10 Best series to watch now on Netflix

Netflix is packed with great tv series. You almost get lost in all that content. But have you actually already been able to cross the very best off your watch list? We have listed the best series on Netflix for you. You really shouldn’t miss these ones!

10. The Witcher

At the end of last year, Netflix put perhaps their greatest future series ever online. And of course we are talking about the extremely well-received fantasy series The Witcher. An epic story that takes place in different periods with three very strong leads. Monster hunter Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), Princess Ciri (Freya Allan) and the supreme magician Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) repeatedly blew us away into a breathtaking world. This is the film adaptation that gamers and book readers of The Witcher have been waiting for all these years.

9. Money Heist

This addictive Spanish monster hit is so popular; that’s the only reason we have to put it on this best series on Netflix list. Money Heist or in Spanish La Casa de Papel may not be a deeply thought-out masterpiece, but what’s that? Mastermind El Professor and his team of talented criminals created boisterous scenes that are unparalleled. We like to ignore those (many) plot holes. La Casa de Papel has been going like a rocket for four seasons and hopefully it will continue for years to come.

8. Lucifer

Lucifer is a wonderful hybrid series. Drama, thriller, crime, fantasy – it’s all there. And in Tom Ellis the series has found an almost perfect lead. He plays the devil who has descended on Earth and who runs a nightclub. Meanwhile, he helps Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) unravel crimes, and his mysterious powers are a great help. Did we mention that Season 5A, which has been on Netflix since August, is the very best season yet?

7. The Umbrella Academy

The Netflix series where you never doze off: The Umbrella Academy. This comic-based superhero show is never boring, keeps the pace very fast and is full of special, colorful, crazy, exciting and emotional moments. The latter mainly refers to the bond between the adopted Hargreeves children (now adults) who struggle with themselves, each other and their superpowers. The complex family history festers through every scene and we mean that in a positive way. The Umbrella Academy almost never fails and is well worth your time.

6. The Big Bang Theory

In terms of popularity, The Big Bang Theory is a kind of contemporary Friends. But we dare say that this really is the best sitcom series on Netflix! For 12 seasons, we lived deeply with Sheldon and his geek friends. Penny, Amy and Bernadette gave much-needed counteracting and we quickly embraced it. Anyone who thinks this is only about comic books, superheroes and Star Trek, is (partially) wrong. The Big Bang Theory is – just like Friends – mainly a sitcom about friendship and love.

5. The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is a fictional drama about the first female chess grandmaster Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy). She grows up an orphan and becomes addicted to narcotics. At the same time, she is uncanny good at chess and already competes as a teenager against the best chess players in the world. You don’t have to understand the rules of the game to feel the tension during these chess games!

4. Peaky Blinders

Immensely popular BBC series that takes you into the world of an infamous gangster family: the Peaky Blinders. Led by the ambitious and charismatic Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), these British bosses cannot be missed from the best series on Netflix. Based on a real corridor that made Birmingham unsafe from the 19th century (1890-1930).

3. The Walking Dead

The ultimate Netflix zombie show that never gets boring, especially when you continue with such wonderfully bizarre scenes. The Walking Dead has been blasting through 10 seasons like it’s nothing. What started as a survival series with Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his family grew into an epic post-apocalyptic war between different groups of survivors. Those zombies have long ceased to be an issue because the real evil is in humans!

2. Breaking Bad

You probably already know everything here going to say about Breaking Bad. This crime series is one of the best Netflix has to offer. And that has been said countless times by everything and everyone. If you still haven’t seen Walter “Heisenberg” White’s path from mournful teacher to hard-hitting drug lord, we recommend that you put everything aside NOW and just get started. Prepare for an epic trip! El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie adaptation can certainly match the masterful series and give prequel series Better Call Saul – at least as good as Breaking Bad – at times.

1. Stranger Things

No not Breaking Bad, we really go for Stranger Things as the best Netflix tv series of 2020. Starting a completely new idea is always tricky. What the Duffer brothers did with Stranger Things is unparalleled. A cool 80’s setting, new actors who became icons, clever references to Stephen King films and a cast with nothing but top stars; absolutely everything about Stranger Things is right. It is Netflix’s biggest showpiece and that is more than justified. If Stranger Things, which will probably come with season 4 in 2021, manages to maintain its upward trend, we can hardly predict where it will go in the coming years. But one thing is certain: no series will pass Stranger Things then. It doesn’t get any better than this on Netflix.


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