10 Best Comedy Series to Watch on Netflix

Netflix has a huge range of comedy series, but of course not everything is equally good. To guide you through this incredible maze of content, we’ve listed the 10 best comedy series to watch on Netflix in no particular order.

10. Good Girls

Three friends with money problems decide to rob a supermarket. That is the start of a flourishing criminal career, but of course that is not without consequences. They soon get a visit from other criminals and also have to outsmart the police. Think Breaking Bad, but with a good dose of humor.

Good Girls

9. Derek

At first glance it may seem like Ricky Gervais is making fun of people with mental disabilities, but the opposite is true. On the contrary, the comedy series Derek is a loving story about the kindest man on earth. Gervais plays Derek Noakes, who works as a volunteer at the retirement home. He knows how to cheer everyone up, no matter how hard the work is sometimes. As we are used to from the British comedian, he alternates hard jokes with very tender moments.


8. The Good Place

The Good Place deserves a spot in this top 20 alone because the comedy series knows how to make philosophy funny. Bad girl Eleanor dies and ends up in ‘the right place’ and that must be a mistake. It turns out that she is mistaken for someone else and tries to keep this secret from the angel Michael. That not only leads to a lot of funny situations, but also many unexpected plot twists.

The Good Place

7. Arrested Development

Arrested Development is the definition of a hidden gem. The comedy series attracted few viewers when it aired on Fox from 2003 to 2006, but it managed to attract a loyal fan base and was a major source of inspiration for 30 Rock and Community. In 2013 and 2018, the series returned to Netflix and fans could see what happened next with the crazy Bluth family and their only sensible son Michael.

Arrested Development

6. Atypical

Talk about hidden gems! This hidden gem was discovered quite late by Netflix viewers, but we would like to bring it back to the attention. This is one of the few series in which autism is treated in a realistic way. Because of this mature approach, main character Sam is not a caricature, but a human being of flesh and blood, who tries to find his own way in a very complicated world.


5. Chappelle’s Show

Chappelle’s Show was the biggest hit on Comedy Central from 2003 to 2006, and since February, Dave Chappelle’s legendary sketch show has also been available on Netflix. Much of the humor would really not be possible today and that makes the series all the more fun. The true stories of Charlie Murphy are especially a must-see.

Chappelle’s Show

4. Rick and Morty

Those who can’t laugh at the scientists of The Big Bang Theory can probably get along with the genius madman Rick Sanchez. Together with his nephew Morty, he makes the universe unsafe in the most popular animated series of the moment. The humor is crude, but at the same time surprisingly profound and instructive.

Rick and Morty

3. After Life

What Ricky Gervais did in Derek, he does it again with After Life, but this comedy drama series manages to hit the emotional chord just a little more often. Gervais plays a widower who has lost all his zest for life, but thanks to the people around him, he slowly learns to enjoy life again. Before that, he first scolds everyone and always has a razor-sharp comment in store.

After Life

2. Seinfeld

Seinfeld is a bit more cynical than a series like Friends. The characters are not very nice and do not undergo any significant development. The series even makes a point of this by referring to itself as “a show about nothing.” Still, fans love the sarcastic Jerry, his neurotic best friend George, his blunt ex-girlfriend Elaine and his deranged neighbor Kramer.


1. The Office

A documentary filmmaker follows the daily lives of the office workers of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Manager Michael thinks he’s a great boss, but his employees don’t take him seriously. The arrogant Dwight is Michael’s assistant and wants a promotion. And for receptionist Pam, the candid conversations with the likeable Jim are the highlight of her working day.

The Office
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