New series on Netflix Week 17

Every week Netflix expands its offer with new series and movies. In terms of series, we finally see season 3 of Fauda and the Belgian serie The Twelve.

The Twelve

The exciting Flemish series The Twelve is about a controversial murder case, in which a twelve-person jury has to determine whether a school director is responsible for the death of her friend and her daughter. In addition to the crime itself, the series also follows the lives of the jury members: how do they feel about the case and how does their daily life affect their judgment? The exciting, penetrating The Twelve will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Fauda – Season 3

To protect Israel from Hamas and other dangerous groups, the military is sending anti-terrorist units to Palestinian territories to keep a finger on the pulse. Secret agent Doron Kavillio and his team play a perilous espionage game.

Too Hot To Handle

In this dating show, singles are locked together to find love and win a ton. Soon a huge plot twist unfolds: “romantic” acts like kissing, making love or waving make the prize money plummet! However, this does not stop all participants … For lovers of reality dating shows, a new season of Ex On The Beach also recently started.


Director Ryan Murphy, known for such top titles as Glee, Pose, and American Horror Story, is back with a new mini-series. Hollywood is set in 1940s Los Angeles. It is a love letter to the film world of yesteryear, which also shows the dark side of the past, including the discrimination of African-Americans who wanted to get a spot in Hollywood at the time. The lead role is played by Darren Criss, who you probably know from his spine-chilling role as Andrew Cunanan, the murderer of Gianni Versace, in American Crime Story.

Money Heist: Season 4

La Casa de Papel fans can indulge themselves again, as the fourth season of the Netflix hit is finally here. Let the chaos begin, according to the trailer and it shows: after the major master plan of El Profesor already seemed to fall in season 3, things are even more dramatic in the fourth season. We are guessing that the new episodes will be massively batched within a few days, now that everyone is at home.

Suits: Season 7 Part 2

Fans have had to wait a while, but the second part of Suits season 7 – the last season with Meghan Markle – finally appears on Netflix. Meghan’s character Rachel Zane will finally marry Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams, after which the couple moves to Seattle to run their own business.

The Letter For The King

The Letter for the King is a film adaptation of Tonke Dragt’s famous Dutch book De brief voor de Koning from 1962, transformed into a series. In the story, Knight Tuiri – who must deliver a mysterious letter to the king in the story – is severely troubled by Prince Viridian on his noble journey, teaching him how to be a true knight and leader. Not a Dutch production, but with a Dutch cast. Actors Gijs Blom (known for Boys and Carry Slee’s Painkillers) and Yorick van Wageningen (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) both play a role in the series.

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