The Sweeney

The Sweeney (1975)

  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Crime
  • Creator: Ian Kennedy Martin
  • First Air Date: 1975-01-02
  • Last Air Date: 1978-12-28
  • Total Seasons: 4
  • Total Episodes: 53
  • Status: Ended
  • Episode Runtime: 60 min.
  • Production Company: Thames Television
  • Production Country: United Kingdom
  • Networks: ITV
star 7.6/10
From 12 Ratings


Jack Regan, an unethical officer of the Flying Squad, uses unorthodox methods to pursue criminals with the help of his partner, George Carter.

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The Sweeney Seasons

Season 1

First Air Date: 1975-01-02
13 Episodes

Season 2

First Air Date: 1975-09-01
13 Episodes

Season 3

First Air Date: 1976-09-06
13 Episodes

Season 4

First Air Date: 1978-09-07
14 Episodes

The Sweeney Episodes

Title Air Date Duration
Season 1Episode 1Ringer60 min
Season 1Episode 2Jackpot60 min
Season 1Episode 3Thin Ice60 min
Season 1Episode 4Queen's Pawn60 min
Season 1Episode 5Jigsaw60 min
Season 1Episode 6Night Out60 min
Season 1Episode 7The Placer60 min
Season 1Episode 8Cover Story60 min
Season 1Episode 9Golden Boy60 min
Season 1Episode 10Stoppo Driver60 min
Season 1Episode 11Big Spender60 min
Season 1Episode 12Contact Breaker60 min
Season 1Episode 13Abduction60 min
Season 2Episode 1Chalk and Cheese60 min
Season 2Episode 2Faces60 min
Season 2Episode 3Supersnout60 min
Season 2Episode 4Big Brother60 min
Season 2Episode 5Hit and Run60 min
Season 2Episode 6Trap60 min
Season 2Episode 7Golden Fleece60 min
Season 2Episode 8Poppy60 min
Season 2Episode 9Stay Lucky, Eh?60 min
Season 2Episode 10Trojan Bus60 min
Season 2Episode 11I Want the Man60 min
Season 2Episode 12Country Boy60 min
Season 2Episode 13Thou Shalt Not Kill60 min
Season 3Episode 1Selected Target60 min
Season 3Episode 2In from the Cold60 min
Season 3Episode 3Visiting Fireman60 min
Season 3Episode 4Tomorrow Man60 min
Season 3Episode 5Taste of Fear60 min
Season 3Episode 6Bad Apple60 min
Season 3Episode 7May60 min
Season 3Episode 8Sweet Smell of Succession60 min
Season 3Episode 9Down to You Brother60 min
Season 3Episode 10Pay Off60 min
Season 3Episode 11Loving Arms60 min
Season 3Episode 12Lady Luck60 min
Season 3Episode 13On the Run60 min
Season 4Episode 1Messenger of the Gods60 min
Season 4Episode 2Hard Men60 min
Season 4Episode 3Drag Act60 min
Season 4Episode 4Trust Red60 min
Season 4Episode 5Nightmare60 min
Season 4Episode 6Money, Money, Money60 min
Season 4Episode 7Bait60 min
Season 4Episode 8The Bigger They Are60 min
Season 4Episode 9Feet of Clay60 min
Season 4Episode 10One of Your Own60 min
Season 4Episode 11Hearts and Minds60 min
Season 4Episode 12Latin Lady60 min
Season 4Episode 13Victims60 min
Season 4Episode 14Jack or Knave60 min
  • John Thaw

    as Det. Insp. Jack Regan
  • Dennis Waterman

    as Det. Sgt. George Carter
Crew Ian Kennedy Martin Creator