Dateline (1992)

  • Genre: News, Documentary
  • First Air Date: 1992-03-31
  • Last Air Date: 2024-04-12
  • Total Seasons: 25
  • Total Episodes: 829
  • Status: Returning Series
  • Episode Runtime: 43 min.
  • Production Company: NBC News
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • Networks: NBC
star 6.5/10
From 40 Ratings


Dateline NBC, or simply Dateline, is a weekly American television newsmagazine series. It was previously the network's flagship newsmagazine, but now focuses mainly on true crime stories with only occasional editions that focus on other topics.

  • Keywords: true crime, magazine show
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    Dateline Seasons

    Season 0

    First Air Date:
    0 Episodes

    Season 1

    First Air Date: 2004-11-11
    2 Episodes

    Season 3

    First Air Date:
    1 Episodes

    Season 4

    First Air Date:
    1 Episodes

    Season 11

    First Air Date: 2003-02-14
    1 Episodes

    Season 12

    First Air Date: 2004-02-29
    4 Episodes

    Season 13

    First Air Date: 2004-09-17
    9 Episodes

    Season 14

    First Air Date: 2006-09-13
    42 Episodes

    Season 15

    First Air Date: 2006-09-08
    98 Episodes

    Season 16

    First Air Date: 2007-07-18
    8 Episodes

    Season 17

    First Air Date: 2008-01-13
    53 Episodes

    Season 18

    First Air Date: 2008-12-05
    83 Episodes

    Season 19

    First Air Date: 2010-03-21
    71 Episodes

    Season 20

    First Air Date: 2010-09-24
    64 Episodes

    Season 21

    First Air Date: 2011-03-04
    64 Episodes

    Season 22

    First Air Date: 2013-09-27
    5 Episodes

    Season 23

    First Air Date: 2014-09-26
    12 Episodes

    Season 24

    First Air Date: 2015-09-25
    10 Episodes

    Season 25

    First Air Date: 2016-09-23
    13 Episodes

    Season 26

    First Air Date: 2017-09-29
    46 Episodes

    Season 27

    First Air Date: 2018-09-28
    39 Episodes

    Season 28

    First Air Date: 2019-09-27
    61 Episodes

    Season 29

    First Air Date: 2020-09-21
    39 Episodes

    Season 30

    First Air Date: 2021-09-24
    31 Episodes

    Season 31

    First Air Date: 2022-09-16
    37 Episodes

    Season 32

    First Air Date: 2023-09-29
    42 Episodes

    Dateline Episodes

    Title Air Date Duration
    Season 1984Episode 1Episode 130 min
    Season 2010Episode 1Waiting for the Colonel / The Gaddafi Interview / Palau's Shark Alarm30 min
    Season 2010Episode 2George's Travelogue / Bagram's Creature Comforts / Interview with Christine Lagarde / War Stories30 min
    Season 2010Episode 3Questions from Oruzgan / Interview with Richard Dawkins / Questions from Oruzgan: A Special Investigation / The Pink Gang30 min
    Season 2010Episode 4Obamanation / Bali's Miracle Worker / Interview with Jeffrey Bleich30 min
    Season 2010Episode 5The Art of Politics / Interview with Yossi Beilin / Sex and the City: Surviving on the Streets of Odessa / Sex and the City30 min
    Season 2010Episode 6George on Pakistan / Life on the Line / Interview with Fatima Bhutto / The Red Tide30 min
    Season 2010Episode 7Colonel Campbell's War / Democracy's Flame / Interview with Father Tom Doyle30 min
    Season 2010Episode 8Snakes Alive! / Interview with Ken Feinberg / The Deadly Vote30 min
    Season 2010Episode 9Brazil's Hellhole / Interview with Queen Noor / The Terror Trail30 min
    Season 2010Episode 10Interview with George Monbiot / Primate Change / Suspended Animation30 min
    Season 2010Episode 11Japan's Other Voices / Interview with Will Hutton / New Britain?30 min
    Season 2010Episode 12Sworn Virgins / Interview with Sabria Jawhar / Resource Rage30 min
    Season 2010Episode 13Iran's Maestro / Oily Disaster! / The Whistleblower30 min
    Season 2010Episode 14George on UK Politics / Who's Who? / Westminster Insiders30 min
    Season 2010Episode 15Returning the Stolen / Weather Wars / Puppy Love30 min
    Season 2010Episode 16Bees in the Hood / Spy vs. Spy / Toppling Tehran30 min
    Season 2010Episode 17The Hindu Heavies / Inside WikiLeaks / The Living Dead30 min
    Season 2010Episode 18Waiting for Philip / Time and Tide / White Revenge30 min
    Season 2010Episode 19Pacific Solutions? / The Cow Whisperer / Iraq's Deadly Legacy30 min
    Season 2010Episode 20Renewable Home / Ground Zero Mosque / Behind Enemy Lines30 min
    Season 2010Episode 21Crude Reality / Mr Controversial / Toxic Legacy30 min
    Season 2010Episode 22Flawed Beauty / Gays Abandoned / Poverty Games30 min
    Season 2010Episode 23Landless! / Future Fear / Tunnel Vision30 min
    Season 2010Episode 24Mercy Mission / Reds Return / Bovver Boys30 min
    Season 2010Episode 25Punked! / Stalin World / Guardian Angels30 min
    Season 2010Episode 26Manhunt! / Collateral Damage? / Justice in Exile30 min
    Season 2010Episode 27Saving Beirut / Smoke Alarm / Learning Liberty30 min
    Season 2010Episode 28Elephant Refuge / A Shaman's Prayer / Power Struggle30 min
    Season 2010Episode 29SBS 30th Anniversary / Muddy Hell / Inside the Miracle30 min
    Season 2010Episode 30Haiti's Hell / Burma's Betrayal / Birthday Greetings30 min
    Season 2010Episode 31Kyrgyzstan in Crisis / Congo - War and Peace / Funny Politics30 min
    Season 2010Episode 32The Condemned30 min
    Season 2010Episode 33The Unwanted / Ghost Ship / Painful Lessons30 min
    Season 2011Episode 1In the Studio / Egypt's Revolution / A Spy Exposed / Assange Speaks30 min
    Season 2013Episode 15The Curse of Khat30 min
    Season 2014Episode 1Snowden Speaks / The Falcon Lands30 min
    Season 2014Episode 2Manus Insider / A Brother's Plea / Thailand in Turmoil / Return to Christchurch30 min
    Season 2014Episode 3Ukraine Crisis / Living with Wolves / The Inside Story30 min
    Season 2014Episode 4Mountain Rescue / Sibling Rivalry / Venezuelan Meltdown / Fighting Chance30 min
    Season 2014Episode 5Egypt's Tomb Raiders / The Politics of Rape30 min
    Season 2014Episode 6Off the Radar? / Nepal's Orphan Trade30 min
    Season 2014Episode 7In the Driver's Seat / Being Mao / Italy's Toxic Secret30 min
    Season 2014Episode 8We Are Happy / Rwanda's Hope / Shark! / The Toughest Beat30 min
    Season 2014Episode 9Down and Out / Freedom Fighters / Rat Hole Minors30 min
    Season 2014Episode 10K-Pop Aussie / Bollywood Lessons / Dangerous Dancing30 min
    Season 2014Episode 11Fracking Frenzy / Born Free / Walk of Shame? / Ukraine Crisis30 min
    Season 2014Episode 12Ukraine's Frontline / The Cambodian Solution?30 min
    Season 2014Episode 13Slavery's Price / Banished! / Toxic River / Where Are They?30 min
    Season 2014Episode 14The View from Jakarta / Modi's India? / Turkey's Rage / Right Turn30 min
    Season 2014Episode 15Spain's Ghost Villages / Thai Trauma / Surviving Castro / Oil Bonanza?30 min
    Season 2014Episode 16Remembering Tiananmen / Fear Factor / West Papua's New Dawn?30 min
    Season 2014Episode 17The Sex Business / Making Brazil Beautiful / Jamal's Journey30 min
    Season 2014Episode 18The Jihad Surge / Miracle City? / Return to Tacloban / The Underworld30 min
    Season 2014Episode 19The Greste Verdict / Les Murray's Mission - Part One / Treasure Hunters30 min
    Season 2014Episode 20Underworld Cup / Britain's New Crusaders / Les Murray's Mission - Part Two / Miracle School30 min
    Season 2014Episode 21Indonesia's Showdown / Lebanon's Hip Hop Revolution30 min
    Season 2014Episode 22Saving Baghdad / Hotel Walmart / Malala's Mission30 min
    Season 2014Episode 23MH17 Outrage / Behind the Tour30 min
    Season 2014Episode 24Bounty Hunters / Aussie-French Fusion / The Battle for Bali30 min
    Season 2014Episode 25Brazil's Bravest Blogger / Chessboxing / Ukraine's Trauma30 min
    Season 2014Episode 26The Italian Stallion / Murky Waters / The Shame of Paris30 min
    Season 2014Episode 27Ferguson's Fury / Ebola's Epicentre / Ride to Freedom / Gun Fight30 min
    Season 2014Episode 28Don't Shoot! / Nigeria's Dirty War / Prawn Slaves30 min
    Season 2014Episode 29Dalai Lama's Democracy / Gift of Sight / Celebrity Defector30 min
    Season 2014Episode 30Paradise Pensioners / Lagos Rising / China's Lonely Hearts30 min
    Season 2014Episode 31Fiji's Democratic Challenge / Island of the Dead / Divided Kingdom?30 min
    Season 2014Episode 32The Poorest President / Zack's Battle / Justice for Reeva?30 min
    Season 2014Episode 33Turned Back to Torture? / Hong Kong Protests / Nigel's Mission30 min
    Season 2014Episode 34Fighting Putin30 min
    Season 2014Episode 3530 Years of Dateline Special30 min
    Season 2014Episode 36No Rules School / Unholy Matrimony30 min
    Season 2014Episode 37New Zealand's Milk Run / Sharia Showdown30 min
    Season 2014Episode 38Political Science / Shadow of the Wall30 min
    Season 2014Episode 39Childhood Lost? / Sugihara's List30 min
    Season 2014Episode 40Field of Dreams / Sex Mountain30 min
    Season 2015Episode 1The Painter and the Pastor: Is Rehabilitation Enough to Halt Their Executions?30 min
    Season 2015Episode 2The Disappeared: Where Are Mexico's 23,000 Missing?30 min
    Season 2015Episode 3MH370 One Year On: A Wife's Search for Answers30 min
    Season 2015Episode 4IS Radicalisation: The Boy Who Says No30 min
    Season 2015Episode 5Welcome to Riace / Ebola: Jo's return to the Hot Zone30 min
    Season 2015Episode 6Western Jihadis: An Australian Speaks Out from Syria's Frontline30 min
    Season 2015Episode 7High Heels and Hijabs: Transgender Rights in Indonesia30 min
    Season 2015Episode 8Human Harvest: China's Organ Trafficking30 min
    Season 2015Episode 9Pill Overkill: America's Painkiller Epidemic30 min
    Season 2015Episode 10Convict Harvest: Italy's Prison Winemakers / Medieval Fight Club: The Australians Fighting Back in Time30 min
    Season 2015Episode 11Chasing the Dragon: Return to Vietnam30 min
    Season 2015Episode 12Nepal's Nightmare: Tales of Grief and Survival30 min
    Season 2015Episode 13Vaccination Vigilantes: Fighting Polio and the Taliban30 min
    Season 2015Episode 14Cora's Pet Project: Healing South Africa, One Animal at a Time30 min
    Season 2015Episode 15Khmer Rouge Reality TV30 min
    Season 2015Episode 16Unwelcome Everywhere: The Rohingya Story30 min
    Season 2015Episode 17The Death of Ageing: Will We Soon Be Living Forever?30 min
    Season 2015Episode 18Children of the Dirty Gold30 min
    Season 2015Episode 19Dirty Money: How Corrupt PNG Cash is Reaching Australia30 min
    Season 2015Episode 20Rhino Angels: World's First Female Anti-Poaching Unit30 min
    Season 2015Episode 21Shades of Bad? The Changing Face of NZ Gang Culture30 min
    Season 2015Episode 22Deal or No Deal: Greece's Impossible Choice30 min
    Season 2015Episode 23Lycra in Africa: A Cycling Dream Come True30 min
    Season 2015Episode 24Meet the Terrorists: The Bali Bereaved Search for Answers30 min
    Season 2015Episode 25Meet the Terrorists: Bali Bomber Says Sorry and Offers to Come to Australia30 min
    Season 2015Episode 26Italy's Human Tide: Where Next?30 min
    Season 2015Episode 2715 and Learning to Speak30 min
    Season 2015Episode 28Thailand's Moment of Truth30 min
    Season 2015Episode 29Death in Plain Sight30 min
    Season 2015Episode 30Cuba's Key Change30 min
    Season 2015Episode 31Allow Me to Die30 min
    Season 2015Episode 32China's Supermums30 min
    Season 2015Episode 33Last Resort Rehab30 min
    Season 2015Episode 34Web Warzone30 min
    Season 2015Episode 35Refugee Roulette30 min
    Season 2015Episode 36Kimchi Crazy30 min
    Season 2015Episode 37Bittersweet Harvest30 min
    Season 2015Episode 38IS Child Recruits30 min
    Season 2015Episode 39China's Gay Shock Therapy30 min
    Season 2015Episode 40Paris Attacks / Bosnia's Code of Silence30 min
    Season 2015Episode 41Allow Me to Die30 min
    Season 2016Episode 1Polar Patrol30 min
    Season 2016Episode 2Childhood on Hold / Kids Gone Wild30 min
    Season 2016Episode 3Unjust Justice?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 4India's Love Detectives30 min
    Season 2016Episode 5Kicked Back To30 min
    Season 2016Episode 6Love in the Time of Zika30 min
    Season 2016Episode 7I'm Mr Trump30 min
    Season 2016Episode 8Korea's Internet Addicts30 min
    Season 2016Episode 9Rebuilding Nepal30 min
    Season 2016Episode 10Find My Kid Drugs30 min
    Season 2016Episode 11My 93-Year-Old Flatmate30 min
    Season 2016Episode 12Mexico's Leading Ladies30 min
    Season 2016Episode 13Enemy of the State?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 14Korea's Fake Funerals30 min
    Season 2016Episode 15Married at 1330 min
    Season 2016Episode 16China's Millionaire Migration30 min
    Season 2016Episode 17Episode 1730 min
    Season 2016Episode 19Growing Pains30 min
    Season 2016Episode 20Pride Under Fire30 min
    Season 2016Episode 21Irans Dating Revolution30 min
    Season 2016Episode 22The Survivors Guide to Gaza30 min
    Season 2016Episode 23Don't Mention the Mafia30 min
    Season 2016Episode 24Norways Stolen Children30 min
    Season 2016Episode 26The Secret Lives of Call Centre Workers30 min
    Season 2016Episode 27Growing Old Disgracefully30 min
    Season 2016Episode 28China's Family Planning Army30 min
    Season 2016Episode 29Racist Britain?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 30Bulldozing Tibet's Past?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 31Muslim, Trans and Banned30 min
    Season 2016Episode 32The World's Most Dangerous Journey? (Part 1)30 min
    Season 2016Episode 33The World's Most Dangerous Journey? (Part 2)30 min
    Season 2016Episode 34Canada's Open House30 min
    Season 2016Episode 35Love, Sex and Science30 min
    Season 2016Episode 36Who's Still with Trump?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 37Hong Kong's Unsolved Mystery30 min
    Season 2016Episode 38Getting Away with Murder?30 min
    Season 2016Episode 39Europe's Refugee Orphans30 min
    Season 2016Episode 40From Miscarriage to Murder30 min
    Season 2016Episode 41India's Blind Daters30 min
    Season 2017Episode 1India's Wushu Warrior30 min
    Season 2017Episode 2Lawyer for the Dead30 min
    Season 2017Episode 3South Africa's Skin Bleaching Scandal30 min
    Season 2017Episode 4Daughter of Sierra Leone30 min
    Season 2017Episode 5Coming Home to a Nuclear Wasteland30 min
    Season 2017Episode 6India's Beautiful Minds30 min
    Season 2017Episode 7Trump's Big Fail30 min
    Season 2017Episode 8Haiti's Prison from Hell30 min
    Season 2017Episode 9Robot Love in Japan30 min
    Season 2017Episode 10Dateline Europe Special: Will France Trump Brexit?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 11Dateline Europe Special: Young, Hip and Far Right30 min
    Season 2017Episode 12Peru's Monkey Business30 min
    Season 2017Episode 13Putin's Family Values30 min
    Season 2017Episode 14Burma's Broken Dream30 min
    Season 2017Episode 15The Most Divided Town in Britain30 min
    Season 2017Episode 16Children of Chinese Prisoners: Part 130 min
    Season 2017Episode 17Lost Children of China: Part 230 min
    Season 2017Episode 18India's Slumdog Press30 min
    Season 2017Episode 19Mums Selling Their Kids for Sex30 min
    Season 2017Episode 20Tiny Home Rebel30 min
    Season 2017Episode 22I.S. Kids30 min
    Season 2017Episode 23Outlaw Farmer30 min
    Season 2017Episode 24Les Murray's Mission30 min
    Season 2017Episode 25Hug a Jihadi30 min
    Season 2017Episode 26California's Water Wars30 min
    Season 2017Episode 27Robbed of a Homeland30 min
    Season 2017Episode 28Speed Sisters of Palestine30 min
    Season 2017Episode 29Cheerleading Grannies / Not Dead Yet30 min
    Season 2017Episode 30Yes or No?30 min
    Season 2017Episode 31Obesity in Paradise30 min
    Season 2017Episode 32China's Web Celebs30 min
    Season 2017Episode 33Teachers Breaking Trust30 min
    Season 2017Episode 34Sex, Lies and Soap Operas30 min
    Season 2017Episode 35Africa's European Dream30 min
    Season 2017Episode 36America's First Climate Change Refugees30 min
    Season 2017Episode 37Living with the Dead30 min
    Season 2017Episode 38Race Against Trump's Wall30 min
    Season 2017Episode 39Mosul: Life After I.S.30 min
    Season 2017Episode 40Vanished: Canada's Missing Women30 min
    Season 2018Episode 1Internet Love in a Strange Land30 min
    Season 2018Episode 2Swapped from Manus to Missouri30 min
    Season 2018Episode 3Sunny with a Chance of Gunfire30 min
    Season 2018Episode 4Officer Ilona Reporting for Duty30 min
    Season 2018Episode 5Mexico's Beach Wars30 min
    Season 2018Episode 6Russia's 'Fake' Election30 min
    Season 2018Episode 7Youth in Revolt30 min
    Season 2018Episode 8The Children of Agent Orange30 min
    Season 2018Episode 9Princess and the Sex Slaves30 min
    Season 2018Episode 10China's Family Sacrifice30 min
    Season 2018Episode 11City Without Water30 min
    Season 2018Episode 12Yemen's Children of War30 min
    Season 2018Episode 13Exploring the Abyss30 min
    Season 2018Episode 14Myanmar's Killing Fields30 min
    Season 2018Episode 15Ireland's Abortion Debate30 min
    Season 2018Episode 16The Vegan Wars30 min
    Season 2018Episode 17Made in China30 min
    Season 2018Episode 18How to Catch a Pimp30 min
    Season 2018Episode 19The Beautiful Game for Girls30 min
    Season 2018Episode 20Defending Gender: Part 1 - Proud Boys30 min
    Season 2018Episode 21Defending Gender: Part 2 - The Best Place to Be a Woman30 min
    Season 2018Episode 22Saving China's Pandas30 min
    Season 2018Episode 23Children Caught in the Crossfire30 min
    Season 2018Episode 24Trump's Zero Tolerance30 min
    Season 2018Episode 25From Pariah to Messiah30 min
    Season 2018Episode 26India's Hospital Train30 min
    Season 2018Episode 27What the FARC?30 min
    Season 2018Episode 28Un Sex Abuse Scandal30 min
    Season 2018Episode 29The World's Dirtiest Air30 min
    Season 2018Episode 30The Kids Are Not Alright30 min
    Season 2018Episode 31Korea's Dog Fight30 min
    Season 2018Episode 32It's a Match30 min
    Season 2018Episode 33Prison with No Locks30 min
    Season 2018Episode 34Evil in Paradise30 min
    Season 2018Episode 35From Melbourne to Mati30 min
    Season 2018Episode 36US Midterms: Voters Verdict30 min
    Season 2018Episode 37Saudi's Freedom Test Drive30 min
    Season 2019Episode 1Denmark's Dementia Village30 min
    Season 2019Episode 2New Zealand's Darkest Day30 min
    Season 2019Episode 3Brazil's President vs. The Amazon30 min
    Season 2019Episode 4Brexit's Irish Border Troubles30 min
    Season 2019Episode 5Hong Kong's Crazy Rich and Mega Poor30 min
    Season 2019Episode 6Forced to Be Fat30 min
    Season 2019Episode 7The Best Place to Be a Woman30 min
    Season 2019Episode 8Malaysia's Fish Bombers30 min
    Season 2019Episode 9Sulawesi's Extinction Business30 min
    Season 2019Episode 10Japan's Secret Shame30 min
    Season 2019Episode 11Thailand's Child Fighters30 min
    Season 2019Episode 12Sweden's Crisis Preppers30 min
    Season 2019Episode 13Trump's Poverty Line30 min
    Season 2019Episode 14Mafia Showdown30 min
    Season 2019Episode 15America's War on Abortion30 min
    Season 2019Episode 16How to Catch a Witch Doctor30 min
    Season 2019Episode 17America's Measles Comeback30 min
    Season 2019Episode 18Can Love Save Spain30 min
    Season 2019Episode 19Behind the Frontline30 min
    Season 2019Episode 20Return to Timor-Leste30 min
    Season 2019Episode 21When the Immigrants Leave30 min
    Season 2019Episode 22Florida's Mental Health Crisis30 min
    Season 2019Episode 23Why Singapore is Top of the Class30 min
    Season 2019Episode 2430 Lost Years30 min
    Season 2019Episode 25Italy's Migrant Boot Camp30 min
    Season 2019Episode 26Human Cargo30 min
    Season 2019Episode 27Restoration Mosul30 min
    Season 2019Episode 28Dying For Medicine In America30 min
    Season 2020Episode 1Vietnam's Hard Knocks Kitchen30 min
    Season 2020Episode 2Who Will Take On Trump30 min
    Season 2020Episode 3Fiji's High Tide30 min
    Season 2020Episode 4Sweden's Crisis Preppers (2019 Rpt)30 min
    Season 2020Episode 5What Happened To The New Zealand Dream?30 min
    Season 2020Episode 6Where Chocolate Comes From30 min
    Season 2020Episode 7Saving LA's Homeless30 min
    Season 2020Episode 8How Italy Has Changed30 min
    Season 2020Episode 9The People's Peace Talks30 min
    Season 2020Episode 10Machu Picchu: When The Tourists Left30 min
    Season 2020Episode 11How Coronavirus Overwhelmed Spain30 min
    Season 2020Episode 12Paris: A Tale of Two Cities30 min
    Season 2020Episode 13Birmingham Under the Knife30 min
    Season 2020Episode 14China's Obesity Crisis30 min
    Season 2020Episode 15China's Grey Race30 min
    Season 2020Episode 16From Russia With No Immunity30 min
    Season 2020Episode 17Pandemic Farming: Apples and Oranges30 min
    Season 2020Episode 18Zoo Troubles30 min
    Season 2020Episode 19Welcome to Lesbos30 min
    Season 2020Episode 20Schools Under Siege30 min
    Season 2020Episode 21Finland's Climate Warriors30 min
    Season 2020Episode 22Nirvana For Sale30 min
    Season 2020Episode 23Trump's Deterrence Strategy30 min
    Season 2020Episode 24Deadly Trip Of A Lifetime (Part 1)30 min
    Season 2020Episode 25Deadly Trip Of A Lifetime (Part 2)30 min
    Season 2020Episode 26Thailand On The Brink30 min
    Season 2020Episode 27Asian Americans Decide30 min
    Season 2020Episode 28Alaskan Cold War Family Reunion30 min
    Season 2020Episode 29Internet Love In A Strange Land 2018 Rpt30 min
    Season 2021Episode 1Digital Predators30 min
    Season 2021Episode 2The People vs. Agent Orange30 min
    Season 2021Episode 3London's Cabbie Crisis30 min
    Season 2021Episode 4China's Grey Race30 min
    Season 2021Episode 5Covid-19: Fashion's Great Unravelling30 min
    Season 2021Episode 6Born Small30 min
    Season 2021Episode 7Japan's Junior Idols and Their Adult Male Fans30 min
    Season 2021Episode 8Dying to Divorce30 min
    Season 2021Episode 9The Fight for America's Soul30 min
    Season 2021Episode 10Escape Through the Alps30 min
    Season 2021Episode 11Battle for the Vaccine Hesitant30 min
    Season 2021Episode 12Winning the War on Drugs30 min
    Season 2021Episode 13Myanmar's Spring Revolution30 min
    Season 2021Episode 14The World's Happiest Country30 min
    Season 2021Episode 15Going Off-Grid30 min
    Season 2021Episode 16Eritrea: The Secret State30 min
    Season 2021Episode 17Poles Apart30 min
    Season 2021Episode 18Sumo Nation30 min
    Season 2021Episode 19Korea's Online Gaming Addicts30 min
    Season 2021Episode 20Paralympics: the Fight for Fairness30 min
    Season 2021Episode 21Russia's Military Kids30 min
    Season 2021Episode 22The China Dream: Tensions With Australia (Part One)30 min
    Season 2021Episode 23The China Dream - Tensions with Taiwan (Part 2)30 min
    Season 2021Episode 24Escape from Afghanistan30 min
    Season 2021Episode 25Germany's Neo-Nazis and the Far Right30 min
    Season 2021Episode 26Women of Everest30 min
    Season 2021Episode 27Scottish Independence: Union In Trouble30 min
    Season 2021Episode 28Sex, Drugs and Bad Tourists30 min
    Season 2021Episode 29Back to School With Delta30 min
    Season 2021Episode 30Desperately Seeking Sperm30 min
    Season 2021Episode 31China's Rainbow Families30 min
    Season 2022Episode 1Missing in China30 min
    Season 2022Episode 2Murder in Malta30 min
    Season 2022Episode 3Moldova: Putin's Next Target?30 min
    Season 2022Episode 4India's Street Kids: Telling Their Own Story30 min
    Season 2022Episode 5Butterflies v. Cartels30 min
    Season 2022Episode 6Italy's 1 Euro Homes30 min
    Season 2022Episode 7Surviving Terror In Norway30 min
    Season 2022Episode 8South Korea's Musical Prodigies30 min
    Season 2022Episode 9Putin's Child Soldiers30 min
    Season 2022Episode 10Sri Lanka's Organic Dream30 min
    Season 2022Episode 11Japan's Wartime Sex Slaves30 min
    Season 2022Episode 12Going Off-Grid30 min
    Season 2022Episode 13Bangla Surf Girls30 min
    Season 2022Episode 14Waiting for a God30 min
    Season 2022Episode 15Sweden's Gun Problem30 min
    Season 2022Episode 16Storm Chasers30 min
    Season 2022Episode 17Plan B: Abortion In America30 min
    Season 2022Episode 18Afghan Athletes On The Run30 min
    Season 2022Episode 19Surviving The Circus30 min
    Season 2022Episode 20Love And Race In South Africa30 min
    Season 2022Episode 21Thailand Drugs Tourists And Prison Time30 min
    Season 2022Episode 22Mexicos Deadly Coca-Cola Addiction30 min
    Season 2022Episode 23Born Small30 min
    Season 2022Episode 24Footballs Racist Reputation30 min
    Season 2022Episode 25Catching Scammers30 min
    Season 2022Episode 26Senior Sex And The City30 min
    Season 2022Episode 27Japans Taken Children30 min
    Season 2022Episode 28The World's Oldest Influencers30 min
    Season 2022Episode 29The World's Happiest Country30 min
    Season 2023Episode 6Love And Race In South Africa30 min
    Season 2023Episode 7Children For Sale30 min
    Season 2023Episode 8Teens, Love And War30 min
    Season 2023Episode 9Rat Hunters30 min
    Season 2023Episode 10Bank Robbers30 min
    Season 2023Episode 11Teen Mums: Pregnant And Trapped30 min
    Season 2023Episode 12China's Underground Tutors30 min
    Season 2023Episode 13Canada's Fentanyl Warning30 min
    Season 2023Episode 14Dealing With Debt30 min
    Season 2023Episode 15Italy's 1 Euro Homes30 min
    Season 2023Episode 16The School For Macho Men30 min
    Season 2023Episode 17The Best Place To Have A Baby?30 min
    Season 2023Episode 18Combat Medics30 min
    Season 2023Episode 19Beauty Kings30 min
    Season 2023Episode 20Being Queer In Putin's Shadow30 min
    Season 2023Episode 21Indonesia's Vaping Addicts30 min
    Season 2023Episode 22Inside Little North Korea30 min
    Season 2023Episode 23Sex, Drugs And Bad Tourists30 min
    Season 2023Episode 24Japan's Cheap Homes30 min
    Season 2023Episode 25India's Population Explosion30 min
    Season 2023Episode 26The Sámi Voice30 min
    Season 2023Episode 27Sex Tourism: Predators In Paradise30 min
    Season 2023Episode 28Japan's Taken Children30 min
    Season 2023Episode 29Adrift In Australian Waters30 min
    Season 2023Episode 30Making a Militant30 min
    Season 2024Episode 1Camp Coda: Children of Deaf Adults30 min
    Season 2024Episode 2A Child Of Gaza30 min
    Season 2024Episode 3Over Sharenting30 min
    Season 2024Episode 4Finding Yusuf - Part 130 min
    Season 2024Episode 5Finding Yusuf - Part 230 min
    Season 2024Episode 6The Kid's Gambit30 min
    Season 2024Episode 7Country Of Lost Children30 min
    Season 2024Episode 8Japans Cheap Homes30 min
    Season 2024Episode 9Born Big30 min
    Season 2024Episode 10China: Secrets and Power30 min
    Season 2024Episode 11Activist Or Extremist?30 min
    Season 2024Episode 12Romania's Webcam Girls30 min
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