Anonymous Noise

Anonymous Noise (2017)

  • Genre: Animation, Drama
  • First Air Date: 2017-04-11
  • Last Air Date: 2017-06-27
  • Total Seasons: 1
  • Total Episodes: 12
  • Status: Ended
  • Episode Runtime: 24 min.
  • Production Company: Brain's Base
  • Production Country: Japan
  • Networks: Tokyo MX, Kansai TV, BS Fuji, Animax Asia
star 6.3/10
From 10 Ratings


Every day, a young girl wearing a mask stands by the beach and sings a nostalgic melody. After experiencing two sudden heart-wrenching partings when she was only a child, Nino Arisugawa has been singing her songs to the ocean, bound by a promise made with her two childhood friends—her first love, Momo Sakaki, and a boy who composed music, Kanade "Yuzu" Yuzuhira. Having never met each other, the boys both individually promised that if Nino was ever separated from them, her voice would be the beacon to reunite them once again. After six long years, destiny has finally placed Nino, Momo, and Yuzu in the same high school. However, the passage of time has changed many things in their lives—while Nino relentlessly attempts to fulfill her childhood promise with the boys, Yuzu's feelings for her from the past resurface, and Momo goes to great lengths to prevent a reunion with Nino. Through music, will they be able to mend their friendship and overcome all the feelings involved in this complicated love triangle?

  • Keywords: romance
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    Anonymous Noise Seasons

    Season 1

    First Air Date: 2017-04-11
    12 Episodes

    Anonymous Noise Episodes

    Title Air Date Duration
    Season 1Episode 1We're Hiding How We Truly Feel30 min
    Season 1Episode 2God, I Pray That Alice's Love WIll Never Be Realized30 min
    Season 1Episode 3Whatever It Takes, Right Now30 min
    Season 1Episode 4That Day, We Who Were Hiding How We Truly Felt Joined Hands30 min
    Season 1Episode 5I Wouldn't Have Had to See You Smile Like That30 min
    Season 1Episode 6Today and Tomorrow, I'll Walk30 min
    Season 1Episode 7Our Lines of Sight Finally Overlapped30 min
    Season 1Episode 8I Will Be Your Friend, I Swear I Will30 min
    Season 1Episode 9And So, We Took Off Running for That Summer30 min
    Season 1Episode 10The One Who Lit a Fire Inside Alice Was Me30 min
    Season 1Episode 11I'll Make It So All of Them Can Never Leave30 min
    Season 1Episode 12I Pray It Reaches You30 min
    • Saori Hayami

      as Nino Arisugawa (voice)
    • Daiki Yamashita

      as Kanade Yuzuriha (voice)
    • Koki Uchiyama

      as Momo Sakaki (voice)
    • Ayahi Takagaki

      as Mio Suguri (voice)
    • Daisuke Namikawa

      as Michiru Yanai (voice)
    • Daisuke Ono

      as Yoshito "Haruyoshi" Haruno (voice)
    • Jun Fukuyama

      as Ayumi "Kuro" Kurose (voice)
    • Satomi Arai

      as Tsukika Kuze (voice)
    Sound Ayahi Takagaki Theme Song Performance
    Sound Saori Hayami Theme Song Performance
    Sound NARASAKI Music
    Sound Watchman (Sadesper Record) Music
    Writing Ryoko Fukuyama Original Series Creator
    Visual Effects Mariko Ito Character Designer
    Art Michiko Morokuma Art Designer
    Camera Yorinobu Oda Director of Photography
    Editing Yasutaka Ikeda Editor
    Writing Ryoko Fukuyama Lyricist
    Writing Deko Akao Lyricist
    Art Satomi Higuchi Prop Designer
    Sound Takayuki Yamaguchi Sound Director
    Directing Hideya Takahashi Series Director
    Visual Effects Natsuko Otsuka Color Designer
    Crew Hitoshi Tokumaru Special Effects
    Visual Effects Hitoshi Tokumaru 2D Artist