Dateline: Secrets Uncovered

Dateline: Secrets Uncovered (2017)

  • Genre: Crime, Documentary
  • First Air Date: 2017-07-21
  • Last Air Date: 2024-04-10
  • Total Seasons: 12
  • Total Episodes: 310
  • Status: Returning Series
  • Episode Runtime: 43 min.
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • Networks: Oxygen
star 8.4/10
From 10 Ratings


For more than 25 years, Dateline has brought viewers investigations into some of biggest mysteries in America. This entry in the franchise takes a second look at some of the most mysterious cases of recent history. It explores the stories through firsthand accounts told by people who are close to the crime, including investigators who dedicated their time to the cases and family members who are still trying to confront the tragedies that befell their loved ones.

  • Keywords: homicide, suspicion of murder, interview, investigation, murder, police detective, interrogation, true crime, missing person, murder investigation, correspondence, homicide detective, investigative journalism, murder suspect, homicide investigation
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    Is Dateline: Secrets Uncovered on Netflix?

    Is Dateline: Secrets Uncovered on Netflix? Unfortunately this serie is not yet available on Netflix.

    Dateline: Secrets Uncovered Seasons

    Season 1

    First Air Date: 2017-07-21
    23 Episodes

    Season 2

    First Air Date: 2018-02-16
    15 Episodes

    Season 3

    First Air Date: 2018-06-23
    14 Episodes

    Season 4

    First Air Date: 2018-07-13
    17 Episodes

    Season 5

    First Air Date: 2018-10-01
    14 Episodes

    Season 6

    First Air Date: 2019-01-05
    14 Episodes

    Season 7

    First Air Date: 2019-05-05
    24 Episodes

    Season 8

    First Air Date: 2019-10-18
    24 Episodes

    Season 9

    First Air Date: 2020-04-03
    47 Episodes

    Season 10

    First Air Date: 2021-03-01
    71 Episodes

    Season 11

    First Air Date: 2022-10-04
    32 Episodes

    Season 12

    First Air Date: 2024-01-10
    17 Episodes

    Dateline: Secrets Uncovered Episodes

    Title Air Date Duration
    Season 2017Episode 1The House on the Lake60 min
    Season 2017Episode 2Unimaginable60 min
    Season 2017Episode 3Betrayed60 min
    Season 2017Episode 4A Texas Twist60 min
    Season 2017Episode 5Nightfall60 min
    Season 2017Episode 6Burning Suspicion60 min
    Season 2017Episode 7Lost and Found60 min
    Season 2017Episode 8The Mystery of the Murdered Major60 min
    Season 2017Episode 9The House in the Woods60 min
    Season 2017Episode 10Frantic60 min
    Season 2017Episode 11The Player60 min
    Season 2017Episode 12The Goldfinger Mystery60 min
    Season 2017Episode 13Secrets in a Small Town, Part 160 min
    Season 2017Episode 14Secrets in a Small Town, Part 260 min
    Season 2017Episode 15Crossing the Line60 min
    Season 2017Episode 16Mystery at Heath Bar Farm60 min
    Season 2017Episode 17Deadly Triangle60 min
    Season 2017Episode 18Diabolical60 min
    Season 2017Episode 19The Day She Disappeared60 min
    Season 2017Episode 20Collision60 min
    Season 2017Episode 21Heart of Darkness60 min
    Season 2017Episode 22The Last Dance60 min
    Season 2017Episode 23Troubled Waters60 min
    Season 2017Episode 24Tangled60 min
    Season 2018Episode 1Mystery in Orange County60 min
    Season 2018Episode 2Deadly Exchange60 min
    Season 2018Episode 3Under a Full Moon60 min
    Season 2018Episode 4The Face of Evil60 min
    Season 2018Episode 5The Interrogation60 min
    Season 2018Episode 6The Deed60 min
    Season 2018Episode 7Smoke and Mirrors60 min
    Season 2018Episode 8The Hometown Hero & the Homecoming Queen60 min
    Season 2018Episode 9Consumed60 min
    Season 2018Episode 10The Client60 min
    Season 2018Episode 11The Quiet One60 min
    Season 2018Episode 12House of Secrets60 min
    Season 2018Episode 13The House on Sidney's Cove60 min
    Season 2018Episode 14Over the Edge60 min
    Season 2018Episode 15Someone Was Watching60 min
    Season 2018Episode 16Ransom60 min
    Season 2018Episode 17Silent Witness60 min
    Season 2018Episode 18Somebody's Daughter60 min
    Season 2018Episode 19Suspicion60 min
    Season 2018Episode 20The Secret60 min
    Season 2018Episode 21Buried Secrets60 min
    Season 2018Episode 22Strangers on a Train60 min
    Season 2018Episode 23Who Killed the Radio Star60 min
    Season 2018Episode 24Mystery on Blood Mountain60 min
    Season 2018Episode 25Deadly Conspiracy60 min
    Season 2018Episode 26Blind Justice60 min
    Season 2018Episode 27The Confession60 min
    Season 2018Episode 28The Great Escape60 min
    Season 2018Episode 29Poison60 min
    Season 2018Episode 30The Man Who Talked to Dogs60 min
    Season 2018Episode 31Written in Blood60 min
    Season 2018Episode 32In the Dead of Night60 min
    Season 2018Episode 33The Night Lynsie Disappeared60 min
    Season 2018Episode 34A Gathering Storm60 min
    Season 2018Episode 35Secrets in the Mist60 min
    Season 2018Episode 36Vanished60 min
    Season 2018Episode 37Secrets in the Snow60 min
    Season 2018Episode 38Deadly Connection60 min
    Season 2018Episode 39The Night Hannah Hill Disappeared60 min
    Season 2018Episode 40The Bathtub Mystery60 min
    Season 2018Episode 41While They Were Sleeping60 min
    Season 2018Episode 42Down the Back Staircase60 min
    Season 2018Episode 43The Devil and Bobbi Parker60 min
    Season 2018Episode 44Secrets on Hot Springs Drive60 min
    Season 2018Episode 45Inside Man60 min
    Season 2018Episode 46The Promise60 min
    Season 2018Episode 47Family Affair60 min
    Season 2018Episode 48Infatuation60 min
    Season 2018Episode 49The Plot Thickens60 min
    Season 2018Episode 50Return to Manitowoc County60 min
    Season 2018Episode 51Secrets in Seattle60 min
    Season 2018Episode 52The Silhouette60 min
    Season 2018Episode 53The Knock at the Door60 min
    Season 2018Episode 54Swept Away60 min
    Season 2018Episode 55Against All Odds60 min
    Season 2018Episode 56The Disappearance of Debbie Hawk60 min
    Season 2018Episode 57Deadly Ambush60 min
    Season 2018Episode 58Justice For Bonnie60 min
    Season 2019Episode 1The Sting60 min
    Season 2019Episode 2Dark Valley60 min
    Season 2019Episode 3Black Friday60 min
    Season 2019Episode 4Out There in the Dark60 min
    Season 2019Episode 5The Women & Dirty John60 min
    Season 2019Episode 6As Night Fell60 min
    Season 2019Episode 7Good and Evil60 min
    Season 2019Episode 8Deadly Trust60 min
    Season 2019Episode 9The Shadow60 min
    Season 2019Episode 10Internal Affairs60 min
    Season 2019Episode 11The Trap60 min
    Season 2019Episode 12Deadly Twist60 min
    Season 2019Episode 13Mystery on Lockhart Road60 min
    Season 2019Episode 14Family Business60 min
    Season 2019Episode 15Devil's Bathtub60 min
    Season 2019Episode 16Deadly Circumstances60 min
    Season 2019Episode 17A Crack in Everything60 min
    Season 2019Episode 18A Night of the New Moon60 min
    Season 2019Episode 19Twisted in Texas60 min
    Season 2019Episode 20Tangled Web60 min
    Season 2019Episode 21The Fire Inside60 min
    Season 2019Episode 22Stealing Paradise60 min
    Season 2019Episode 23A Shot in the Dark60 min
    Season 2019Episode 24Plot Twist60 min
    Season 2019Episode 25Deadly Valentine60 min
    Season 2019Episode 26Haunting60 min
    Season 2019Episode 27Someone Was Waiting60 min
    Season 2019Episode 28A Deadly Path60 min
    Season 2019Episode 29Deadly Desire60 min
    Season 2019Episode 30Murder in Broad Daylight60 min
    Season 2019Episode 31Betrayal of Trust60 min
    Season 2019Episode 32Mystery at Ascot Estates60 min
    Season 2019Episode 33Broken Bonds60 min
    Season 2019Episode 34The Girl With the Red Shoes60 min
    Season 2019Episode 35Mystery In Mustang60 min
    Season 2019Episode 36What Happened To the Beauty Queen?60 min
    Season 2019Episode 37Mystery in Payson Canyon60 min
    Season 2019Episode 38Along Came Jodi60 min
    Season 2019Episode 39Graduation Night60 min
    Season 2019Episode 40Secrets and Lies60 min
    Season 2019Episode 41Toxic60 min
    Season 2019Episode 42Deadly Deceit60 min
    Season 2019Episode 43Murder On Nantucket Island60 min
    Season 2019Episode 44Secrets in Pleasant Grove60 min
    Season 2019Episode 45Killing in Cobb County60 min
    Season 2019Episode 46A Sister's Search60 min
    Season 2019Episode 47Under A Halloween Moon60 min
    Season 2019Episode 48At Close Range60 min
    Season 2019Episode 49Deep in the Woods60 min
    Season 2020Episode 1The Other Side of Paradise60 min
    Season 2020Episode 2Deadly Detour60 min
    Season 2020Episode 3The Threat60 min
    Season 2020Episode 4What They Saw60 min
    Season 2020Episode 5Reckless60 min
    Season 2020Episode 6The Capture60 min
    Season 2020Episode 7Inside the Hunt for El Chapo60 min
    Season 2020Episode 8Angels & Demons60 min
    Season 2020Episode 9The Carrollton Plot60 min
    Season 2020Episode 10The Man Who Wasn't There60 min
    Season 2020Episode 11One Moment60 min
    Season 2020Episode 12Death Trap60 min
    Season 2020Episode 13A Villainous Plan60 min
    Season 2020Episode 14The Disappearance of Sandi Johnson60 min
    Season 2020Episode 1512 Minutes on Elm Street60 min
    Season 2020Episode 16In the Middle of the Night60 min
    Season 2020Episode 17Missing Marie60 min
    Season 2020Episode 18Deadly Intent60 min
    Season 2020Episode 19A Bronx Tale60 min
    Season 2020Episode 20Deadly Denial60 min
    Season 2020Episode 21Mystery in South Beach60 min
    Season 2020Episode 22Circle of Friends60 min
    Season 2020Episode 23Bad Blood60 min
    Season 2020Episode 24The Farm60 min
    Season 2020Episode 25Evil Was Waiting60 min
    Season 2020Episode 26Everything She Knew60 min
    Season 2020Episode 27The Landing60 min
    Season 2020Episode 28Unspeakable60 min
    Season 2020Episode 29The Watcher60 min
    Season 2020Episode 30Unraveled60 min
    Season 2020Episode 31The Figure in the Garage60 min
    Season 2020Episode 32A Cold December Morning60 min
    Season 2020Episode 33In Cold Blood60 min
    Season 2020Episode 34Vendetta60 min
    Season 2020Episode 35Deadly House of Cards60 min
    Season 2020Episode 36Footprint in the Dust60 min
    Season 2020Episode 37Death in the Driveway60 min
    Season 2020Episode 38Toxic Relations60 min
    Season 2020Episode 39Secrets of the Snake River60 min
    Season 2020Episode 40A Killing in Cottonwood60 min
    Season 2020Episode 41The Unusual Suspect60 min
    Season 2020Episode 42The Mystery Man60 min
    Season 2020Episode 43The Fugitive Millionaire60 min
    Season 2020Episode 44Deception60 min
    Season 2020Episode 45The Comic Book Murder60 min
    Season 2020Episode 46Up In Flames60 min
    Season 2020Episode 47The Motive60 min
    Season 2020Episode 48The Mansion on Ocean Boulevard60 min
    Season 2020Episode 49Evil Intent60 min
    Season 2020Episode 50Secrets on the Emerald Coast60 min
    Season 2020Episode 51Something Wicked60 min
    Season 2021Episode 1Mystery on the Mississippi60 min
    Season 2021Episode 2On the Outskirts of Town60 min
    Season 2021Episode 3The Ultimatum60 min
    Season 2021Episode 4The Good Husband60 min
    Season 2021Episode 5Double Lives60 min
    Season 2021Episode 6A Dangerous Man60 min
    Season 2021Episode 7The Mystery on Bridle Path60 min
    Season 2021Episode 8The Accused60 min
    Season 2021Episode 9The Devil in Disguise60 min
    Season 2021Episode 10While He Was Sleeping60 min
    Season 2021Episode 11The Root of All Evil60 min
    Season 2021Episode 12Deadly Betrayal60 min
    Season 2021Episode 13Lethal Weapon60 min
    Season 2022Episode 1The Informant60 min
    Season 2022Episode 2Rear Window60 min
    Season 2022Episode 3Hinckley: Diary of a Dangerous Mind60 min
    Season 2022Episode 4The Stranger60 min
    Season 2022Episode 5The Dream House Mystery60 min
    Season 2022Episode 6Vengeance60 min
    Season 2022Episode 7Miles From Nowhere60 min
    Season 2022Episode 8Manner of Death60 min
    Season 2022Episode 9The Feud60 min
    Season 2022Episode 10The Long Road to Freedom60 min
    Season 2022Episode 11Life Inside60 min
    Season 2022Episode 12Deadly Secret60 min
    Season 2022Episode 13Endgame60 min
    Season 2022Episode 14The Waiting Car60 min
    Season 2022Episode 15The Woman With No Name60 min
    Season 2022Episode 16The Vow60 min
    Season 2022Episode 17At the Bottom of the Pool60 min
    Season 2022Episode 18Unbreakable60 min
    Season 2022Episode 19The Death of Gianni Versace60 min
    Season 2022Episode 20Secrets of the Desert60 min
    Season 2022Episode 21While She Was Sleeping60 min
    Season 2022Episode 22Trouble at the 7-11 Ranch60 min
    Season 2022Episode 23The Phony Rockefeller60 min
    Season 2022Episode 24A Family's Story60 min
    Season 2022Episode 25Deadly Liaisons60 min
    Season 2022Episode 26Kidnapped60 min
    Season 2022Episode 27Lost in Sin City60 min
    Season 2022Episode 28The Family Secret60 min
    Season 2022Episode 29Bringing Brooke Home60 min
    Season 2022Episode 30The pink skirt plot60 min
    Season 2022Episode 31Night of the summer solstice60 min
    Season 2022Episode 32Murder in the house of Gucci60 min
    Season 2024Episode 1The Investigation60 min
    Season 2024Episode 2The Story Of Somebody60 min
    Season 2024Episode 3Recipe for Murder60 min
    Season 2024Episode 4The Case of the Missing D.A.60 min
    Season 2024Episode 5After the Party60 min
    Season 2024Episode 6Robert Durst: The Lost Years60 min
    Season 2024Episode 7Twisted Tale60 min
    Season 2024Episode 8The Summer of Manson60 min
    Season 2024Episode 9Dreams & Nightmares: The Meek Mill Story60 min
    Season 2024Episode 10Broken Circle60 min
    Season 2024Episode 11The Rise and Fall of Oscar Pistorius60 min
    Season 2024Episode 12Mystery on Horseshoe Drive60 min
    Season 2024Episode 13Jonestown: An American Tragedy60 min
    Season 2024Episode 14Shattered Bonds60 min
    Season 2024Episode 15The People v. OJ Simpson: What the Jury Never Heard60 min
    Season 2024Episode 16The Call60 min
    Season 2024Episode 17Secrets by the Bay60 min