Bob and Margaret

Bob and Margaret (1998)

  • Genre: Animation, Comedy
  • Creator: David Fine, Alison Snowden
  • First Air Date: 1998-06-22
  • Last Air Date: 2001-12-25
  • Total Seasons: 4
  • Total Episodes: 52
  • Status: Ended
  • Episode Runtime: 30 min.
  • Production Company: Comedy Central
  • Production Country: United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada
  • Networks: Global TV, Channel 4
star 6.5/10
From 7 Ratings


Bob and Margaret is a Canadian/UK animated television series that was also shown in the United States and all over the world. The series was produced by Nelvana, a Toronto animation studio, and created by Canadian David Fine and Brit Alison Snowden. The series was based on the Academy Award winning short film Bob's Birthday, featuring the same main characters, which won the Best Animated Short Film Oscar in 1994. The series is one of the few Canadian TV shows to ever have regular American exposure. In Canada, it was the highest rated Canadian made animation series ever when it aired in prime time on Global Television. The show revolved around a married English couple named Bob and Margaret Fish, a middle class 40-ish working couple with no children and two dogs named William and Elizabeth. Bob is a dentist and Margaret is a chiropodist. Bob and Margaret struggle with everyday issues and mid life crisis. Stories often revolve around the mundane, but in a way which is eminently relatable. From the trials of shopping to dealing with friends who annoy them, but owe them a dinner. In the first two seasons, Bob and Margaret lived in England, in the South London community of Balham. For the third and fourth seasons, however, they moved to Toronto, Canada, allowing the writers to explore the humour of culture clash. The move was actually inspired by the realities of funding, with certain Canadian tax benefits dependent on stories actually based in Canada. As such, to keep the series funded, the move was necessary. The creators of the series chose to take an executive role on these latter two seasons, reviewing scripts and consulting, but not involved in the detail they were for the first two seasons. Snowden continued to provide the voice of Margaret, but Bob's voice, originally played by Andy Hamilton, was replaced by Brian George.

  • Keywords: cartoon, adult animation
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    Is Bob and Margaret on Netflix?

    Is Bob and Margaret on Netflix? Unfortunately this serie is not yet available on Netflix.

    Bob and Margaret Seasons

    Season 0

    First Air Date:
    1 Episodes

    Season 1

    First Air Date: 1998-06-22
    13 Episodes

    Season 2

    First Air Date: 1999-08-19
    13 Episodes

    Season 3

    First Air Date: 2001-05-30
    13 Episodes

    Season 4

    First Air Date: 2001-09-13
    13 Episodes

    Bob and Margaret Episodes

    Title Air Date Duration
    Season 1Episode 1A Tale of Two Dentists30 min
    Season 1Episode 2A Night In30 min
    Season 1Episode 3Blood, Sweat and Tears30 min
    Season 1Episode 4The Burglary30 min
    Season 1Episode 5Shopping30 min
    Season 1Episode 6The Holiday30 min
    Season 1Episode 7For Pete's Sake30 min
    Season 1Episode 8Friends for Dinner30 min
    Season 1Episode 9Love's Labors Lost30 min
    Season 1Episode 10The Dental Convention30 min
    Season 1Episode 11The Discomfort of Strangers30 min
    Season 1Episode 12Trick or Treat30 min
    Season 1Episode 13Neighbors30 min
    Season 2Episode 1Bob Gets Wired30 min
    Season 2Episode 2No Trouble30 min
    Season 2Episode 3The Trouble with Mummy30 min
    Season 2Episode 4The Fly on the Wall30 min
    Season 2Episode 5Problems30 min
    Season 2Episode 6A Patient Dies in Bob's Chair30 min
    Season 2Episode 7Cuckoo in the Nest30 min
    Season 2Episode 8A New Life30 min
    Season 2Episode 9Animal Behavior30 min
    Season 2Episode 10Party Politics30 min
    Season 2Episode 11Going Dutch30 min
    Season 2Episode 12My Foot Hurts30 min
    Season 2Episode 13A Bob or Two30 min
    Season 3Episode 1Stranded in Toronto30 min
    Season 3Episode 2Strangers in a Strange Land30 min
    Season 3Episode 3Margaret Gets a Job30 min
    Season 3Episode 4Til Death Do Us Part30 min
    Season 3Episode 5The Wedding30 min
    Season 3Episode 6Fish at the Bat30 min
    Season 3Episode 7Over-Exposed30 min
    Season 3Episode 8Age Before Beauty30 min
    Season 3Episode 9Book Club30 min
    Season 3Episode 10On Location30 min
    Season 3Episode 11Cottage Country30 min
    Season 3Episode 12Driving Bob30 min
    Season 3Episode 13Undefended Border30 min
    Season 4Episode 1New Lease on Life30 min
    Season 4Episode 2Jury Duty30 min
    Season 4Episode 3The Player30 min
    Season 4Episode 4Getaway30 min
    Season 4Episode 5Mummy's Boy30 min
    Season 4Episode 6Gone to Seed30 min
    Season 4Episode 7The Candidate30 min
    Season 4Episode 8Life Saver30 min
    Season 4Episode 9I, Bob30 min
    Season 4Episode 10Mastermind30 min
    Season 4Episode 11Outward Bound30 min
    Season 4Episode 12Gary30 min
    Season 4Episode 13A Very Fishy Christmas30 min
    • Andy Hamilton

      as Bob
    • Brian George

    • Adrian Truss

    • Jayne Eastwood

    • Doon Mackichan

    • Peter Baynham

    • Ron Pardo

    • Steve Coogan

    • Trevor Cooper

    • Wayne Robson

    • Tracey Hoyt

    • Alison Snowden

      as Margaret
    Production David Fine Producer
    Production Michael Hirsh Executive Producer
    Production Patrick Loubert Executive Producer
    Production Alison Snowden Producer