The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince (2018)

  • Genre: Animation, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Creator: Aaron Ehasz, Justin Richmond
  • First Air Date: 2018-09-14
  • Last Air Date: 2023-07-22
  • Total Seasons: 6
  • Total Episodes: 45
  • Status: Returning Series
  • Episode Runtime: 26 min.
  • Production Company: Bardel Entertainment
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • Networks: Netflix
star 8.2/10
From 554 Ratings


An extraordinary discovery inspires two human princes and an elven assassin to team up on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands.

  • Keywords: elves, assassin, magic, prince, kingdom, supernatural, love, sword fight, computer animation, giant monster, dragon, fantasy world, dark fantasy, magical creature, giant dragon, sword and sorcery, mage, dragon egg, medieval times, fantasy
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    Is The Dragon Prince on Netflix?

    Yes! The serie The Dragon Prince is now on Netflix in the countries listed below.

    The Dragon Prince Seasons

    Season 1

    First Air Date: 2018-09-14
    9 Episodes

    Season 2

    First Air Date: 2019-02-15
    9 Episodes

    Season 3

    First Air Date: 2019-11-22
    9 Episodes

    Season 4

    First Air Date: 2022-11-03
    9 Episodes

    Season 5

    First Air Date: 2023-07-22
    9 Episodes

    Season 6

    First Air Date:
    0 Episodes

    The Dragon Prince Episodes

    Title Air Date Duration
    Season 1Episode 1Chapter 1 Echoes of Thunder25 min
    Season 1Episode 2Chapter 2 What Is Done26 min
    Season 1Episode 3Chapter 3 Moonrise26 min
    Season 1Episode 4Chapter 4 Bloodthirsty30 min
    Season 1Episode 5Chapter 5 An Empty Throne30 min
    Season 1Episode 6Chapter 6 Through the Ice30 min
    Season 1Episode 7Chapter 7 The Dagger and the Wolf30 min
    Season 1Episode 8Chapter 8 Cursed Caldera30 min
    Season 1Episode 9Chapter 9 Wonderstorm30 min
    Season 2Episode 1Chapter 1 A Secret and a Spark26 min
    Season 2Episode 2Chapter 2 Half Moon Lies27 min
    Season 2Episode 3Chapter 3 Smoke and Mirrors26 min
    Season 2Episode 4Chapter 4 Voyage of the Ruthless27 min
    Season 2Episode 5Chapter 5 Breaking the Seal26 min
    Season 2Episode 6Chapter 6 Heart of a Titan27 min
    Season 2Episode 7Chapter 7 Fire and Fury27 min
    Season 2Episode 8Chapter 8 The Book of Destiny27 min
    Season 2Episode 9Chapter 9 Breathe27 min
    Season 3Episode 1Chapter 1 Sol Regem26 min
    Season 3Episode 2Chapter 2 The Crown26 min
    Season 3Episode 3Chapter 3 Ghost27 min
    Season 3Episode 4Chapter 4 The Midnight Desert27 min
    Season 3Episode 5Chapter 5 Heroes & Masterminds27 min
    Season 3Episode 6Chapter 6 Thunderfall28 min
    Season 3Episode 7Chapter 7 Hearts of Cinder27 min
    Season 3Episode 8Chapter 8 Dragonguard27 min
    Season 3Episode 9Chapter 9 The Final Battle34 min
    Season 4Episode 1Chapter 1 Rebirthday28 min
    Season 4Episode 2Chapter 2 Fallen Stars28 min
    Season 4Episode 3Chapter 3 Breathtaking25 min
    Season 4Episode 4Chapter 4 Through the Looking Glass25 min
    Season 4Episode 5Chapter 5 The Great Gates28 min
    Season 4Episode 6Chapter 6 The Drakewood28 min
    Season 4Episode 7Chapter 7 Beneath the Surface28 min
    Season 4Episode 8Chapter 8 Rex Igneous28 min
    Season 4Episode 9Chapter 9 Escape from Umber Tor28 min
    Season 5Episode 1Chapter 1 Domina Profundis27 min
    Season 5Episode 2Chapter 2 Old Wounds28 min
    Season 5Episode 3Chapter 3 Nightmares & Revelations29 min
    Season 5Episode 4Chapter 4 The Great Bookery28 min
    Season 5Episode 5Chapter 5 Archmage Akiyu29 min
    Season 5Episode 6Chapter 6 Bait and Switch27 min
    Season 5Episode 7Chapter 7 Sea Legs28 min
    Season 5Episode 8Chapter 8 Finnegrin's Wake28 min
    Season 5Episode 9Chapter 9 Infantis Sanguine28 min
    • Jack De Sena

      as Callum (voice)
    • Paula Burrows

      as Rayla (voice)
    • Sasha Rojen

      as Ezran (voice)
    • Racquel Belmonte

      as Claudia (voice)
    • Jesse Inocalla

      as Soren (voice)
    • Luc Roderique

      as Karim (voice)
    • Benjamin Callins

      as Terry (voice)
    Sound Frederik Wiedmann Music Producer