After Life Season 2 with Ricky Gervais new on Netflix April 2020

Netflix is releasing the official trailer for the upcoming second season of the great comedy drama series After Life. Obviously Ricky met Gervais in the lead role as Tony, dies in the new episodes trying to show some more compassion for the people around him.

What is the Netflix serie After Life about?

Tony (Ricky Gervais) leads an almost perfect life. However, after his wife Lisa dies, Tony changes. He is thinking about committing suicide, but decides to live long enough to punish the world! From now on he only says and does what he wants. Tony sees it as a kind of superpower. The problem is that it is a hell of a bother to be so unkind when everyone tries to save you… In Season 2 of After Life, Tony takes a different approach!

The trailer for After Life Season 2

In the new episodes of After Life, Tony tries to get his life back on track. Above all, he wants to be a better friend to the people around him. Of course that is not easy yet … Check out the trailer for season 2:

The releasedate for After Life season 2

After a long wait since the announcement and the start of the recordings, it is fortunately now almost there! After Life season 2 can be seen on Netflix from April 24. The second season of the dramedy, like the first season, consists of six episodes.

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