New series on Netflix Week 25

Every week Netflix expands its offer with new series and films. This time it includes the return of Bridget Jones, an Italian horror series and the latest film by Oscar winner Spike Lee!

Curon: Season 1

In this new horror series from Italian soil, a young mother and her twins return to the village she once fled. But the family is not exactly welcomed with open arms.

The Woods: Season 1

In 1994, four teenagers disappeared under mysterious circumstances during a camping trip. A quarter of a century later, prosecutor Paweł Kopiński receives a mysterious tip that his missing sister may still be alive.

F is for Family: Season 4

In this animated series by and with comedian Bill Burr ( Breaking Bad ) we follow the adventures of Frank Murphy and his pleasantly crazy family. Sue is pregnant, but that’s not the only family extension the Murphys can count on. Frank’s father is also unexpectedly at the door!

Lenox Hill: Season 1

Thanks to the renewed appreciation for the healthcare staff, the timing of Lenox Hill could not be better. In this poignant docus series we follow four doctors working in the hospital from the title. But unconditional care for the patients also takes its toll on the personal lives of these heroes.

Reality Z: Season 1

When Rio de Janeiro is overrun by zombies, some take refuge on the heavily guarded set of a popular reality show. But the survivors soon discover that they are not safe within the studio walls either. Fans of Dead Set , the predecessor of the Netflix hit Black Mirror , will sound more familiar to you!

Whispers: Season 1

Relations within a wealthy Arab family come to a head when father Hassan is killed in a car accident. This successful businessman kept a number of dark secrets. To make matters worse, there are indications that intent was involved in the fatal accident.

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