New on Netflix: The Letter for the King

Adventure Time! The new Netflix Original series The Letter for the King is now available. Can Tiuri deliver the letter to the king in time?

Six part serie

The Letter for the King tells the coming-of-age story of Tiuri. He is trained as a knight but is suddenly ordered to deliver a very important letter to the king. During a legendary journey, the fate of the kingdom lies on the young knight’s shoulders. And of course he will not survive without a fight …

Although the series is based on the Dutch story by Tonke Dragt, The Letter for the King is not a Dutch production. A number of Dutch actors do play with it: Gijs Blom plays the dangerous knight prince Viridian, and Yorick van Wageningen takes on the role of King Favian.

Premiere canceled

The major world premiere of the Netflix series would descend on Monday evening in the Tuschinski Theater in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, the streaming service had to cancel the event due to the coronavirus outbreak. Fortunately, viewers can enjoy the series from today!

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