nanci Griffith60 min
    Season 2003Episode 56Michael Douglas, Todd Rundgren60 min
    Season 2003Episode 57Anthony LaPaglia, Brian Regan, The Exies60 min
    Season 2003Episode 58Ashton Kutcher, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 2003Episode 59Ellen DeGeneres, John Malkovich60 min
    Season 2003Episode 60Charlize Theron, Sue Johanson, Minus 5 with Wilco60 min
    Season 2003Episode 61Bernie Mac, Amanda Peet60 min
    Season 2003Episode 62Halle Berry, Don Rickles60 min
    Season 2003Episode 63Kelly Rippa, Good Charlotte60 min
    Season 2003Episode 64Stupid Human Tricks, Hugh Jackson, Kelly Clarkson60 min
    Season 2003Episode 65David Hyde Pierce, Rube Goldberg Contest Winners, Ziggy Marley60 min
    Season 2003Episode 66Megan Mullally, Marilyn Manson60 min
    Season 2003Episode 67Albert Brooks, Jeffery Ross, The Libertines60 min
    Season 2003Episode 68Stupid Pet Tricks, Kevin James, Jenna Morasca60 min
    Season 2003Episode 69David Williams & Ronald Young, Jada Pinkett Smith, The Jayhawks60 min
    Season 2003Episode 70Sean Hayes, Eric Ripert, Avril Lavigne60 min
    Season 2003Episode 71Rene Zellweger, Jack Johnson60 min
    Season 2003Episode 72John Goodman, D.H. Hughley, NAS with Alicia Keys60 min
    Season 2003Episode 73Mark Wahlberg, Jesse James, the Sounds60 min
    Season 2003Episode 74Jim Carrey, Chevelle60 min
    Season 2003Episode 75Regis Philbin, 3 Doors Down60 min
    Season 2003Episode 76Antonio Banderas, Heidi Klum, Liam Lynch60 min
    Season 2003Episode 77Peter Krause, Jim Gaffigan, Widespread Panic60 min
    Season 2003Episode 78Adrien Brody, Gil de Ferran, John Mellencamp60 min
    Season 2003Episode 79Alec Baldwin, Tom Dreesen60 min
    Season 2003Episode 80Seth Green, Amy Sedaris, Lucinda Williams60 min
    Season 2003Episode 81Barbara Walters, Tanya Streeter60 min
    Season 2003Episode 82Tom Arnold, Darrell Hammond, Karolina Kurkova, Eddie Brill, Train60 min
    Season 2003Episode 83Juliette Binoche, Joe Queenan, Blur60 min
    Season 2003Episode 84Bruce Willis, Chris Moneymaker60 min
    Season 2003Episode 85Lauren Graham, Marv Albert, Bright Eyes60 min
    Season 2003Episode 86Harrison Ford, Annie Lennox60 min
    Season 2003Episode 87Tom Green, Jolene Blalock, Scott Stevens, Isaac Britty, Damien Rice60 min
    Season 2003Episode 88Hilary Clinton, Emmylou Harris60 min
    Season 2003Episode 89Rob Reiner, Paul Teutul Sr. & Jr., The New Pornographers60 min
    Season 2003Episode 90Johnny Depp, Christine Todd Whitman, B.B. King60 min
    Season 2003Episode 91Sarah Jessica Parker, The Dead60 min
    Season 2003Episode 92Kelsey Grammer, Treat Williams, James Earl Jones, Jamie Lynn-Sigler, Kathleen Madigan, Jesse Malin60 min
    Season 2003Episode 93Demi Moore, Verbana60 min
    Season 2003Episode 94Drew Barrymore, Simon Cowell60 min
    Season 2003Episode 95Lucy Liu, Avigayil Wardein, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds60 min
    Season 2003Episode 96Piedmont Bird Callers, Luke Wilson, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs60 min
    Season 2003Episode 97Jimmy Fallon, Kristanna Loken, Dax, Chloe Sevigny, Bill Scheft, Rufus Wainwright60 min
    Season 2003Episode 98Lisa Marie Presley, Ryan Pinkston60 min
    Season 2003Episode 99Allison Janney, Nigella Lawson, Howard Tate60 min
    Season 2003Episode 100Barry Zito, Mandy Moore, Grandaddy60 min
    Season 2003Episode 101Ari Fleischer, Beyonce Knowles60 min
    Season 2003Episode 102Jeff Bridges, Alan Harvey, Joseph Arthur60 min
    Season 2003Episode 103Aron Ralston, Tobey Maguire60 min
    Season 2003Episode 104Episode 10460 min
    Season 2003Episode 105National Hollerin' Champions, Kristin Davis, Jane's Addiction60 min
    Season 2003Episode 106Joaquin Phoenix, Blues Traveler60 min
    Season 2003Episode 107Sylvester Stallone, Ben Curtis60 min
    Season 2003Episode 108Denis Leary, Queens of the Stone Age60 min
    Season 2003Episode 109Jesse Grabow, Jason Biggs, Robert C. Nichol60 min
    Season 2003Episode 110Eugene Levy, Eels60 min
    Season 2003Episode 111Seann William Scott, Jonathan Ames, Fountains of Wayne60 min
    Season 2003Episode 112Melanie Griffith, Pamela Reed60 min
    Season 2003Episode 113Naomi Watts, Jeff Stilson, O.A.R.60 min
    Season 2003Episode 114Kate Hudson, Cast of Camp60 min
    Season 2003Episode 115Colin Farrell, Robert Randolph & The Family Band60 min
    Season 2003Episode 116Samuel L. Jackson, Rick Reilly, Pharrell with Clipse60 min
    Season 2003Episode 117Brittany Murphy, Carey Hart, Dashboard Confessional60 min
    Season 2003Episode 118David Duchovny, Brett Butler, The New Amsterdams60 min
    Season 2003Episode 119Chris Rock, The Star Spangles60 min
    Season 2003Episode 120Bill Murray, Pete Sampras60 min
    Season 2003Episode 121David Spade, Bob Sarlatte, Maroon 560 min
    Season 2003Episode 122Tony Hawk, John McEnroe, Rooney60 min
    Season 2003Episode 123Bonnie Hunt, Don Gavin60 min
    Season 2003Episode 124Al Franken, Grant Paulsen60 min
    Season 2003Episode 125Craig Kilborn, Dave Salmoni, Kings of Leon60 min
    Season 2003Episode 126Gen. Tommy Franks, Rodney Crowell60 min
    Season 2003Episode 127Nicolas Cage, Alton Brown60 min
    Season 2003Episode 128Whoopi Goldberg, Vic Henley, Ima Robot60 min
    Season 2003Episode 129Andy Roddick, Jack Black, Warren Zevon*60 min
    Season 2003Episode 130Salma Hayek, Chris Elliott60 min
    Season 2003Episode 131Sharon Stone, The Raveonettes60 min
    Season 2003Episode 132Regis Philbin, Seal60 min
    Season 2003Episode 133Cuba Gooding Jr., Simon & Garfunkel60 min
    Season 2003Episode 134Dr. Phil, David Bowie60 min
    Season 2003Episode 135Ben Stiller, Elvis Costello60 min
    Season 2003Episode 136The Rock, Lynne Cheney60 min
    Season 2003Episode 137Colin Powell, Jennifer Garner60 min
    Season 2003Episode 138Joe Pantaliano, Kevin Nealon, Outkast60 min
    Season 2003Episode 139Denzel Washington, New York Philharmonic60 min
    Season 2003Episode 140Tom Cavanagh, Ray Wald, Dido60 min
    Season 2003Episode 141Tim Robbins, Sting60 min
    Season 2003Episode 142Stupid Human Tricks, Lisa Kudrow, R.E.M.60 min
    Season 2003Episode 143Robin Williams, Summerwind Skippers60 min
    Season 2003Episode 144Jessica Simpson, Rufus Wainwright60 min
    Season 2003Episode 145Uma Thurman, Ricky Gervais, Renee Fleming60 min
    Season 2003Episode 146Amy Sedaris, Tom Dreesen, Anthony Hamilton60 min
    Season 2003Episode 147George Clooney, Merle Haggard60 min
    Season 2003Episode 148Charlie Sheen, John Mayer60 min
    Season 2003Episode 149Halle Berry, Lance Armstrong60 min
    Season 2003Episode 150John Cusack, Scott Dixon, Hot Hot Heat60 min
    Season 2003Episode 151Katie Holmes, Brian Greene, Jonny Lang60 min
    Season 2003Episode 152Dustin Hoffman, Jamie Oliver60 min
    Season 2003Episode 153Darrell Hammond, Radiohead60 min
    Season 2003Episode 154Kiefer Sutherland, Emmylou Harris60 min
    Season 2003Episode 155Courteney Cox, Doris Roberts60 min
    Season 2003Episode 156Keanu Reeves, Sue Johanson60 min
    Season 2003Episode 157Eric McCormack, Dante Hall60 min
    Season 2003Episode 158Pamela Anderson, Amanda Lollar, Bubba Sparxx60 min
    Season 2003Episode 159Ashley Judd, Richard Belzer, Sarah McLachlan60 min
    Season 2003Episode 160Regis Philbin, Amy Brenneman60 min
    Season 2003Episode 161Will Ferrell, Jack McKeon, Lyle Lovett60 min
    Season 2003Episode 162Howard Stern, Iggy Pop with Sum 4160 min
    Season 2003Episode 163Lauren Graham, Paul Tracey, Wyclef Jean60 min
    Season 2003Episode 164Norm MacDonald, Jack Hannah60 min
    Season 2003Episode 165Madonna, Chris Elliott60 min
    Season 2003Episode 166Tom Brokaw, Dolly Parton60 min
    Season 2003Episode 167Russell Crowe, Pink60 min
    Season 2003Episode 168Jessica Lynch, Shelby Lynne60 min
    Season 2003Episode 169Stupid Pet Tricks, Cate Blanchett60 min
    Season 2003Episode 170Dakota Fanning, Rocco DiSpirito, Cast of Wicked60 min
    Season 2003Episode 171Alec Baldwin, Freddy Adu, Cyndi Lauper60 min
    Season 2003Episode 172Wesley Clark60 min
    Season 2003Episode 173Robert Downey Jr., Joss Stone60 min
    Season 2003Episode 174Paul Newman, Clay Aiken60 min
    Season 2003Episode 175Tom Ridge, Puddle of Mudd60 min
    Season 2003Episode 176Mike Myers, Jay-Z60 min
    Season 2003Episode 177Tom Arnold, Moby60 min
    Season 2003Episode 178Jessica Alba, Wendy Liebman, The Rapture60 min
    Season 2003Episode 179Matt Damon, Jack Johnson and G. Love60 min
    Season 2003Episode 180Danny DeVito, Tim Russert60 min
    Season 2003Episode 181Amanda Peet, Barry Sonnenfeld60 min
    Season 2003Episode 182Kirsten Dunst, Rod Stewart60 min
    Season 2003Episode 183Julia Roberts, Alkaline Trio60 min
    Season 2003Episode 184Liv Tyler, John Witherspoon, Alicia Keys60 min
    Season 2003Episode 185Barbara Walters, Sandra Diaz-Twine60 min
    Season 2003Episode 186Neve Campbell, Wellwater Conspiracy60 min
    Season 2003Episode 187Bonnie Hunt, Dave Matthews60 min
    Season 2003Episode 188Charlize Theron, Dave Matthews60 min
    Season 2003Episode 189Steve Martin, Shannon Eis60 min
    Season 2003Episode 190Renee Zellweger, Darlene Love60 min
    Season 2004Episode 1Jennifer Aniston, Ryan Adams60 min
    Season 2004Episode 2Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Paolini60 min
    Season 2004Episode 3Eddie Griffin, Marv Albert60 min
    Season 2004Episode 4Nathan Lane, Ruben Studdard60 min
    Season 2004Episode 5Billy Bob Thornton60 min
    Season 2004Episode 6Patricia Heaton, Kate Bosworth60 min
    Season 2004Episode 7Jeff Daniels, Isaiah Thomas, The Shins60 min
    Season 2004Episode 8Bette Midler, Howie Day60 min
    Season 2004Episode 9Dave Chapelle, Carmen Electra60 min
    Season 2004Episode 10Christina Aquilera, Gary Muledeer60 min
    Season 2004Episode 11Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, Al Green60 min
    Season 2004Episode 12Ashton Kutcher, Paula Abdul60 min
    Season 2004Episode 13Kristin Davis, Joe Simpson60 min
    Season 2004Episode 14Matthew Broderick, Jim Garvin60 min
    Season 2004Episode 15Al Franken, Jake Johannsen, Phantom Planet60 min
    Season 2004Episode 16Regis Philbin, The Thrills60 min
    Season 2004Episode 17Harry Connick Jr., Sean Astin60 min
    Season 2004Episode 18Bill Belichick, Cindy Crawford60 min
    Season 2004Episode 19Hilary Swank, Todd Barry, Nellie McKay60 min
    Season 2004Episode 20Dr. Phil, Tara Dakides, Clip of The Beatles60 min
    Season 2004Episode 21Drew Barrymore, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 2004Episode 22Adam Sandler, Eve60 min
    Season 2004Episode 23Bill Murray, Jermaine O'Neal60 min
    Season 2004Episode 24Alec Baldwin, Sofia Coppola, Kylie Minogue60 min
    Season 2004Episode 25Stupid Human Tricks, Ray Romano, Kayne West60 min
    Season 2004Episode 26Kelly Ripa, Lindsay Lohan60 min
    Season 2004Episode 27Ashley Judd, Ben Harper60 min
    Season 2004Episode 28Gordon Geisbrecht, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nelly Furtado60 min
    Season 2004Episode 29Amber Tamblyn, Brian Regan, Leona Naess60 min
    Season 2004Episode 30Jeff Goldblum, Norah Jones60 min
    Season 2004Episode 31Edie Falco, Steven Bailey, Edie Brickell60 min
    Season 2004Episode 32Diane Sawyer, Benjamin McKenzie60 min
    Season 2004Episode 33Stupid Pet Tricks, Tim Robbins, Evanescence60 min
    Season 2004Episode 34Bill Cosby, Toby Lightman60 min
    Season 2004Episode 35Anne Heche, Cee-Lo60 min
    Season 2004Episode 36Turkey Callers, Julia Stiles, Jessica Simpson60 min
    Season 2004Episode 37Ben Stiller, Robert Rudolph and The Family Band60 min
    Season 2004Episode 38Viggo Mortensen, Sting, Bill Murray60 min
    Season 2004Episode 39Charles Grodin, Chloe Pang60 min
    Season 2004Episode 40Jim Carrey, Steve Winwood60 min
    Season 2004Episode 41Kate Winslet, Bruce McCall, The Vines60 min
    Season 2004Episode 42Courtney Love60 min
    Season 2004Episode 43Tom Hanks, N.E.R.D.60 min
    Season 2004Episode 44Jamie Foxx, Al Franken60 min
    Season 2004Episode 45Ricky Gervais, Blondie60 min
    Season 2004Episode 46Janet Jackson, John Mayer60 min
    Season 2004Episode 47Matthew Perry, Lou Reed60 min
    Season 2004Episode 48Johnny Knoxville, Sahr Singh, The Walkmen60 min
    Season 2004Episode 49The Rock, Liz Phair60 min
    Season 2004Episode 50Tyler Crotty, Michael Imperioli, Jim Gaffigan60 min
    Season 2004Episode 51Bruce Willis, Renee Askins60 min
    Season 2004Episode 52Jimmy Fallon, Anne Hathaway, Usher60 min
    Season 2004Episode 53Billy Crystal, Alex Rodriguez60 min
    Season 2004Episode 54Chris Rock, The Upside Down Act60 min
    Season 2004Episode 55Amy Sedaris, Damien Rice60 min
    Season 2004Episode 56David Duchovny, Chris Russo60 min
    Season 2004Episode 57Phil Mickelson, Kathryn Morris, Patti Smith60 min
    Season 2004Episode 58Megan Mullally, Eli Manning, Diana Krall60 min
    Season 2004Episode 59Andy Richter, Davy Rothbart, Mary Chapin Carpenter60 min
    Season 2004Episode 60Julianne Moore, Robert Klein, Todd Rundgren60 min
    Season 2004Episode 61Kelly Ripa, Jennie Finch60 min
    Season 2004Episode 62Hillary Clinton, The Roots60 min
    Season 2004Episode 63Stupid Pet Tricks, David Spade, Loretta Lynn & Jack White60 min
    Season 2004Episode 64Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Adam Brody60 min
    Season 2004Episode 65Kate Beckinsale, Sue Johanson60 min
    Season 2004Episode 66Diving Dogs, Tina Fey, Morgan Spurlock60 min
    Season 2004Episode 67Kelsey Grammar, Orchestra Baobob with Trey Anastasio and Dave Matthews60 min
    Season 2004Episode 68Amber Brkich, Regis Philbin, Black-Eyed Peas60 min
    Season 2004Episode 69David Hyde Pierce, David Byrne60 min
    Season 2004Episode 70John McCain, Tom Dreesen60 min
    Season 2004Episode 71Stupid Pet Tricks, Hugh Jackman60 min
    Season 2004Episode 72Amy Sedaris, Modest Mouse60 min
    Season 2004Episode 73Antonio Banderas, Alanis Morrisette60 min
    Season 2004Episode 74Charlie Sheen, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 2004Episode 75Kiefer Sutherland, Incubus60 min
    Season 2004Episode 76Kate Hudons, Outkast60 min
    Season 2004Episode 77Ellen DeGeneres, The Strokes60 min
    Season 2004Episode 78Nicole Kidman, Avril Lavigne60 min
    Season 2004Episode 79Dennis Quaid, Velvet Revolver60 min
    Season 2004Episode 80Mandy Moore, Nate Erwin, Counting Crows60 min
    Season 2004Episode 81Darrell Hammond, blink-18260 min
    Season 2004Episode 82Andy Dick, Bob Woodward60 min
    Season 2004Episode 83Bill Murray, P.J. Harvey60 min
    Season 2004Episode 84Bette Midler, David Tidmarsh60 min
    Season 2004Episode 85Buddy Rice, Christopher Walken, Kid Rock60 min
    Season 2004Episode 86Matthew Broderick, Jamie Cullum60 min
    Season 2004Episode 87P. Diddy, Jim Gaffigan60 min
    Season 2004Episode 88Paris Hilton, Patti Scalfa60 min
    Season 2004Episode 89Ben Stiller, Beastie Boys60 min
    Season 2004Episode 90Chauncey Billups, Dana Carvey, Wilco60 min
    Season 2004Episode 91Vince Vaughn, Margaret Cho60 min
    Season 2004Episode 92Michael Moore, Jennifer Hawkins, Los Lobos60 min
    Season 2004Episode 93Larry Brown, Sean Hayes, Phish60 min
    Season 2004Episode 94Kevin Kline, Nicole Richie60 min
    Season 2004Episode 95David Alan Grier, Britton Keeshan, the Von Bondies60 min
    Season 2004Episode 96Kid Inventors, Shawn Wayans, Secret Machines60 min
    Season 2004Episode 97Bonnie Hunt, Dylan Moran60 min
    Season 2004Episode 98Piedmont Bird Callers, Kirsten Dunst, Chris Robinson60 min
    Season 2004Episode 99Keira Knightly, Joseph Wilson60 min
    Season 2004Episode 100Ethan Hawke, Jon Heder60 min
    Season 2004Episode 101Will Ferrell, Dashboard Confessional60 min
    Season 2004Episode 102Christina Applegate, David Sedaris60 min
    Season 2004Episode 103Kristin Davis, Ali G60 min
    Season 2004Episode 104Will Smith, Jet60 min
    Season 2004Episode 105Hilary Duff, Jonathan Ames60 min
    Season 2004Episode 106Cedric the Entertainer, Laird Hamilton60 min
    Season 2004Episode 107Julianna Marguiles, Bob Sarlatte, Ashlee Simpson60 min
    Season 2004Episode 108Denzel Washington, Jim Rome60 min
    Season 2004Episode 109Halley Berry, Maria Mena60 min
    Season 2004Episode 110Sharon Stone, Yeah Yeah Yeahs60 min
    Season 2004Episode 111Matt Damon, Carmelo Anthony, The Hives60 min
    Season 2004Episode 112Brittany Murphy, Paula Poundstone60 min
    Season 2004Episode 113Holly Hunter, US Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team60 min
    Season 2004Episode 114John McEnroe, Zach Braff60 min
    Season 2004Episode 115Bob Newhart, 213 with Snoop Dogg60 min
    Season 2004Episode 116Natalie Portman, Ambulance LTD60 min
    Season 2004Episode 117Rosie Perez, Greg Giraldo60 min
    Season 2004Episode 118Pamela Anderson, Al Franken60 min
    Season 2004Episode 119Bill Clinton, Natalie Merchant60 min
    Season 2004Episode 120Tom Cruise, Dax Shepard60 min
    Season 2004Episode 121Gerard Mulligan, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jessica Simpson60 min
    Season 2004Episode 122Tommy Franks, Greg Giraldo60 min
    Season 2004Episode 123Jon Cryer, Chris Kentis, Renee Olstead60 min
    Season 2004Episode 124Dennis Leary, Sam Easterson60 min
    Season 2004Episode 125Paul Hamm, Josh Hartnett, Nick Cave60 min
    Season 2004Episode 126Natalie Coughlin, Carla Gugino, Gavin DeGraw60 min
    Season 2004Episode 127Maureen Dowd, Tom Ryan60 min
    Season 2004Episode 128Carly Patterson, Jeff Foxworthy, LL Cool J60 min
    Season 2004Episode 129Farrah Fawcett, The Clarks60 min
    Season 2004Episode 130John McCain, Tom Russell60 min
    Season 2004Episode 131Tim Russert, Snow Patrol60 min
    Season 2004Episode 132Jane Pauley, Greg Giraldo60 min
    Season 2004Episode 133National Hollerin' Champions, Neve Campbell, Keane60 min
    Season 2004Episode 134Regis Philbin, Hoobastank60 min
    Season 2004Episode 135Martin Short, Alan Jackson60 min
    Season 2004Episode 136Ray Romano, Avril Lavigne60 min
    Season 2004Episode 137Drew Barrymore, Aron Ralston60 min
    Season 2004Episode 138John Kerry, Green Day60 min
    Season 2004Episode 139Dr. Phil, Gary Sinise60 min
    Season 2004Episode 140Kelly Ripa, Annie Duke, Elvis Costello60 min
    Season 2004Episode 141Stupid Human Tricks, Rob Lowe, Mos Def60 min
    Season 2004Episode 142Julianne Moore, Tom Dreesen60 min
    Season 2004Episode 143Queen Latifah, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 2004Episode 144John Goodman, Tom Waits60 min
    Season 2004Episode 145Joaquin Phoenix, Austin Stevens, Switchfoot60 min
    Season 2004Episode 146John Travolta, Tim Frisby, Pearl Jam60 min
    Season 2004Episode 147Richard Gere, Jason Randal60 min
    Season 2004Episode 148Howard Dean, Franz Ferdinand60 min
    Season 2004Episode 149Annette Bening, Bill O'Reilly60 min
    Season 2004Episode 150Jamie Foxx, Davy Rothbart60 min
    Season 2004Episode 151Donald Trump, Brian Binnie, Minnie Driver60 min
    Season 2004Episode 152Brooke Shields, Barry Sonnenfeld60 min
    Season 2004Episode 153Melina Kanakaredes, Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr., Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama60 min
    Season 2004Episode 154Laura Linney, Richard Lewis, The Wallflowers and Jordan Zevon60 min
    Season 2004Episode 155Jennifer Lopez, Sue Johanson60 min
    Season 2004Episode 156Billy Crystal, Ralph Nader60 min
    Season 2004Episode 157Tony Danza, Emma Roberts, Brian Regan60 min
    Season 2004Episode 158Jimmy Carter, Brandi Chastain, John Mellencamp60 min
    Season 2004Episode 159Jude Law, Ricky Gervais60 min
    Season 2004Episode 160Sarah Michelle Gellar, Tony Kanaan, Sparta60 min
    Season 2004Episode 161Dustin Hoffman, Joss Stone60 min
    Season 2004Episode 162Amy Sedaris, Tommy Lee60 min
    Season 2004Episode 163Johnny Damon, Anne Heche, The Donnas60 min
    Season 2004Episode 164Tom Brokaw, Mischa Barton60 min
    Season 2004Episode 165Rosie Perez, Steven Wright60 min
    Season 2004Episode 166Al Franken, Kristin Bell60 min
    Season 2004Episode 167Tom Hanks, Nelly60 min
    Season 2004Episode 168Salma Hayek, Sebastian Bourdais, Jimmy Eat World60 min
    Season 2004Episode 169Pierce Brosnan, Nigella Lawson, Renee Fleming60 min
    Season 2004Episode 170Matthew Broderick, Rosario Dawson, Los Lonely Boys60 min
    Season 2004Episode 171Paul Reubens, Evangeline Lilly, Project Bandaloop60 min
    Season 2004Episode 172Jerry Seinfeld, Jamie Oliver60 min
    Season 2004Episode 173Nicolas Cage, Jason Alexander, Morrissey60 min
    Season 2004Episode 174Renee Zellweger, Chris Raxworthy60 min
    Season 2004Episode 175Howard Stern, Alanis Morissette60 min
    Season 2004Episode 176Tom Brady, Damien Fahey60 min
    Season 2004Episode 177Stupid Pet Tricks, Colin Farrell, The Walkmen60 min
    Season 2004Episode 178Kevin Spacey, Ben Roethlisberger, Streb60 min
    Season 2004Episode 179Whoopi Goldberg, Jason Bateman, Marilyn Manson60 min
    Season 2004Episode 180Natalie Portman, John Mayer60 min
    Season 2004Episode 181Barack Obama, Jessica Biel60 min
    Season 2004Episode 182Matt Damon, Lance Armstrong60 min
    Season 2004Episode 183Alec Baldwin, Ken Jennings60 min
    Season 2004Episode 184Stupid Human Tricks, Noah Wylie, Sum 4160 min
    Season 2004Episode 185Sharon Reed, Tyra Banks, Lyle Lovett60 min
    Season 2004Episode 186Bonnie Hunt, Alex Zanardi60 min
    Season 2004Episode 187Jim Carrey, Ashanti60 min
    Season 2004Episode 188Cate Blanchett, Craig Ferguson, The Pixies60 min
    Season 2004Episode 189Adam Sandler, Sharon Ice60 min
    Season 2004Episode 190Kate Beckinsale, Ciara and Missy Elliot60 min
    Season 2004Episode 191Jeff Goldblum, Terrell Owens60 min
    Season 2004Episode 192Bill Murray, Kaki King60 min
    Season 2004Episode 193Dennis Quaid, Rusty Wallace, Kaki King60 min
    Season 2004Episode 194Kristin Johnson, Tom Dreesen60 min
    Season 2004Episode 195Regis Philbin, Jay Thomas, Darlene Love60 min
    Season 2005Episode 1Hilary Swank, Andy Dick, Green Day60 min
    Season 2005Episode 2Ethan Hawke, Maria Menounos, Alicia Keys60 min
    Season 2005Episode 3Kiefer Sutherland, Marv Albert, The Black Keys60 min
    Season 2005Episode 4Michael Keaton, Jamie Lynn Spears60 min
    Season 2005Episode 5Kevin Bacon, Caroline Rhea, Wilco60 min
    Season 2005Episode 6Samuel L. Jackson, Amy Poehler, B.B. King60 min
    Season 2005Episode 7Randy Johnson, Aisha Tyler, Razorlight60 min
    Season 2005Episode 8Rudolph Giuliani, Daniel Banks60 min
    Season 2005Episode 9Marge Helgenberger, Ryan Seacrest, My Chemical Romance60 min
    Season 2005Episode 10Amy Sedaris, Andy Kindler60 min
    Season 2005Episode 11Jack Hanna, Teri Polo60 min
    Season 2005Episode 12Ice Cube, Chris Russo, Interpol60 min
    Season 2005Episode 13Harvey Fierstein, Regina King, Steven Van Zandt, ... And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead60 min
    Season 2005Episode 14Robert Downey Jr., Nicole Richie60 min
    Season 2005Episode 15Jerry Lewis, Sophia Bush60 min
    Season 2005Episode 16Peter Lassally, Doc Severinson60 min
    Season 2005Episode 17Debra Messing, Peyton Manning60 min
    Season 2005Episode 18Patricia Heaton, John Witherspoon, Gibson/Baldwin Grammy Jazz Ensembles60 min
    Season 2005Episode 19Elton John, Eva Mendes60 min
    Season 2005Episode 20Al Franken, Matthew Fox, Nanci Griffith60 min
    Season 2005Episode 21Will Smith, Tom Brady60 min
    Season 2005Episode 22Kevin James, Aishwarya Rai, Three Doors Down60 min
    Season 2005Episode 23David Hyde Pierce, Howie Day60 min
    Season 2005Episode 24Billy Crystal, Patrick Lawler60 min
    Season 2005Episode 25Paris Hilton, Bill Burr60 min
    Season 2005Episode 26Dr. Phil, Unwritten Law60 min
    Season 2005Episode 27Kid Scientists, Keanu Reeves, Michael Buble60 min
    Season 2005Episode 28Kelly Ripa, Taye Diggs60 min
    Season 2005Episode 29Charlie Sheen, Tori Amos60 min
    Season 2005Episode 30Roseanne Barr, Rachel Weisz60 min
    Season 2005Episode 31Stupid Pet Tricks, Bonnie Hunt60 min
    Season 2005Episode 32Barbara Walters, Rachel Bilson, Kings of Leon60 min
    Season 2005Episode 33Michael J. Fox, Amanda Bynes60 min
    Season 2005Episode 34John Travolta, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon60 min
    Season 2005Episode 35Ricky Gervais, Rachel Ray60 min
    Season 2005Episode 36The Rock, Solomon Burke60 min
    Season 2005Episode 37Kirstie Alley, Kathleen Edwards60 min
    Season 2005Episode 38Vin Diesel, Amos Lee60 min
    Season 2005Episode 39Dan Rather, Poppy Montgomery60 min
    Season 2005Episode 40Bruce Willis, Greg Giraldo60 min
    Season 2005Episode 41Ashton Kutcher, Al Green60 min
    Season 2005Episode 42Jimmy Fallon, Emily VanCamp, The Four Tops60 min
    Season 2005Episode 43Amanda Peet, Dean Kamazes60 min
    Season 2005Episode 44Sandra Bullock, Gwen Stefani60 min
    Season 2005Episode 45Jessica Alba, Brian Greene, Queens of the Stone Age60 min
    Season 2005Episode 46P. Diddy, Erika Christensen60 min
    Season 2005Episode 47Queen Latifah, Seth McFarlane60 min
    Season 2005Episode 48Britany Murphy, Bob Sarlatte, The John Butler Trio60 min
    Season 2005Episode 49Penelope Cruz, Sarah Vowell, Kaiser Chiefs60 min
    Season 2005Episode 50Denzel Washington, Faith Evans60 min
    Season 2005Episode 51Lisa Marie Presley, Ahmed Ibrahim, Jake Johannsen60 min
    Season 2005Episode 52Drew Barrymore, Charles Barkley60 min
    Season 2005Episode 53Jane Fonda, Bloc Party60 min
    Season 2005Episode 54Robin Williams, Martha Wainwright60 min
    Season 2005Episode 55Mickey Rourke, Jason Randal60 min
    Season 2005Episode 56David Duchovny, Ray Lamontagne60 min
    Season 2005Episode 57Anthony LaPaglia, Ana Gasteyer, Mariah Carey60 min
    Season 2005Episode 58Kristin Chenowith, Johnny Lechner, Ludacris60 min
    Season 2005Episode 59Farrah Fawcett, Martin Freeman60 min
    Season 2005Episode 60Hank Azaria, Jeff MacGregor60 min
    Season 2005Episode 61Amy Sedaris, Daniel Tammet, LCD Soundsystem60 min
    Season 2005Episode 62Paris Hilton, Jo Frost60 min
    Season 2005Episode 63Teri Hatcher, Harry Hill60 min
    Season 2005Episode 64Martin Short, Elisha Cuthbert60 min
    Season 2005Episode 65Jennifer Lopez, Snoop Dogg60 min
    Season 2005Episode 66Orlando Bloom, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 2005Episode 67Luke Wilson, Kasabian60 min
    Season 2005Episode 68Stupid Human Tricks, Christina Applegate, Brian Regan60 min
    Season 2005Episode 69Will Ferrell, Robert Plant60 min
    Season 2005Episode 70Helen Hunt, Tom Dreesen60 min
    Season 2005Episode 71Priscilla Presley, Quentin Tarantino60 min
    Season 2005Episode 72Billy Crystal, Garbage60 min
    Season 2005Episode 73Samuel L. Jackson, Sting60 min
    Season 2005Episode 74Ray Ramono, Dave Matthews Band60 min
    Season 2005Episode 75Ben Stiller, Sherry Fairchild60 min
    Season 2005Episode 76Chris Rock, Nicolette Sheridan60 min
    Season 2005Episode 77Ellen Degeneres, Hot Hot Heat60 min
    Season 2005Episode 78David Arquette, Gordon Ramsey60 min
    Season 2005Episode 79Paul Newman, Danica Patrick, Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman60 min
    Season 2005Episode 80Adam Sandler, Reggie Miller, The Wallflowers60 min
    Season 2005Episode 81Kelly Ripa, Alexis Bledel, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals60 min
    Season 2005Episode 82Cedric the Entertainer, Dan Wheldon, The Black Eyed Peas60 min
    Season 2005Episode 83Kristin Davis, Robert Klein, Ben Lee60 min
    Season 2005Episode 84Russel Crowe, Paul Anka60 min
    Season 2005Episode 85Katie Holmes, The Shout Out Louds60 min
    Season 2005Episode 86Al Franken, Ellen Pompeo60 min
    Season 2005Episode 87Nicole Kidman, Foo Fighters60 min
    Season 2005Episode 88Dan Aykroyd, Bill Scheft, Mike Doughty60 min
    Season 2005Episode 89Denis Leary, Alanis Morissette60 min
    Season 2005Episode 90Bill Clinton, Ringo Starr60 min
    Season 2005Episode 91Mark Wahlberg, Juan Pablo Montoya60 min
    Season 2005Episode 92Christopher Walken, Michael Campbell, Billy Corgan60 min
    Season 2005Episode 93Lindsay Lohan, Christopher Russo60 min
    Season 2005Episode 94Michael Keaton, David Sedaris60 min
    Season 2005Episode 95Tom Cruise, Ben Folds60 min
    Season 2005Episode 96Tim Robbins, Nick Griffin60 min
    Season 2005Episode 97Jeff Goldblum, Sleater-Kinney60 min
    Season 2005Episode 98Julian McMahon, Piedmont Bird Callers, Raul Midon60 min
    Season 2005Episode 99Dakota Fanning, Tom Brokaw60 min
    Season 2005Episode 100Jennifer Connelly, Eels60 min
    Season 2005Episode 101Michael Chiklis, Shannon Eis, Gary Mule Deer60 min
    Season 2005Episode 102Billy Bob Thornton, Jermaine Dupri60 min
    Season 2005Episode 103Greg Kinnear, Julie Chen60 min
    Season 2005Episode 104Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jimmie Walker, Lyle Lovett60 min
    Season 2005Episode 105Brian Williams, Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello60 min
    Season 2005Episode 106Jessica Biel, Tom Arnold60 min
    Season 2005Episode 107John Cusack, The All-American Rejects60 min
    Season 2005Episode 108Jamie Foxx, Pauly Shore60 min
    Season 2005Episode 109Kelly Preston, Jeff Altman, Aimee Mann60 min
    Season 2005Episode 110Bill Murray, Bettye Lavette60 min
    Season 2005Episode 111Sean Hayes, Bonnie McFarlane60 min
    Season 2005Episode 112Lance Armstrong, Michael Ian Black60 min
    Season 2005Episode 113Seann William Scott, Anthony Bourdain60 min
    Season 2005Episode 114Marcia Cross, Jeff MacGregor, Lucinda Williams60 min
    Season 2005Episode 115Vince Vaughn, Jessica Simpson60 min
    Season 2005Episode 116Jason Bateman, Hugh Fink, Son Volt60 min
    Season 2005Episode 117Kate Hudson, Michelle Wie60 min
    Season 2005Episode 118Rachel McAdams, Bill Maher60 min
    Season 2005Episode 119Johnny Knoxville, Drew Rosenhaus60 min
    Season 2005Episode 120Rosie Perez, Dave Mirra60 min
    Season 2005Episode 121Ricky Gervais, The Knitters60 min
    Season 2005Episode 122Andy Dick, John McEnroe60 min
    Season 2005Episode 123Richard Lewis, Eileen Collins60 min
    Season 2005Episode 124Rachel Weisz, Tom Dreesen, 30 Seconds To Mars60 min
    Season 2005Episode 125Paul Reiser, Nick Cirillo, Spoon60 min
    Season 2005Episode 126Stephen Colbert, Heloise, The Black Eyed Peas60 min
    Season 2005Episode 127Terrence Howard, Shepard Smith60 min
    Season 2005Episode 128Cokie Roberts, Rob Thomas60 min
    Season 2005Episode 129Gwyneth Paltrow, Allen Toussaint, Hootie and the Blowfish60 min
    Season 2005Episode 130D.L. Hughley, Jamie Oliver, Weezer60 min
    Season 2005Episode 131Jennifer Lopez, James Blake60 min
    Season 2005Episode 132Phil McGraw, Roger Federer60 min
    Season 2005Episode 133Jodie Foster, Jack Johnson60 min
    Season 2005Episode 134Reese Witherspoon, Tony Stewart, Arcade Fire60 min
    Season 2005Episode 135Charlie Sheen, Institute60 min
    Season 2005Episode 136Ted Turner, The Neville Brothers, The Meters60 min
    Season 2005Episode 137Martha Stewart, Gretchen Wilson60 min
    Season 2005Episode 138Jennifer Love Hewitt, Danica Patrick60 min
    Season 2005Episode 139George Clooney, Men With Banjos (Who Know How To Use Them)60 min
    Season 2005Episode 140Teri Hatcher, Brett Backwell, Sheryl Crow60 min
    Season 2005Episode 141Viggo Mortensen, Andy Kindler60 min
    Season 2005Episode 142Freddie Prinze Jr., Beck60 min
    Season 2005Episode 143Matthew McConaughey, Terrell Owens60 min
    Season 2005Episode 144Chris Elliott, Campbell Brown60 min
    Season 2005Episode 145Jon Stewart, David Gray60 min
    Season 2005Episode 146Jack Hanna, Nick Griffin60 min
    Season 2005Episode 147Orlando Bloom, Alicia Keys60 min
    Season 2005Episode 148Woody Harrelson, Fiona Apple60 min
    Season 2005Episode 149Howard Dean, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club60 min
    Season 2005Episode 150Adam Carolla, Larry Brown, Ricky Martin60 min
    Season 2005Episode 151Barry Sonnenfeld, Selma Blair60 min
    Season 2005Episode 152Donald Trump, Anderson Cooper60 min
    Season 2005Episode 153Catherine Zeta Jones, Antony & The Johnsons60 min
    Season 2005Episode 154Dwayne Johnson, Kit Armstrong60 min
    Season 2005Episode 155Melissa Etheridge, Madonna60 min
    Season 2005Episode 156Al Franken, Al Green60 min
    Season 2005Episode 157Nicolas Cage, Jerry Lewis60 min
    Season 2005Episode 158Uma Thurman, Rachael Ray60 min
    Season 2005Episode 159Bette Midler, Reggie Miller60 min
    Season 2005Episode 160Bruce Willis, Anthony Hamilton, Carlos Santana60 min
    Season 2005Episode 161Billy Crystal, Ryan Adams60 min
    Season 2005Episode 162Jennifer Aniston, 50 Cent60 min
    Season 2005Episode 163Matthew Broderick, Teri Garr60 min
    Season 2005Episode 164Kelly Ripa, Hilary Duff60 min
    Season 2005Episode 165Steve Martin, the Teutul family from "American Chopper"60 min
    Season 2005Episode 166Ted Koppel, Jim Gaffigan, Trey Anastasio60 min
    Season 2005Episode 167Kid scientists, John Cusack60 min
    Season 2005Episode 168Joaquin Phoenix, Trisha Yearwood60 min
    Season 2005Episode 169Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Paisley60 min
    Season 2005Episode 170Howard Stern, Pharrell Williams60 min
    Season 2005Episode 171Sen. John McCain, Carla Gugino60 min
    Season 2005Episode 172George Clooney, Ashlee Simpson60 min
    Season 2005Episode 173Dennis Quaid, Donovan McNabb60 min
    Season 2005Episode 174Stupid Pet Tricks, Claire Danes, Big Boi60 min
    Season 2005Episode 175Megan Mullally, John Mayer Trio60 min
    Season 2005Episode 176John Malkovich, NASCAR Nextel Cup winner, Jim Gaffigan60 min
    Season 2005Episode 177Stupid Human Tricks, Amanda Peet60 min
    Season 2005Episode 178Regis Philbin, Colin Hanks60 min
    Season 2005Episode 179Charlize Theron, Maureen Dowd60 min
    Season 2005Episode 180Oprah Winfrey, Bonnie Raitt60 min
    Season 2005Episode 181Rodeo champion Billy Etbauer60 min
    Season 2005Episode 182Jack Black, Reggie Bush, Sinead O'Connor60 min
    Season 2005Episode 183Sarah Jessica Parker, John Witherspoon60 min
    Season 2005Episode 184Stephen Colbert, Aqualung60 min
    Season 2005Episode 185Alec Baldwin, Shakira60 min
    Season 2005Episode 186Dr. Phil McGraw, Bill Scheft60 min
    Season 2005Episode 187Jim Carrey, We Are Scientists60 min
    Season 2005Episode 188Bonnie Hunt, Stephen A. Smith60 min
    Season 2005Episode 189Nathan Lane, Tom Dreesen60 min
    Season 2005Episode 190Jamie Foxx, Andy Kindler60 min
    Season 2005Episode 191Rosie Perez, Jay Thomas, Darlene Love60 min
    Season 2006Episode 1Heather Graham, Fall Out Boy60 min
    Season 2006Episode 2Bill O'Reilly, Eric Bana60 min
    Season 2006Episode 3Pierce Brosnan, Marv Albert60 min
    Season 2006Episode 4Felicity Huffman, David Rakoff, Common60 min
    Season 2006Episode 5Amy Sedaris, Dennis Regan, the Temptations60 min
    Season 2006Episode 6Albert Brooks, Kristin Cavallari60 min
    Season 2006Episode 7Scarlett Johannsen, Tiki Barber, Imogen Heap60 min
    Season 2006Episode 8Queen Latifah, Bob Sarlatte60 min
    Season 2006Episode 9Kiefer Sutherland, Alicia Keys, Andy Samberg60 min
    Season 2006Episode 10Tom Cavanagh, Jake Johannsen60 min
    Season 2006Episode 11Martin Lawrence, Kari Byron, Matisyahu60 min
    Season 2006Episode 12Tatum O'Neal, Jeff MacGregor60 min
    Season 2006Episode 13Kate Beckinsale, Bob Saget60 min
    Season 2006Episode 14Cheryl Hines, Anna Nalick, Mike Vanderjagt60 min
    Season 2006Episode 15Charles Grodin, Jordana Brewster60 min
    Season 2006Episode 16Anthony Hopkins60 min
    Season 2006Episode 17Bernie Mac, Beth Orton60 min
    Season 2006Episode 18Mischa Barton, Jeff Altman, Wicked Wisdom60 min
    Season 2006Episode 19Tommy Lee Jones, Anthony Hamilton60 min
    Season 2006Episode 20P Diddy, Train60 min
    Season 2006Episode 21Harrison Ford, Michael Bublé60 min
    Season 2006Episode 22Beyonce Knowles, Stephen A. Smith60 min
    Season 2006Episode 23Rachel Weisz, Beastie Boys60 min
    Season 2006Episode 24Senator John McCain, Heidi Klum60 min
    Season 2006Episode 25Martha Stewart, Michael Bublé60 min
    Season 2006Episode 26Geena Davis, INXS60 min
    Season 2006Episode 27Julianne Moore, Randy Jackson, The O'Jays60 min
    Season 2006Episode 28Charles Barkley, Catherine Keener60 min
    Season 2006Episode 29Jimmy Fallon, Hannah Teter, She Wants Revenge60 min
    Season 2006Episode 30Donald Trump, Bill Burr60 min
    Season 2006Episode 31Marcia Cross, Daytona 500 Winner60 min
    Season 2006Episode 32Matthew Fox, Brian Regan, Broadway's Jersey Boys60 min
    Season 2006Episode 33Philip Seymour Hoffman, The Teutuls60 min
    Season 2006Episode 34Amanda Peet, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 2006Episode 35Hugh Laurie, Ne-Yo60 min
    Season 2006Episode 36Bruce Willis, The Strokes60 min
    Season 2006Episode 37Barbara Walters, Tyler James Williams60 min
    Season 2006Episode 38Sarah Jessica Parker60 min
    Season 2006Episode 39Harry Connick Jr., Clap Your Hands Say Yeah60 min
    Season 2006Episode 40Ricky Gervais, The Subways60 min
    Season 2006Episode 41Emma Thompson, Frank Caliendo, Beth Orton60 min
    Season 2006Episode 42Howard Stern, Carrie Underwood60 min
    Season 2006Episode 43Natalie Portman, Al Franken60 min
    Season 2006Episode 44Vin Diesel, Trey Parker & Matt Stone60 min
    Season 2006Episode 45Denzel Washington, Diablo Cody60 min
    Season 2006Episode 46Marcia Cross, Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins60 min
    Season 2006Episode 47David Spade, Teddy Geiger60 min
    Season 2006Episode 48Sharon Stone, Mark Fainaru-Wada, Lance Williams60 min
    Season 2006Episode 49Ray Romano, Willie Nelson60 min
    Season 2006Episode 50Josh Hartnett, Chris Elliott, Yeah Yeah Yeahs60 min
    Season 2006Episode 51Antonio Banderas, Patrice Oneal, Flaming Lips60 min
    Season 2006Episode 52Liza Minnelli, Al Lubel60 min
    Season 2006Episode 53Billy Crystal, Johnny Damon60 min
    Season 2006Episode 54Geena Davis, Aaron Eckhart, Sonya Kitchell60 min
    Season 2006Episode 55Jason Randal, Mandy Moore, Ben Harper60 min
    Season 2006Episode 56Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tyler Perry, Death Cab For Cutie60 min
    Season 2006Episode 57Paul Rudd, Gretchen Mol, Mary J. Blige60 min
    Season 2006Episode 58Eva Longoria, Barry Sonnenfeld60 min
    Season 2006Episode 59Jane Fonda, Shooter Jennings60 min
    Season 2006Episode 60Craig Furguson, Alexis Bledel, Tom Russell60 min
    Season 2006Episode 61Piedmont Bird Callers, Michael Douglas, Emmylou Harris, Mark Knopfler60 min
    Season 2006Episode 62Kerri Russell, Jerry Lee Lewis, Human Cannonball Team60 min
    Season 2006Episode 63Tom Hanks, Kanye West60 min
    Season 2006Episode 64Tom Cruise, Jamie Oliver60 min
    Season 2006Episode 65Rosie Perez, Danica Patrick60 min
    Season 2006Episode 66Julia Roberts, Pearl Jam60 min
    Season 2006Episode 67Vince Vaughn, K.T. Tunstall60 min
    Season 2006Episode 68Derek Jeter, Michelle Monghan, Barnum & Bailey Circus60 min
    Season 2006Episode 69Kurt Russell, The Little Willies60 min
    Season 2006Episode 70Jason Lee, Jack Hanna60 min
    Season 2006Episode 71Teri Hatcher, Tom Dreesen, Michel Lauziere60 min
    Season 2006Episode 72Edie Falco, Pete Correale, Van Hunt60 min
    Season 2006Episode 73Kid Scientists, William Shatner, Angels & Airwaves60 min
    Season 2006Episode 74Debra Messing, Chris Russo60 min
    Season 2006Episode 75Bruce Willis, Goldfrapp60 min
    Season 2006Episode 76Stupid Pet Tricks, Rebecca Romijn, Eagles of Death Metal60 min
    Season 2006Episode 77Jennifer Garner, Harry Hill60 min
    Season 2006Episode 78Martha Stewart, Dixie Chicks, Criss Angel60 min
    Season 2006Episode 79Martin Short, James Blunt60 min
    Season 2006Episode 80Jennifer Aniston, Rob Zombie60 min
    Season 2006Episode 81Halle Berry, Harold Perrineau, Jesse James60 min
    Season 2006Episode 82Bill Maher, Rita Wilson60 min
    Season 2006Episode 83Lindsay Lohan, Sam Hornish Jr.60 min
    Season 2006Episode 84Bonnie Hunt, Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint60 min
    Season 2006Episode 85Kyra Sedgwick, Al Franken60 min
    Season 2006Episode 86Meredith Vieira, Jeremy Piven, My Morning Jacket60 min
    Season 2006Episode 87Michael Keaton, Wolfmother60 min
    Season 2006Episode 88Paris Hilton, Will Shortz60 min
    Season 2006Episode 89Tim Russert, Cat Power60 min
    Season 2006Episode 90Stephen Colbert, Mark Cuban, Neko Case60 min
    Season 2006Episode 91Sandra Bullock, Widespread Panic60 min
    Season 2006Episode 92Robert Duvall, Tommy Tiernan, Sonic Youth60 min
    Season 2006Episode 93Adam Sandler, Julie Chen60 min
    Season 2006Episode 94Nicole Richie, Brandon Routh60 min
    Season 2006Episode 95Dwyane Wade, Amy Sedaris, Morningwood60 min
    Season 2006Episode 96Meryl Streep, Yellowcard60 min
    Season 2006Episode 97Al Gore, Rock Kills Kid60 min
    Season 2006Episode 98Kevin Spacey, The Streets60 min
    Season 2006Episode 99Anne Hathaway, Jim Gaffigan, Dashboard Confessional60 min
    Season 2006Episode 100Robert Downey Jr., Fred Willard, Martha Wainwright60 min
    Season 2006Episode 101Johnny Depp, Broken Social Scene60 min
    Season 2006Episode 102Tom Brokaw, Paul Simon60 min
    Season 2006Episode 103John Witherspoon, The Fray60 min
    Season 2006Episode 104Paul Reubens, Yunjin Kim, Nelly Furtado60 min
    Season 2006Episode 105Denis Leary, New York Met David Wright, the Wreckers60 min
    Season 2006Episode 106Luke Wilson, Band of Horses60 min
    Season 2006Episode 107Anderson Cooper, Greg Fitzsimmons60 min
    Season 2006Episode 108Kate Hudson, Patrice O'Neal60 min
    Season 2006Episode 109Regis Philbin, Bryce Dallas Howard60 min
    Season 2006Episode 110Uma Thurman, Morgan Spurlock, egg catchers Brad Freeman and Patrick Breault60 min
    Season 2006Episode 111Martin Short, Pink60 min
    Season 2006Episode 112Donald Trump, Nick Griffin, Sam Roberts60 min
    Season 2006Episode 113Colin Farrell, India.Arie60 min
    Season 2006Episode 114Greg Kinnear, reptile expert Dr. Darrel Frost, Tapes 'n Tapes60 min
    Season 2006Episode 115Scarlett Johansson, Paul Teutul Jr. and Sr.60 min
    Season 2006Episode 116Johnny Depp, the Spinners60 min
    Season 2006Episode 117Jamie Foxx, Tom Dreesen60 min
    Season 2006Episode 118Samuel L. Jackson, Gnarls Barkley60 min
    Season 2006Episode 119Hilary Duff, Jason Randal, Dirty Pretty Things60 min
    Season 2006Episode 120Jessica Biel, Christina Aguilera60 min
    Season 2006Episode 121Whoopi Goldberg, sock puppeteer Jack Fisett, Fatboy Slim60 min
    Season 2006Episode 122Edward Norton, Greg Fitzsimmons60 min
    Season 2006Episode 123Julianna Margulies, Andy Sansone, Outkast60 min
    Season 2006Episode 124Chris Elliott, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Razorlight60 min
    Season 2006Episode 125John McEnroe, Artie Lang, Busta Rhymes60 min
    Season 2006Episode 126Mark Wahlberg, Ruth Regina, M. Ward60 min
    Season 2006Episode 127Maggie Gyllenhaal, Albert Pujols60 min
    Season 2006Episode 128Andy Kindler, motocross demo with Travis Pastrana, Baby Gramps60 min
    Season 2006Episode 129Zach Braff, Jeff Brendenburg, The Roots60 min
    Season 2006Episode 130Snoop Dogg, Charlie Hill, OK Go60 min
    Season 2006Episode 131Julianne Moore, radio-show hosts Opie and Anthony60 min
    Season 2006Episode 132Al Franken, Todd Snider60 min
    Season 2006Episode 133Maria Sharapova, Martha Stewart, Justin Timberlake60 min
    Season 2006Episode 134Ashton Kutcher, Sam Hornish, Jr., TV on the Radio60 min
    Season 2006Episode 135Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Norm MacDonald60 min
    Season 2006Episode 136Anne Heche, Luke Ravenstahl, The Who60 min
    Season 2006Episode 137Johnny Knoxville, Rachael Ray60 min
    Season 2006Episode 138Dr. Phil McGraw, Willie Tyler and Lester, Sekou Bunch60 min
    Season 2006Episode 139Patrick Dempsey, Jay Johnson and Darwin, Kasabian60 min
    Season 2006Episode 140Marg Helgenberger, Ronn Lucas and Scorch, Diana Krall60 min
    Season 2006Episode 141Ted Turner, Jeff Dunham and Walter, Fergie60 min
    Season 2006Episode 142LeBron James, Todd Oliver and Irving, Ludacris60 min
    Season 2006Episode 143Ray Liotta, Elvis Costello & Tony Bennett, Billy Garcia60 min
    Season 2006Episode 144Billy Bob Thornton, Lily Capehart, Sean Lennon60 min
    Season 2006Episode 145Amanda Peet, Nigella Lawson, Bob Seger60 min
    Season 2006Episode 146Sir Richard Branson, Dane Cook, Monica60 min
    Season 2006Episode 147Nathan Lane, Jeff Caldwell60 min
    Season 2006Episode 148Pete Rose, Roy Wood Jr., Cecilia Mansilla60 min
    Season 2006Episode 149Andy Dick, Keith Olbermann, Brazilian Girls60 min
    Season 2006Episode 150Alec Baldwin, Vladae the Dog Wizard, Jerry Lee Lewis & Neil Young60 min
    Season 2006Episode 151Frank Caliendo, Rachael Harris, Xzibit, Phil Pfister60 min
    Season 2006Episode 152Amy Sedaris, Trey Anastasio60 min
    Season 2006Episode 153Robin Williams, J.P. Calderon, Sam Moore with Wynonna60 min
    Season 2006Episode 154Nicky Hilton, Bob Woodward, Joseph Arthur60 min
    Season 2006Episode 155Jon Stewart, Nick Lachey60 min
    Season 2006Episode 156Katie Couric, Brian Kiley, Alan Jackson60 min
    Season 2006Episode 157Diddy, Neil Patrick Harris60 min
    Season 2006Episode 158Tom Arnold, Brian Regan, the latest "Survivor: Cook Islands" castaway60 min
    Season 2006Episode 159Tina Fey, Mike Golic & Mike Greenberg, The Killers60 min
    Season 2006Episode 160Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jay Thomas, John Legend60 min
    Season 2006Episode 161Tim Robbins, Gene Rurka, Russell Thompkins Jr. and The New Stylistics60 min
    Season 2006Episode 162Bill O'Reilly, Jeff Altman, Tilly and the Wall60 min
    Season 2006Episode 163Borat, Tiki Barber, Beck60 min